25th September Wednesday Update on Young Love


25th September Wednesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Saurabh giving keys to Vivek. Vivek opens the door and wakes up Saachi. He asks her what she is doing in Sauarbh’s room and wants an answer. Saachi tells him something. Vivek gets angry and goes. Saurabh smiles while Saachi gets hurt. Hardik buys vegetables. He is seen riding bycycle with Gulli. He tells about buying veggies in America. Gulli laughs. They hear some women requesting constable to file the complaint. Constable asks her to go.

Kamla kaki tells Gulli that someone had stolen the jewellery from her house and constable asked for a bribe. Gulli asks him to file the complaint. Constable asks Gulli to do her work. Gulli assures Kamla kaki that this constable will caught the thief and get your jewellery. He asks Hardik to take her to badi haveli. Jagya tells Ganga that he is going to hospital. Gulli comes and informs Jagya about Kamla kaki’s misery. Jagya says, COnstable have to registered the case and calls the police station.

Anandi calls Shiv for breakfast. Shiv comes and gets romantic with her. He asks her, if she hasn’t learnt anything from the movie. Anandi asks him to leave her. Amol calls for Anandi. Anandi goes. Shiv smiles.

Kamla kaki comes to Police station again. COnstable asks her to go else he will kick her out. Kamla kaki shows him money and asks him to file the complaint. Constable takes the money and keeps it in his pocket. He asks about the value of stolen God. Kamla kaki says, 3 2 lakhs rupees. Constable says, then you have to bring more 5000. Jagya comes there and offers him money. He asks his assistant to search the constable pocket. Constable pleads with Jagya to forgive him. Jagya asks his assistant to suspend him. Jagya asks them to be honest with their duty else they will get suspended. He asks another constable to catch the culprit. Kamla Kaki blesses Gulli. Hardik prays for Gulli’s smiles.

Saachi comes to Saurabh. Saurabh asks, didn’t you have enough yesterday night. Saachi says, I didn’t come to your room and didn’t have the think. She holds his collar. Saurabh says, only we know the truth. Vivek bhaiyya didn’t know the truth. Saachi thinks to do something else Saurabh will spoil her married life.

Hardik plays mouth organ. Gulli thinks about him and smiles. Zehnaseeb song plays……………..She imagines him everywhere. Even Hardik thinks about her. Subhadra wonders what has happened to him. Gulli sees her grand parents happy. She thinks she will be getting married soon, then why she is thinking about Hardik. Her grandmom asks her to come to badi haveli to invite them.

Gulli and her grand parents invite Dadisaa and her family for Gulli’s wedding. Dadisaa says, she will get married from here. Gulli says, I can’t take care of school after marriage. I am feeling sad, but helpless. Dadisaa asks her to take care of her new house. Don’t worry. She says, we shall make the arrangement fast. Hardik comes and says I wants to see the real Indian wedding and asks who is getting married. Gehna says, Gulli.

Hardik gets shocked and composes his sadness. He pretends to smile and asks who is getting married to her. Gulli says, my name is Gulli. They invite Subhadra as well. She thinks about food and agrees to come. Hardik is heartbroken. He tells Nandu that they will give a gift to Gulli, a nice dance program. Ganga and Gehna say that they will also help him. Gulli looks at him. Hardik looks at her too.

Subhadra telling Dadisaa that she has enough cow’s drink. She is scared that she will become cow. Dadisaa asks her not to worry. She says, I might not take care of yourself well. Just be careful. Subhadra says, thank god. She asks about Gulli’s parents. Dadisaa says, she has only grand parents. Subhadra praises Dadisaa and says no one takes care of other’s needs. Dadisaa says, Gulli supported Anandi in school. Subhadra asks, when did you meet her? Dadisaa says, She was getting married in childhood, but Anandi saved her. The guy whom she was about to marry in childhood tried to rape her, and I saved her and killed him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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