26th Oct Friday Update On True Love

26th Oct Friday Update On True Love

short highlights

Ichcha is busy packing Ammos gift when Mai and Chanda come to taunt her abt how they are gifting Ammo pricey items while all she gives them is some cheap kaju/badams. They leave and Ichcha tells Veer later that she’s rethinking abt the saree. He convinces her that it’s fine and sends her off. In the front room, Mai tells Umed how her distant relative passed away, but it is not necessary to visit the family. Ichcha leaves Veer’s file with Umed and heads for the door. Mai stops her, asking her to respect the fact that her relative passed away and stay home. Umed tells Ichcha to go, since Mai herself said the relative was distant. Ichcha happily leaves. She surprises Ammo and gifts her the saree. She brings her downstairs and surprises her with all her friends waiting for her downstairs. Meanwhile at the Bundelas, Taps hands Veer the file and also requests him to buy Ammo a bouqet, and also hands him some cash. He simply walks away.

Everyone celebrating Damini’s birthday party..Veer and Ichha lovingly wishes Damini on her birthday…Damini is overwhelmed seeing all the celebrations for her … Jogi too gives spl treatment to Damini by asking her to sit with them and eat which is not liked by Pushkar at all ;Then some singing tamasha happens where Veer is asked to sing and we see Veer singing chingari koi bhadke in a typical Ajay devgan style ..how he sang in that movie hum dil de chuke sanam ;Then I think Jogi too joins the fun and my cable goes off ..so I could not witness the whole birthday party tamasha ..but nothing much hapepned there On their way back home,Veer accidentally ends up hitting a girl with his car ;After realising what he had done,Veer instantly stops the car and then Veer-Ichha gets out of the car to check what just happened..both r shocked to see that the girl who got hit was none other than Satya’s sister Saanchi ;Veer quickly carries Saachi in thei,,r car to rush her to the hospital..

At Bundela house Nani asks Chanda about Veer-Ichha on which Chanda informs her that they hv gone to Jogi’s house to celebrate Damini’s birthday ;Hearing this as usual Nani curses Ichha for snatching away Tappu’s happiness with her clever tactics and also promises to herself that very soon she will make sure that Tappu gets her happiness back … Veer is driving the car while Ichha is sitting in the back along with Saanchi who is in unconscious mode;Veer gives the mobile to Ichha and asks her to call Satya quickly and inform him about the accident ;Ichha is clueless regarding how to tell Satya about the accident since they themselves r involved in it but Veer asks her to just do it ;So then Ichha calls Satya but he doesn’t pick up the phone initially since he was shown busy working on his lappy but then later Satya himself calls them up on their mobile when Ichha picks up the phone and informs Satya with grt difficulty that Saanchi has met with an accident ;Satya is shocked