26th November Tuesday Update on True Love


26th November Tuesday Update on True Love

Mukta asking the bus conductor how long will it take? The conductor says, it will take as long as it takes… we have only two hands. The other passengers complain about getting late as well.
Mukta says, my elders at home will be very worried. It’s urgent for me to get back home on time.
The conductor says, what can we do? Things like this happen some time. All of you go and sit in the bus, I will do something!

Bundela house, everyone is busy.
Divya is looking at the door and looks worried. Surbhi comes near her and says, this is not the way…
Jogi, Icha and Nani come there too.
Surbhi says, what important work did she have on such a special day? She should have been back by now.
Divya says, I am also unable to understand where she is?
Nani says, there must be something important that Mukta had to do.
Icha says, now I’m really worried Papa. Where would she be?
Jogi says, we should start the ritual for Mehndi… we can’t wait for Mukta any longer.
Tapasya comes up to them and says, it’s been 4-5 hours, where is she? She knows, it’s an important function, you guys called her, I talked to her, then how could she be so late?? Such irresponsibility!
Mai says from behind, why are YOU so surprised Tapasya?
Everyone looks at Mai.
She comes up to them and says, like mother, like daughter.
It’s a tradition of Thakur family’s daughters to create problems in marriages… isn’t it Tapasya?
Nani says, raam hi rakhey, Gunwanti ji you’re taking one issue to entirely another!
Veer comes up to her and says, Mai please, if you don’t want to join in the happiness, that’s fine… but why this sarcasm?
Mai says, why should I stay quiet?? You do remember what happened in your marriage?? You remember everything now… but you don’t see it, neither do you understand… that who’s creating problems and obstacles in our grand-daughter’s mehndi. The thing that Tapasya did years ago, her daughter is doing the same thing now.
Everyone’s shocked to hear this.
Veer asks Mai to stop talking… you only see bad things in people… just stop it.
Tapasya is crying.
Umed says, don’t put poison in today’s happiness, Gunwanti!
Gunwanti says, ok fine, I won’t say anything… but you wait and see, before my grand-daughter’s mehndi function ends, Tapasya’s daughter won’t come!
Mai leaves from there.

The conductor stops another bus and 7-8 people are taken in that bus. Mukta is among them.
She sits in the bus and says, it’s 6 pm, my phone has died too… everyone would be worried and angry at me…
Should I borrow someone’s phone and call home?? But what would I tell them?? They will all be very angry with me.

Umed says, I apologize to you all for my wife’s behaviour. Jogi smiles and says, Umed Singh ji, the past is gone… my grand-daughter is stepping into the future, we should all bless her with a true heart… .and start the ritual for Mehndi.
Icha says to Tapasya, please don’t mind what Mai said.
Tapasya cries and says, I’m cutting what I sowed… what I did in the past, I would have to hear taunts for that… I will never be free from that burden.
Icha says, don’t think like that. Mukta will be right back… she would have been stuck in traffic or some work, she will be back.

Mukta’s bus turns left instead of right for Mumbai. She gets worried and asks the conductor… he says, we go through Thane route after dropping passengers. Mukta gets really worried!

Tapasya comes to Meethi’s room and asks if she can sit with her for a little while? Meethi nods her head.
Tapasya says, I can understand what’s going through your mind right now. When a girl gets married, she wants all occasions to go through without a hitch… but Mukta isn’t back yet… beta, I apologize to you on her behalf.
Meethi stops her from apologizing.
Tapasya says, you can take your anger out on me… I’m like your mother.
Meethi says, I’m not angry at anyone Bari Maa. I am just worried that why Mukta is behaving this way towards me?
Tapasya says, don’t worry… when she comes back, I will talk to her regarding this issue.
But don’t worry about one thing… take it completely out of your heart that someone is trying to steal your love from you. It will never happen.
I am going to tell you a big truth of my life, that I learnt from my life.
What belongs to you, can never be taken away from you… and what doesn’t, will never come to you.
Years ago, I tried to snatch your mother’s love from her… (flashback of that night of Veecha’s wedding and Tapasya’s suicide attempt).
Tapasya says, but what did I get?? A namesake relation?
I was the bahu of this house for other people… but I was nothing.
Even after so many years, no one could stop Veer and Icha from being together… do you know why? Because their love was true.
Veer’s family wasn’t able to keep them away from each other… because their love was pure.
You also love Vishnu purely like your mother loved Veer… so no one can snatch him away from you.
As far as your blouse goes, I promise you that you will look the most beautiful today. Your blouse didn’t come today, so what? I will get you ready with my own hands and you will look very beautiful!

Damini bumps into Chanda and they greet each other. Damini asks where Meethi is?
Chanda says, Damini ji, I don’t know who comes and goes in this house anymore. Nothing happens in this house with my permission. In any case, she didn’t come and touch my feet, so why should I bother about her?
Damini says, you’re looking quite angry with my Meethi. Actually, she’s a very nice girl… but all this is very new to her… new relations, new house… probably that’s why she didn’t realise. I will talk to her. One more thing, if you join us in our happiness, we will all be very happy.
Chanda is surprised at Damini’s niceness.
Damini starts leaving saying she will look for Meethi.
Chanda says, Damini ji, I saw her going with Tapasysa and Tapasya’s room is this way… you can go there.

Damini comes to the room and sees Tapasya making Meethi lots of dresses. Meethi likes something and says can I wear this?
Damini gets emotional looking at the love between Tapasya and Meethi.
Nani is standing right behind Damini and says “Ram hi raakhey”.

Mukta is crying in the bus thinking, just because of me today, I couldn’t get Meethi’s blouse on time. I don’t have time left for even that now! What have I done today?

Tapasya and Meethi come down the steps. Everyone turns around to look at them and they’re all happy to see Meethi looking so pretty.
Damini blesses Meethi and does the ritual for Mehndi.
Icha gets worried about Mukta.
Veer sees Jogi worried standing alone and he takes her for the ritual.
Icha goes to Kanha and says it’s 9 pm, Mukta is not back yet…
Kanha says, don’t worry… I will try and call Mukku’s friends.
Kanha tries to call her friends… Surbhi says, there’s no use in calling Mukta.
Kanha says why?
Surbhi says, because I think she’s doing this deliberately. I think what Meethi said was right… she doesn’t want Meethi getting married. She had the blouse receipt, she knew what time Meethi’s mehndi was… college finishes at 6 pm and it’s 9 pm now… she won’t come. She’s jealous of Meethi. Her heart is not clear.
Kanha says, I can’t understand! On one side, Mukku was going to give such a big sacrifice for Maiyya… and on the other hand, she’s doing this with Meethi? I don’t know what’s going on in Mukku’s mind. Surbhi makes shrewd face.

Mukta crying and thinking, I don’t know what they all will think about me not reaching on time. Barey Papa, Bari Maa, Nani, Maa… they will think badly of me and be angry with me. I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have gone today. I’m really sorry Barey Papa. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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