25th June Tuesday Update on Young Love

Someone comes to Haveli and tells that someone tried to possess his land while trying to dig the land for the factory. He cries and says they have snatched my ancestral land. They said that they have legal order with them. He says, I don’t understand what to do now. Dadisaa asks him to have patience. She says, we will see, they can’t snatch your land nor stop water coming to your farm land. She says, I have to stop the poison from destroying further. She tells Bhairov that she will go with the villagers. Anandi is going home with Anoop and thinks about Dr. Priya’s words. She says, once again Saachi betrayed us. She didn’t go to the counselling session and was meeting Saurabh at that time. Amol gives chocolate to Anandi. Anandi asks him to eat. Amol says, I have chocolates for everyone. Anandi hugs him.

Mr. Mehra tells the collector that on the first day itself the work have been stopped and it is not a good sign. Collector is drinking wine with Mehra and says I am collector. He says, Bhairov is not greater than me. I know how to handle these villagers and says cheers for the chemical factory.

Shiv comes back home. Amol is holding Anandi’s hand. Anandi asks Shiv to go alone as Amol has just slept. Shiv says, I have a good idea, I will stay with you here. Anandi says, you have to attend the meeting. Shiv says, Amol is responsibility of both of us. Anandi is bowled over by his goodness. Shiv says, we have to share the sandwiches and goes to make the sandwiches.

Saurabh recalls Anandi’s warning asking him to stay away from Saachi. Saurabh says, I missed it again. His friend says that Saachi’s bhabhi warning is awesome and she will make you marry Saachi. Saurabh says, I think I have wasted so much time on her. I have to complete her story and end the chapter so that I can write new stories. He plans to call her to the party and then play with her feelings.

Next morning, Shiv gets ready to go to the office. Anandi says, I kept your clothes here and then recalls that she did forget to take out his clothes. Shiv says, something might be bothering you? Anandi tells him that it is related to Saachi and tells everything. Shiv is shocked. Anandi says, I don’t want anyone at home to know this. Shiv says, don’t know how to make her understand. He says, you should n’t have went alone to meet that guy Saurabh. Shiv says, I will meet and warn him. Anandi asks him to give 2-3 days to her so that she can solve the problem.

Dadisaa comes to the collector with the villager and speaks about the college. Collector says, factory is for the benefit of the people of the village. Dadisaa says, what is needed is education here. Why you want to snatch education from the kids and pollute the village with chemical residues. Dadisaa says, these type of factory should be build outside the village or city. Collector says, I understands your emotions and says I didn’t cancel the college project. It will be build soon. Dadisaa asks, where? Collector says, I have to follow the govt orders being its servant. