25th March Monday Update on This is Love


25th March Monday Update on This is Love

Raman telling that he spoke to Nikhil and then called Kaul to show her right direction, to make her move on in life, I want my daughter to be strongest. She says I will be strongest, I will not meet Nikhil, I will choose a course where I can work along studies, I don’t want to leave you all. Raman hugs her. Its night, Raman asks Ishita are you still annoyed, so much anger. She says you are still smiling, you did not pity me, I cleaned kitchen in tension. He jokes and says I did this to annoy you and then make up to you, I got a gift for you. She smiles. He makes her close eyes. He makes her wear a ring. He asks her not to tell it gaudy. She says its so beautiful. They smile. He holds her and says I will always love you. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays…. She

thanks him. He asks her to return gift. She says I love you and pulls his cheeks.
Its morning, Ishita comes out of the flat and sees Shagun. She says Aaliya is not at home. Shagun says I came to meet you, come to Pooja’s house with me, call clinic and say you can’t come. Ishita asks why. Shagun says my NGO organized a show, and wants Pooja to come, I have to convince her to come, it will be profit for NGO. Ishita says after Nikhil, Riya and Ruhi, its awkward to meet Pooja. Shagun says just let it go, she knows you, she won’t entertain me, please. Ishita agrees.

They come to meet Pooja. Nanny says you have to wait, Pooja is busy in puja. Pooja does a puja for her sister. Shagun sees the pic. Ishita says maybe she is Riya’s Maasi Sujata. Shagun says of course I know her, she came to our NGO, her boyfriend abused her, he impregnated her and left her. Ishita says Nikhil is so bad, I m glad Ruhi got to know his truth, he was two timing, he cheated Pooja, so Sujata committed suicide. Shagun says no, her BF name was Rishi, I know whom he married, Pooja is lying to you.

Amma reads Ishita’s horoscope. Mihika asks her to check hers also. Shitija comes and thanks Amma for giving her new mum. She says it will be good, my new mum will love me. Amma says you are like Vandu, you talk and smile like her. Shitija says we should make space for Kiran, come. Bala looks on. Shitija says I made place in my cupboard, I will give this to her. Bala smiles. Shitija says Pihu doesn’t stay in Raman and Ishita’s room, can I stay in your room. Amma says why not. Mihika says we will shift your belongings to Amma’s room.

Bala says I got to know why daughters are so imp, I love you. Shitija says I love you too. Shagun and Ishita are on the way. Shagun says Nikhil maybe involved, so Pooja left him, she said she will come, it will be perfect. Ishita says how did Nikhil come in this. Shagun says Pooja said she has seen Nikhil with Sujata, maybe Sujata had a relation with Nikhil too, leave it, why are we discussing this, its imp that Ruhi should be out of all this. Ishita nods.

Raman meets Mani. Mani says Bala called me. Raman says Bala called me too, where is he. Bala comes and says sorry I was stuck in traffic, thanks for coming, marriage date is fixed, Amma told me. Raman says see his face and laughs.

Mani asks how can we help. Raman says you dropped court marriage idea right. Bala says I have do court marriage. Raman says I will come along and do formalities, we will do your bachelors party. Bala says no need. Mani says I will arrange it, I m not so boring, I will organize it well, you guys will love it. Ruhi talks to Mihika on call and leaves for home. She sees Nikhil with a girl. Nikhil flirts with the girl. The girl says I don’t want attachment. He says I like one night stand girls, but one who dream of marriage. Ruhi hears them. She slaps Nikhil angrily and scolds him. She goes.

Ishita says what shall I do, shall I tell Ruhi about Nikhil, that someone else was Sujata’s BF. She gets a call from Amma and says I m coming. Mani says trust me, you guys will love that singer, she is good and looks a fairy, she is beautiful, she is absolutely hot. Raman says we should go now. Mani says patience, its exclusive place, I have to check if its available, I will get entry, they know me. Raman says we didn’t know you. Mani says you don’t know me yet. Raman says we will go tonight. Bala says no, Amma would have made dinner. Raman asks him to leave Amma’s pallu. They join hands. Ishita asks Amma and Kiran to have tea.

Kiran says I will send some luggage back, I used to stay alone and bought everything with love, now I m with family, I will set some things. Bala helps her. She asks him to have tea. Bala asks Ishita to give her a favor. He says I don’t want Kiran to dispose anything, can we make any walk in closet for her. Ishita says that’s sweet, there won’t be any space crunch in this house, we will make any wardrobe, just enjoy marriage. Neelu tells Ishita that Ruhi has shut door and shouting in her room. Aaliya hears this. Ruhi throws the things and cries recalling Nikhil. She shouts I hate you Nikhil and takes a knife to cut her wrist. Ishita asks Ruhi to open the door.


Ishita asking Ruhi to open the door, they need her, they love her a lot. Aaliya says I will get the keys. Ruhi cries. She recalls Raman and Ishita and says no, I can’t do this with them. Aaliya gets keys. Ishita opens the door and they get in. They see Ruhi with the knife. Ishita asks what were you doing, how can you think so, please don’t do this again, you are my strong daughter. Ruhi says I can’t be strong, he was with some girl and I got affected, I don’t understand, I got broken. Ishita hugs her and consoles.

Ishita and Aaliya come to meet Nikhil. He opens the door and sees them. He asks them to leave. Ishita asks him to stay away from Ruhi. Aaliya asks how can he do this with Ruhi. He asks her to just stay as friend. Ishita says you made this

a job, to trap girls and dump them for money, if you come close to Ruhi, I will not leave you. Aaliya asks Ishita to come. Ishita slaps Nikhil and says this is for my daughter’s tears, don’t come to her again. She goes out. Aaliya calms her. Ishita says why does this happen with Ruhi, why does she love a wrong man. Aaliya asks her to be strong and manage Ruhi. Ishita says I was wrong to explain Raman, now I will ask him to deal with that Nikhil.
Raman gets ready and sings Raat kaali….. Ishita comes and asks are you going somewhere. He says yes, its Bala’s bachelor’s party, are you annoyed, I couldn’t tell you. She says no, you go. Raman says you know Mani organized the party, I was surprised and thought if he got kidnapped and swapped again, he is taking us to exclusive club, you don’t know what’s there. She asks what, don’t fly much. He says you have cut my wings already, how will I fly, how do I look. She says very nice. He says why is she so calm, did the women plan something. He goes. She says I will not get peace till I solve this mess.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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