25th September Wednesday Update on This is Love


25th September Wednesday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with everyone at home getting shocked seeing the blast on news channel. Raman and Ishita are brought to hospital. Doctor checks them and says there is internal bleeding, rush them to OT immediately. He asks the family to arrange blood units. Everyone meets Raman and Ishita and cry. Nurse asks them to go out, they have to prepare for operation. Simmi apologizes to them and cries. She ties Rakhi to Raman and Ishita and says this will protect you, nothing will happen to you. Raman and Ishita are taken to OT. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Mihika comes there and sees a couple going. She asks the nurse where is OT. Nurse guides her. Mihika sees temple and prays for Raman and Ishita’s safety. Doctor takes Raman and Ishita out of OT.

Everyone asks doctor are they fine. Doctor says their operation is done, we will shift them to special ICU. Mihika sees Raman and Ishita and goes to meet them. She holds Ishita’s hand and says come home, Adi is waiting for you. Raman gets conscious. Mihika says Ishita is fine, don’t worry. Mihika gives him water. He says Ishita… Ishita and Raman feel sick. Mihika asks are you fine. Aaliya wakes up from this dream and worries. Mihika comes and asks what happened. Aaliya says Amma.. Mihika says have water, relax. Aaliya asks are Raman and Ishita fine. Mihika says yes, don’t worry, I spoke to Shagun, I didn’t tell her that you fainted, relax, where are you going. Aaliya says I have seen a bad dream, I have to go to hospital. Mihika worries and hopes Raman and Ishita are fine.

Aaliya and Amma come to the hospital. Aaliya sees the same couple as seen in her dream. She gets shocked. She thinks this can’t be true. She tells Amma that she has seen everything same in her dream. Amma stops her and says everything will be fine. Aaliya sees everything same occuring and gets shocked. She goes to meet Raman and Ishita. She cries and says Ishita will die. Ruhi asks what are you saying. Aaliya says I have seen it. Mani asks what nonsense, what happened to you. Aaliya says I have seen it in dream. Nurse asks her not to shout. Aaliya says shift Ishita to any room. Ishita gets conscious. Mani says Ishita is fine, calm down. Ishita sees Raman getting critical.

They all worry. Nurse makes them out. Doctor attends them. Ishita asks what’s happening to Raman, I can’t live without him. Doctor comes to everyone and says Raman’s wound was infected for long, he had much blood loss, next 24 hours will be crucial for him. Aaliya thinks it means Raman can’t survive, my dream was meant for Raman. Ishita asks everyone to see Raman. She asks doctor to do something. Doctor treats Raman. Simmi cries seeing this. Everyone prays. Ishita cries for Raman. Nurse injects her. Shagun says they aren’t saying anything, what are they discussing. Mani says don’t worry. Doctor comes and says because of blast impact, Raman has spinal injury, we have to call neuro surgeon, we have no other option, we have the best doctor, Rajat Chaudhary, he is out of town. Mani asks shall we take Raman to any other hospital. Doctor says no. Mani says contact that surgeon, Raman’s state is critical. Doctor goes. Mani says what will we tell Ishu about Raman, we have to get that surgeon.

Ishita asking for water. Ruhi feeds her. Ishita asks where is Raman, I have to meet him. Ruhi says he is fine. Nurse says he is in other ward, have this juice, take rest, you can’t meet him. Ishita says I don’t want it. Mani says I spoke to doctor, he is out of Delhi. Mrs. Bhalla says what will happen to my Raman now. Nurse says I didn’t see any adamant patient, she isn’t taking medicines. Shagun says I know how to convince her. She tells Ruhi and sends her. Ruhi goes to Ishita and says don’t do this, don’t you want to get fine and come home. Ishita says I want to meet Raman. Ruhi says I will make you meet Papa, but you have to do as I say, have juice and medicines. Shagun looks on. Ruhi feeds Ishita. Mani says its an emergency, we have no time. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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