26th Oct Friday Update On Young Love

26th Oct Friday Update On Young Love

Location: Udaipur haveli
All are shocked to find out that their recent spat with sanchi has been witnessed by bhairo, shyam and nandu who have come to take anandi for PAGPHERE ceremony. They nevertheless and greet and welcome them inside the house aftre exchanging greetings. Seeing anandi in her new avatar, as sarees, nandu compliments her on looking beautiful. She takes everybody’s blessings. Ananadi offers to get them water, but dadaji tells her not to exert herself so that her family dont get the wrong opinion. Bhairo says that she never gets tired of helping and doing work. But meenu forcibly asks anandi to sit. Ira asks about everybody at home.

Ira says that she still wants them to be here, but shiv and anandi are going for PAGPHERE ceremony. Bhairo says that they too were surprised on receiving shiv’s call to tell them of their arrival. Ira begins to talk futher but meenu stabilises the situation saying that they should get them refreshments.

Alok begins to compliment shyam for his bold gesture in marrying sugna. Shyam says that he did no favour, since he personally liked sugna. and despite being resisted at first, everybody in the family understoor their love later on. He says that shiv and anandi’s case is the same just that they had shiv’s family’s approval. Dadji too compliments the new generation for being so understanding and mature and making mountains turn by their love and that they should

While nathu goes out to get them refreshments, meenu sees ira upset. She says that shiv was behind all this and even anandi’s family didnt know about their coming. Ira says that anandi should have told. Meenu tells her to think that anandi has just arrived and therefore has been hesitant yet to talk to them and she also must have thought that shiv must have told them.

Nathu comes back in saying that daadji has demanded for Pakoras. Eveerybody has a good laugh at nathu’s humourous bickerings.

Location: Ratan Singh’s haveli
The husband and mother in law of ganga are again resorting to their torturous ways to torture ganga, one by asking her to wash clothes properly and the mother by asking her to press her feet harder.

Location: Udaipur haveli
Everybody gets down to bidding anandi and shiv goodbye in their own patent styles. Ira asks meenu to take care of them. Nandu too wishes that they should get going faster since he has assembled games to play with her. They finally bid goodbye to shiv’s family and leaves.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
As shiv’s jeep arrives near his house, nandu shows them the grand preparations that dadisa, bhim and the whole of jaitsar has done to welcome them back. Amidst huge pomp and grandeur, he shows them a banner that says in bold letters that they whole heartedly welcome anandi. Thy get down the jeep and anandi’s family is surprised to see her in her new saree style of clothing. They all comment on her beautiful stature. They come to greet her and shiv and ask about them and their well being, saying that they miss her very badly. Anandi asks about their studies and they all welcome her with flowers. The ladies compliment on hr change of clothing and how beautiful she looks in it. They give them their blessings. anandi goes and takes blessings from her family. Dadisa hugs her tight and also compliments her.

Anandi thanks everyone in the village for having come to welcome her and promises that she would meet all of them personally. Shyam gets a call for an urgent work and he takes their leave from there citing the reason. Bhairo gives him permission to do so.

Dadisa jokingly addresses her as collector ranisa, and anandi says that she should stick to the names that she called earlier as that shows more of belonging. Hearing this she hugs her tight and gets them to seat. Jagiya’s absence boggles anandi and shiv and they ask dadisa where is he and dadisa and everyone else are speechless to answer and look at each other.

Anandi and shiv clarify that they are still the same and that the clothing hasnt changed her as a person and her ideologies. She goes over to sumitra, takes her blessings and asks of her health. Then she goes to gehna too who hugs her wishing her well. Basant too blesses shiv and anandi. Sumitra does the roli-tilak and welcome them inside the house formally.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Finally, when anandi and shiv’s questioning eyes wander on the singh family, dadisa speaks up saying that jagiya has gone out for some work, out of town to jaipur and salvages the situation. She diverts their attention by talking about makhan’s sincerity when he knew they are coming. she asks gehna to get breakfast. When anandi also joins them, sumitra nd gehna tell her not to work. But anandi says that she’s not a guest that she would jsut sit around. Dadisa explains that its just a sign of respect and not for considering her as a guest. Dadisa tells gehna to get laddoos. when sumiktra asks why, she says thats essential for her PAGPHERE ceremony. Anandi excuses herself for some time.

Anandi enters her own room and is nostalgic seeing everything around as the same that she had left. She sees her mother’s photo, her books and shiv’s windchimes. Her happiness is evident on her face as she plays with it. She says that nothing changed around here.

Meenu says how anandi’s arrival into their house has brightened their haveli. Lal singh too arrives at the same time. Dadisa and sumitra are concerned that they should have asked him not to come there today, but they forgot. He is surprised and happy to see anandi there. He says that now sumitra would be okay wiuthout any medical assistance. When anandi wants to know, sumitra tries to frivolously cast it away but anandi is stubborn to know about her condition from lal singh. Lal singh maturedly tells her that she’s tired since her marriage. Anandi tells sumitra not to take this lightly and that they should consult jagiya since he knows about sumitra’s health completely. She also tells sumitra to listen to lal singh and jagiya and get well soon. After lal singh leaves, dadisa asks sumitra to get the dupatta for the ritual. But anandi forcibly asks for her to rest while she gets it from dadisa’s cupboard.

Anandi goes up and finds jagiya’s letter and reads it and is shocked.

Downstairs, dadisa is wondering what is taking anandi so long and sends gehna to look for her. But they find anandi coming down and are happy.

When anandi comes down, and dadisa asks her if she found the dupatta in dadisa’s almirah, she shows them that she found jagiya’s leaving note in the almirah, shiv too reads it and is shocked. Anandi reprimands dadisa for not telling about jagiya and on top of that lying that he has gone out for some work. While anandi’s family is tensed, shiv and meenu are shocked to hear this. Bhairo says that they didnt want to put her in tension when she knows about this. Anandi says how cans he stay happy when they are not. Dadisa tries to pacify anandi by saying that she hs to since she’s married and has to put her in laws’ over her maternal house anyday. anandi still complians on jagiya’s behaviour adding that she was relieved that when she’s gone, he would look after them and shiv’s promise too stands undone that he had made on behalf of jagiya. Dadisa says that jagiya had changed ever since he returned and therefore he didnt go to mumbai but just went to jaitsar’s neighbouring village, surprising bhairo and sumitra and everyone else while dadisa realises her mistake. On bhairo’s questioning, she tells the family everything and the news that vishnu gave her. shvi asks anandi to compose herself, but she says that she cant thinking how calm their family talked to her on the phone and even in person, and that she can see the pain behind their happiness. She knows that sumitra’s ill health is due to jagiya’s sudden disappearence. Dadisa again asks her to be happy and calm and start the ritual. But she says no, that when she can see them unhappy, she wont do any rituals and leaves from there. Everyone is shocked.

Shiv comes to anandi who is in tears outside by the car. He says that he understands what she is going through, but by her behaviour, she is all the more increasing their sadness. Anandi says to shiv that she’s guilty of having ignored her family’s unhappiness and wont be able to face them now. She asks him to take her home since she forgot her own family who went out of their way to bring happiness in her life, who turned away on her own son to support her, while she got lost in her new found happiness. She accuses herself for not being able to understand the pain in their family’s voice everytime she heard them on the phone. She begs him to take her home.