25th September Wednesday Update on True Love


25th September Wednesday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Mukta in Icha’s room holding her fishbowl. Icha gets worried that something happened to her ‘pakya’. Mukta says, I don’t know what happened to Pakya, have a look… they look behind Mukta and there’s a beautiful aquarium with lots of other fish besides Icha’s goldfish in it.
Icha/Damini smile… Icha says thanks to Mukta and hugs her.
Icha has tears in her eyes and Mukta says, I thought I would make you smile, why are you crying? Damini says, these are tears of happiness… Pakya found some company and so did Ichki.

Tej barges into the “Shaadiwale” office and says did you recognize me?? You didn’t find one girl for me in the entire town… He takes out t he gun and make both the lady and her assistant stand in a corner. He says I told you I had only 13 days for marriage. If you don’t find a girl for me by tomorrow, I will kill you all. Don’t wake up the animal inside me. He warns them they should find a girl for him by tomorrow and leaves.

Icha in a temple. She says to the Shiv idol, you have tested me enough. If it’s my mistake, please punish me… not my daughter. Please show my daughter the right path. Someone calls her “Teacherji” she turns around and is surprised to see this guy (the same one they showed yesterday in the temple).
She says, I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you. He says, I’m Vishnu. I knew you won’t remember me. I met you 14 years ago, and you showed me the right path in my life. Icha says, it means you were in Satara jail? He says yes, and today what I am… I’m because of you.
Icha says, I am really sorry I didn’t recognize you at all. I am so busy in my personal life… maybe that’s why.
He says, I can understand and I have a little idea too… you’re worried because of Meethi right?
She says do you know Meethi? He says, actually I’m the one who saved her from the fire that night!
Icha has a flashback of someone saving Meethi from the fire.
She says, I can never return this favour… you’ve done a huge favour for me. He says, please don’t say that… whatever I do, I can never pay back what you gave me so many years ago.
However much I do, I never pay your debt.
That night, I saw Meethi and realised she was your daughter and after knowing that, I shouldn’t do anything – it can’t be possible.
Teacher didi, you always wanted the best for everyone, did the best for everyone… so how can something bad happen to you?
Icha invites her to her house he says I will.
I’m a servant of this temple, panditji has given me a room behind this temple. I will keep meeting you now.
Icha says, okay and leaves.

Yuvi in college with his friends and asking him where is he for so many days and why isn’t he dressed up for the day?? Yuvi stays quiet… his friends say, don’t worry about the police case… we won’t let anything happen to you… you’re our ‘jaan’.
Other students giving strange looks to Yuvi and Yuvi gets angry and walks away from his friends. He bumps into someone and is a bout to lash out when he sees its Meethi and he looks at her face and remembers Icha’s face and says – this ‘chhutki’, means my sister?? Whenever she’ll come in front of me, she will remind me of my ‘so-called’ mother. Meethi says, leave my way Yuvi… boys like you should die of shame… I don’t know how you came to college. (Mukta comes with her friends and seeing this altercation between Meethi/Yuvi).
Meethi says, you should be rusticated from the college too. Yuvi gets angrier. She asks him to get out of her way once again… asks him to get lost and he says, are you done now?? and he leaves.
Mukta comes and says, would you go home with me? I have booked a cab. Mukta’s holding a prize and Meethi says, wow you got first prie… congratulations… you have a reason to go home to show this prize to everyone.. but I don’t have any reason to go home.
Mukta says, why would I want to go just to show the prize? I want to spend time with my loved ones, talk to them. Meethi says, I don’t know why I go home at all… anyway, I won’t go home… you go ahead. She says bye and leaves.
Mukta thinks, how do I make you understand everyone’s worried for you… and you don’t care… what should I do for you? Mukta leaves with her friends too.

Mukta’s friends get off the cab they’ve booked and she’s alone in the cab. She thinks it’s late at night and Meethi is alone. I will try and call her. Meethi is sitting alone somewhere and picks up her phone. Mukta says, I was worried about you because you were left alone… shoudl I sent Kanha bhayya? Meethi says, I’m not a child, I can come home alone… Mukta asks her to look after herself… I will wait for you.
She’s about to drink from a can (looks like a beer can, but I can’t be sure) when someone stops her from drinking. She looks up and it’s Vishnu.

Mukta’s taxi gets broken down in the middle of the road. The driver tells her to wait while he has a look. Storm/rain starts coming in and Mukta gets out of the car and asks the driver what’s wrong and how long it will take? The driver says, I can’t undersatnd what the fault is… I will look for a mechanic nearby. Please sit in the car while I go have a look. Mukta gets worried and asks him to come quickly.

Meethi says to Vishnu, how dare you touch me?? Leave my hand. Vishnu says it was important to stop, that’s why I stopped you. Whenever you take a wrong step, I will stop you.
He takes the can from her and crushes it. He throws it away.
Meethi says, how dare you throw my drink… who gave you the right? He says, it’s not about rights… I will stop you when you do something wrong. It’s quite late, go home. He says, I will have to pick you up like last time… and this time there isn’t even a fire!
Meethi says, do you mean you saved my life that day? She thanks him, and says it would have been better if you didn’t save me that day. She sits down.
He doesn’t go away… she says why are you standing on my head like my mom? I said thanks, so go away now!
He says, you’ve got anger for your mom? Why?
She says, listen dude… no need to interfere in my personal life… leave me alone. She starts leaving when he holds her hand again. She asks him to leave her hand. He doesn’t. She repeats. He doesn’t. She struggles and he doesn’t . She starts hitting him and screaming and asking him to leave her hand. She finally breaks down and cries.. and he leaves her hand.
He asks her to come with him so he can drop her home. He calls a taxi. Both of them sit in the taxi and leave.

Mukta standing outside the taxi when it starts raining. She wants to go in but sees the taxi is locked and her phone is inside the car. She gets upset. She’s soaking in the rain when another car passes her but stops a few steps ahead. Someone with umbrella gets off the car… when he removes the umbrella… it’s Tej Singh!
He gets mesmerized with Mukta. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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