26th April Friday Update on Young Love

Sanchi’s lawyer asks her to tell the court how was her relationship with Jagdish. Sanchi says she loved Jagya a lot and tried to change herself for Jagya and his family’s happiness. The lawyer asks her if Jagya knew about it and if he did then did he try to do anything for? sanchi says he knew but didn’t even make her feel like she is part of his family. The lawyer then asks her if she knew about Jagya’s past. Sanchi says, I knew everything but you don’t love anyone seeing past. When he said yes for engagement, I thought he also loves me.. but after what happened in last few days.. it’s clear that Jagya never loved me.. he just used me as a time pass.. I dont know why he did that to me.. he always showed me that he is very committed to our relationship.. we went on long drive.. he came to college to meet me.. so my doubt turned into a belief.. I don’t know then why Jagdish did all this to me. She’s crying. Her lawyer gives her tissue and asks her to control herself. Sanchi’s lawyer then says he doesn’t have anything more to ask and tells Sanchi she can sit down now. Sanchi wipes her tears and looks at Jagya with anger. She’s leaving, but Jagya’s lawyer stops and says he also wants to question her.

Jagya’s lawyer tells her I don’t want to hurt more seeing the situation your in.. but it’s required.. for justice. You just said that everything was going nicely between you and Jagdish. It is very common to give gifts these days.. how many gifts he gave you? Sanchi says, just 1.. which he brought from Mangalore.. where he went to meet Ganga. The lawyer says, he must have given you card as well.. love you card.. miss you card.. etc.. Sanchi says, he never gave me anything except that saree. Jagya’s lawyer says, very bad.. very unromantic. He then says, you also said that you tried to change yourself for jagdish. Did you ever try to change Jagdish? Sanchi says, I tried a lot.. but he was so rigid that he never got ready to change. The lawyer says, you didn’t like how Jagya was.. so you tried to change him. Sanchi says, I just wanted him to get a bit smarter. The lawyer asks, in what matter? Sanchi says, like his dressing sense.. staying quiet.. The lawyer then asks if Jagya was romantic with her. read full updates daily only at There must be time when they were alone.. during that if Jagya tried to go closer.. tried to build physical relationship. Sanchi’s lawyer objects. The judge asks Jagya’s lawyer to come to the point. Jagya’s lawyer says, I request you to tell Ms. Sanchi to answer.. so I can bring the truth out. The judge asks Sanchi to answer. Jagya’s lawyer asks her again. Sanchi says, no.. never! Jagya’s lawyer says, this is what I was trying to prove. Beside that saree… Jagdish never gifted anything to Sanchi. He just went to meet her once.. he just called her once.. all these prove that Jagdish never loved Sanchi. Another point.. Jagdish never took any advantage when they were alone.. both these points prove that Jagdish had no wrong intention. Sanchi wanted to keep him to her because of her one sided love. Jagdish stayed quiet for his family’s happiness. Sanchi tried everything for her one sided love. She tried to change herself to village type women, but she failed. this case actually is a story of a failure of self obsessed and depressed girl’s one sided love.. and her lack of tolerating her failure.. nothing more than that. Sanchi cries and falls on her knees in the witness box saying no.. no..Everyone feels bad for her.. including Jagya and his family. Sanchi’s parents come to her and tell her to relax. They take her with them. There is a lunch break now.

Sanchi tells Ira to take her home as she doesn’t want to make joke out of herself and her love. This was enough humiliation in public. Ira tells her to eat something. Sanchi says, no.. I just want to go home.. I don’t want to file any case against Jagdish. Jagya’s family is sitting nearby and listening everything. Sanchi continues, please take our complain back. Shiv says, we won’t take this case back.. and you don’t need to take it to heart whatever Jagdish’s lawyer said. Daddu agrees with Shiv and says, he was just trying to save his client. No matter how many lies he has to say for that.. it’s their job. Sanchi says, but I still feel hurt na. Ira says, if we take case back now, then it will mean that you were wrong.. and Jagdish was right. Alok says, we all are hurt too.. but it was needed.. now you will know how selfish and fraud person he is. Ira asks Alok, is this the time to talk all about this? Alok says, even I don’t like to say it.. but this is the truth. I will also see how Jagdish saves himself from this. He will definitely get punished for what he has done to Sanchi and our family.

On side, Bhairo asks Sumi if she still thinks that Jagya did wrong by breaking engagement with Sanchi.

The hearing resumes… Shiv in confession box now.

Sanchi’s lawyer asks him what he thinks about Jagya.. if he misbehaved with him or anything like that.

