26 November Monday Update on Young Love

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar and jaitsar haveli
Meenu tells ira not to think about anandi like that without a solid eveidence. Ira says that she cant think about anything else ever since she knew that they havent consummated their marriage. She reprimands meenu for not telling this incident, when she knew that shiv wouldnt ever talk about this with her. Meenu says that she had already indirectly tried to talk to anandi, and that its just been two months for them and that they would sort out their differences together. they may not be physically intimate but they are emotionally. she tries to convince ira that shiv wont want them interfering in this matter and that they should not think that he isnt happy, as he is seemingly. But ira refuses to understand anything saying that she cant sleep at night thinking about the fact that shiv might be silently suffering his distance from anandi. she says that she wanst to talk to anandi and clarify matters.

When meenu tells ira that she has talked to anandi, she says that now they would have to talk to the person who’s closest to anandi, hinting at sumitra, her mother. Meenu tries to say that they just have a doubt and should not scare the haveli too. But ira is adamant that she would talk to sumitra about this and put her mind to peace.

Meenu calls up sumitra to tell her that ira has come and wants to talk to her. When sumitra excitedly invites her for dinner, ira maintains a strong stance that she has come to jaitsar to talk about anandi and certain aspects that she didnt think sumitra paid attention to. Sumitra is scared and asks her to give a hint atleast. but ira tells her to come there so that they can talk, and that she shouldnt tell about this with anyone in the haveli, before they talk.

Bhairo asks her. She tells him everything and refuses his invitation to come along with her, as ira had told her not to and she would feel bad then.

Location: Shiv’s office in jaitsar.
Shiv longingly tries to call anandi but doesnt get through. He sends her a message saying that she can send him an sms only telling him about her feelings. He ghets busy in work and then gets an sms from her that says teasingly that she cant say it completely due to network problem. shiv thinks that once she returns, he wont let anything come in between them.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
As sumitra arrives, ira apologizes for calling her at such a short notice. Sumitra asks what she wanted to talk about. Ira hesitatingly says that what she is about to talk to her is very delicate, and hence wanted to talk to her alone. sumitra asks her to talk without hesitation. Ira along with meenu, who is surprised at her talks, discusses with sumitra that its been two months to their marriage and still they havent consummated their marriage, reciting in front of her everything that she knew. sumitra too is tensed hearing this. She says that she doesnt understand why that could be since she doesnt see any tension. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW.


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