26th August Monday Update on Young Love

26th August Monday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Jagya and Basant coming to meet Shamer bhai. Shamer Bhai greets Jagya and says I wished to meet you. He asks him to sit on his chair. Jagya asks him to sit. Shamer Bhai asks him to sit. Jagya refuses. Shamer Bhai says, we are relieved after you become the MLA. Someone comes and wishes to garland Shamer Bhai. Shamer Bhai is about to wear it, just then Jagya sees the knife and pushes him. He saves Shamer Bhai. Shamer Bhai asks his guards to leave that man who tried to kill him. He apologizes to that killer. That man apologizes to Shamer Bhai. He says, we are humans and tend to do mistake. He asks him to come if needed help.

Shamer Bhai thanks Jagya. He says, life should be like this. He compliments Jagya to facing the troubles. He ties Rudrarakshra on Jagya’s hand. Basant invites shamer Bhai to come to Jaitsar. Shamer Bhai agrees. Jagya looks at the Rudraraskhra. Jagya and Basant leaves.

Jagya comes home and takes Dadisaa’s blessings. Bhairov says, we are proud of you. Dadisaa asks them to sit. Sumitra stares at Jagya. Dadisaa teases her. Sumitra asks her to make Jagya eat the sweets. Dadisaa gives the sweets to Jagya. Jagya eats it. Ganga looks at the Rudraraksar and asks about it. Jagya tells about Shamer Bhai. He tells everything. Basant praises Shamer Bhai. Dadisaa says, still good people do exist in this world.

Bhairov tells Jagya about getting a call from Kishore. Dadisaa says, your maa wants to go to America with Bhairov. Basant says, Bhairov called when we were in Jaipur. Jagya asks about Badi Maasi ji. Bhairov says, we want him to help in court case regarding some property issue.Dadisaa says, they can go and handle the kids as well. Bhairov says, how can we go there leaving work here. Sumitra says, Ganga and Gehna will have to handle the house together without me. Jagya suggest them to go. Jagya says, work will be going on always, you won’t get a chance to have a good time in America. Dadisaa says, it is a matter of two months. Basant asks Bhairov not to worry about them. Bhairov agrees to go. Dadisaa asks her bahus to make ginger tea.

Suman and Roshan are discussing their plan. Saachi comes with tea and asks her to call Saurabh. Suman tells Roshan that Saachi is behaving like a princess. We won’t tolerate her. She says, I will lose her screws soon. Jagya tells Nandu that he have to think about the betterment of Jaitsar and work for it. Nandu asks, how you will do alone? Jagya says, Govt will do all the work. He speaks about the team work. Nandu understands. Shamer Bhai comes and says he has your qualities as well. Everyone look on.

Ira asks Anandi to bring water for Shiv. Anandi brings water for Shiv. Daddu praises Anandi. Anandi teases Shiv about Rasika. Ira asks Anandi to tease Shiv in the room. Alok also pulls his leg. Everyone laugh. Anandi asks them not to tease Shiv. Daddu praises Rasika to be a good woman. He asks Shiv to invite her for dinner tomorrow. Shiv says, we shall not do that as Rasika is my employee. Ira teases Daddu. Daddu goes on a walk with Alok.

Ira asks Anandi about Amol. Anandi says, he will come. Amol comes. Anandi says, I was waiting for you. Amol says, I am very hungry. Anandi gives him food. Amol eats the food and says it is not tasting, less spicy. Subhadra comes and says I will add spice in it. Amol gets scared and says it is very tasty. Subhadra eyes him and leaves. Amol gets scared and says I don’t want to eat. Anandi gets tensed.

Shamer Bhai coming to haveli. They welcome him. Jagya introduces his family to Shamer Bhai. He says I didn’t know that I will be coming so soon. He tells about one farmer problem in Jaitsar. Dadisaa says, you seems to be more experienced. Jagya gets impressed by him. Sumitra says, she will bring tea and breakfast. Shamer Bhai says, I drink and eat less. Bhairov asks, how do you manage to eat less. He says, one should eat less so that others can eat that.

Dadisaa says, you said the right thing. I will try to walk on this path. Shamer Bhai asks her to free her soul from the past. Dadisaa asks, what do you mean? Shamer Bhai says, you can tell us better what is bothering you. He says, I can read the person’s face. He gives her some recorder with mantras. Shamer Bhai says, I will stay in Jaitsar for few days. Jagya invites him to his hospital. Shamer Bhai leaves. Sumitra says, he is very spiritual man. Dadisaa looks on. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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