Shiv says, my first meeting with him was very strange.. when I met him first.. he was drunk and was fighting with someone. When I tried to stop, he hit me too. And because of that.. he had to spend a night in jail. Sanchi’s lawyer says, because of his anger.. he was arrested before.. this proves that he is a habitual offender. Sanchi’s lawyer then tells Jagya’s lawyer, you can’t refuse that in addition to breaking girls’ heart.. he also breaks the laws. Jagya’s lawyer says, if you are done questioning, then I would also like to ask few questions to Shivraj Shekhar. The judge grants permission.

Jagya’s lawyer tells Shiv, you found what kind of person Mr. Jagdish is in first meeting.. and you sent him to jail as well. Then will you tell us why you said yes for your sister’s rishta with someone him. Shiv says, because I felt he was changing. The lawyer asks, you felt or you saw change? Shiv says, I felt.. but I was wrong. Jagdish himself proved me wrong. His behaviour in Jaitsar.. made me sure that this guy can’t change. Jagya’s lawyer tells the judge that Jagya or his family didn’t hide anything from Sanchi or her family so they can’t blame him for all this. And about the change in Jagdish.. I can prove.. he was changed. He accepted his mistakes and rectified. I can call many people from Jaitsar who can tell what he did for them and how he changed their lives. They respect and love him so much so they went to Jagya’s house to request his family to accept him and Ganga, and bring them home. For villagers, he is like a God.. they feel that no problem can come in their lives as long as he is with them.

Next witnesses.. Daddu.. Alok..Ira.. everything in muted voice.

Sanchi’s lawyer calls Ganga in the witness box now.

He tells her by now everyone knows what was going on between you and Jagdish since months. You both were loving each other.. and right after he broke his engagement.. you both got married. Was your insecurity behind this? That Sanchi might clear misunderstandings that happened because of her conversation in restaurant…. what if Jagdish had gone to Sanchi forever after that. Jagya interrupts and asks Sanchi’s lawyer.. how dare you to talk like that. I told you that Ganga had no clue that I would marry her. The judge says silence please. Sanchi’s lawyer tells the judge.. even you can see how angry he gets because of a small thing.. and can’t control his anger. This is his old habit. Ganga is crying already.

Sanchi’s lawyer gets back to questioning Ganga. He asks her when she fell in love with Jagya.. before engagement or after. Ganga is angry and he teases her more. Ganga says, i never told him what feelings I have for him.. neither before engagement.. nor after. Sanchi’s lawyer says, oh really? You still got married to him? Come on.. whom you’re lying? I have found everything about you.. You loved him from very beginning.. and there were many fights and arguments in his house because of this matter.. but you still didn’t leave that house.. because you were looking for only one opportunity to make him yours forever. Ganga screams.. this is not true. Sanchi’s lawyer shouts and says, then tell us what’s the truth? How can two people from different background decide to marry within 2 days? I didn’t get this, Ms. Gangaji. Ganga says, believe me.. circumstance was like that that we got married all of a sudden.. there is neither Doctor sahab’s fault.. nor mine. I didn’t know doctor sahab would fill my maang.. even I was shocked.. there was no plan.. no lie in that.

Resumes with Sanchi’s lawyer telling Ganga to stop crying and control herself.. to prove something, you need proofs in court, not tears. He tells the judge that Ganga and Jagya used to love each other since long.. she was separated from her first husband and was alone.. helpless.. and Jagya took advantage of that situation. During this, Jagya got rishta of Sanchi.. a modern girl.. Jagya engaged her right away.. he then spent time with her as long as he wanted and showed her dreams.. once he had enough of it.. he broke engagement. Or you can say that a twist came in Jagya-Ganga’s love story and Jagya had to marry Ganga forcefully.

Now Jagya’s lawyer gets up to question Ganga. Before that he gives her tissue to wipe her tears. He says, everyone knows how you married Jagdish, but I want to know what was the reason he came to Mangalore. Ganga is quiet. The lawyer says, silence can go against you.. you must speak. Jagya nods at Ganga and gestures her to tell the court what happened. Ganga says everything about what Bala did and how she got arrested. And then how jagya helped her out and got Bala arrested.

Jagya’s lawyer then tells the court, this is such a love story that would die because of their duty towards their relationships. But like we say, pairs are made by the God… such circumstances occurred that two lovers got together in end. There is no planning of anyone. It was their destiny.. they were supposed to get married and they got married. He tells Ganga, she can leave now.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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