26 November Monday Update on True Love

The doc prescribes meds for Veer and tells Ichcha to come back in two weeks. Ichcha asks if Veer has always had this problem, and the doctor confirms it. Meanwhile at the Thakur house, Jogi asks Damini in front of Pushkar why she’s not at the hospital with Ichcha. When she explains that she couldn’t get an auto, Pushkar suggests that she take Jogi’s car next time. Jogi agrees, unaware of Pushkar’s sarcasm. Ichcha goes to the Thakur house, crying over what she has uncovered. She is shocked at the fact that Taps is carrying another man’s child. Veer calls, but Ichcha decides to say that everything is fine so that he won’t feel hurt abt the truth. Jogi and Damini welcome Ichcha and are delighted that all is well. At the Bundela house, Taps asks Mai where Ichcha is and Mai says that she’s at some doctor. Later, Taps calls Veer and asks him to bring soan papdi for her when he comes home.

Ichcha remembers a story that Jogi had told her and Taps once abt how when doing one’s duty, relations shud never come in the way. Ichcha is still confused abt how she will break this truth to the family.

********Missed Update******

Ichha’s car bumps into Rathod’s car on the road and Ichha’s car suffers from some damages ;So then Ichha and Rathod meet where Rathod recognises her as Mrs Bundela on which Ichha is surprised and wonders how he can recognise her ;So then Mr.Rathod tells Ichha that he knows few people from her family very well and so he knows her too ; Mr.Rathod then gives his card to Ichha so that she can contact him for the damage payment of her car, but Ichha tells Mr.Rathod that damages r minor and so she doesn’t need this help on which Mr.Rathod sarcastically tells Ichha that she can never guess whether the internal damages r small or big and so its better she keeps his card ;Rathod then leaves while Ichha is a bit clueless about Mr.Rathod’s dialgoues …

In the house, Gunwanti is doing preparation for the evening puja and holika burning when Ichha reaches home; Gunwanti blasts Ichha for always roaming around without taking any responsiblity of the house ; Gunwanti then orders few people to take the mehndi to Tappu and put it on her hand as its shubh for the coming baby ;Gunwanti also asks Chanda to give a spl chunari to Tappu which she needs to wear in the evening puja on which Chanda questions Gunwanti that this chunari is suppose to b worn by the bahu of this house na;

Hearing this Gunwanti orders Chanda to do what she is telling her ;So then before leaving, Chanda taunts Ichha by telling her that its not in her hands since its Mai’s orders to give the chunari to Tappu ;Poor Ichha is feeling helpless but she tells to herself that even if this news of the doctor gives pain to all ,but she can’t allow Tappu to do this injustice to this family and play with their emotions and so she will hv to go and confront Tappu and also tell the truth to all Veer is returning home in his car and is dreaming about how he shopped for their coming kid with Ichha…CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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