26th March Tuesday Update on Young Love

26th March Tuesday Update on Young Love

Ira is lost in deep thoughts. Meenu comes and says, it’s puja’s time and you’re still here? Ira says, I just forgot about it, lets go. Meenu asks her what’s the matter. Ira asks do you know why Sanchi broke her fast yesterday? Meenu says because she got hungry. Ira says, no.. it’s because Jagdish went to Mangalore. Meenu says, he must have some work there. Ira says, no.. he just went to see if Ganga doesn’t have any problem there. Meenu feels there is nothing like that between Jagya and Ganga. Jagya is just helping her. Ira disagrees and compares Anandi with Ganga. She says, when Shiv met Anandi, she was in same situation as Ganga. If Jagya helps Ganga like this, then wouldn’t she feel to have Jagdish with her her entire life? He should think about Sanchi more than anyone else now. If anything happens like what I am afraid of, then whose life will be spoiled? My daughter’s, right? Meenu tells her, nothing like this will happen.. you’re worrying for no reason. Ira says, I know you take Sanchi as your daughter, but no one can worry for a daughter as much as the mother who give birth. Meenu feels bad and gets up to leave. As she is leaving, she sees Anandi. Ira too sees Anandi. Meenu leaves.

Anandi says in her mind, jagya shouldn’t do like this. He’s engaged to Sanchi now. He can’t think about Ganga now. She also leaves from there.

Jagya and Ganga are in a restaurant. Ganga says, I don’t understand two things. Why we had to come here. Jagya says to eat.. and what’s other thing? Ganga asks how will we order? It’s all written in Kannad. A waiter comes. Jagya asks Ganga to order. Ganga does, but the waiter doesn’t understand anything. Jagya then orders dosa. After the waiter leaves, Ganga says, I am worrying about this only. They don’t understand my language and I don’t understand their language. She gives an example when she went to buy groceries and the shop guy didn’t understand anything and she had to ask everything by gesturing, and still got some wrong groceries. Jagya teaches her one line in Kannad which means, I don’t know Kannad. He says, then they will try to talk to you in Hindi. The waiter comes with dosa and he asks something in Kannad. Ganga uses the sentence that jagya taught her. The waiter then tries to ask in Hindi if they want coffee. Ganga says yes. Ganga is impressed and tells Jagya he taught her very good words.

Shiv is getting ready to go to work. Anandi comes there. She tells him the real reason why Sanchi broke her fast, about her-Ira, and Ira-Meenu’s conversation. Shiv says that he feels they should not ask anything to Jagya as he saw honesty and truth on Jagya’s face when he told Shiv that he knows what he’s doing just before the engagement.

Ira calls to Jagya’s house. Sumi picks up. Ira straight away asks, where is Jagdish? Sumi can’t answer. Ira says, so you know he is in Mangalore. Sumi explains her that Jagya went to Mangalore because they forced her.. Jagya has done so much for Ganga and her son, so he just wanted to see by himself that they are fine in new place and therefore they didn’t tell him too much to stop. Ira says, it’s good that you care about outsiders.. but he’s engaged now.. don’t you think he has responsibility toward his new relationship? Ira says, I understand everything.. I will talk to him as soon as he returns. Ira says, that will be better for all of us.. and Sanchi won’t have to get hurt more. She hangs.

Jagya is talking with his friends. Ganga is also there. Jagya says, I will leave this Sunday. His friends say, we thought you will stay with us for couple of days. Jagya says, I have to take care of hospital there.. but now I am relieved that Ganga won’t have any problem as you all are here. They then talk about college facilities in English and Ganga keeps looking at them. After Jagya’s friends leave, Ganga is still lost in thoughts. Jagya asks her what happened to you all of a sudden? Ganga says, nothing. Jagya says, there is something for sure.. tell me. Ganga says, you all talk so good.. you speak so fast in English.. you know so much about everything.. and me? Just by getting admission done.. nothing will happen. Jagya says, you will pass this course with very good marks and I am sure of that. There will be some problems in start.. like understanding the course.. language problem.. but everything will be very easy for you later on. He then says something in Kannad. Ganga doesn’t understand it. She asks meaning? Jagya doesn’t answer and goes to play with Mannu. Ganga looks it up in the dictionary. She says, yes.. I won’t disappoint you, doctor sahab.

Chanda tells Anandi that some men has quit drinking, but many of them still drink.. and drinking is the reason for all the problems. Anandi asks, and from where they get money? Chanda says, they take from their wives.. even if we hide, they still find it. Anandi suggests why they don’t open a bank account. Chanda says they dont know how to deposit money. Anandi explains them how it all works and says that she will talk with her bank that women in Chanda’s society want to open accounts.

Sumi is now telling Bhairo and Dadisa, I said so many times to stop, but no one listens to me. It’s good that she (Ira) just talked to me on phone.. if she was in front of me, then I don’t know what would have happened to me. And what was the need for Jagya to tell Sanchi about this? Bhairo says, you want him to lie to her even before their marriage? People lie if they do anything wrong.. Jagya isn’t doing anything wrong. And you don’t trust your son at all? Sumi says, if he wanted to tell her, then he could have told her before going. Dadisa says, he didn’t tell her later purposely.. he must have forgot about it.. and when he talked with Sanchi, he told her about it. Bhairo says, and what’s the big deal about this that you’re getting so much panicked? Sumi says, you won’t understand me.. don’t know what will happen now.

Shiv-Anandi discuss bank issue for poor people. Shiv says he will do something. After that they talk about Anandi’s social service. Shiv says, tomorrow its sunday and she can have an exhibition outside their house. Anandi worries thinking family won’t like that, but Shiv says, they won’t have any problem.. and he will talk with Ira.

Shiv then asks her to sleep else he says, I will have to sleep by hugging a pillow. Anandi says, hope that situation never comes. They sleep.

Sanchi is looking at her engagement photos. She receives a call from Sumi. After general talks, Sanchi apologizes for telling Ira about Jagya going to Mangalore by mistake. Sumi says, you don’t need to apologize.. Jagya should haven’t gone there.. I will talk with him when he returns. Sanchi tells her that she always feels good after talking to her. Sumi says to her that she can call her any time she wants. After she hangs, Sanchi says, like I don’t have anything better to do.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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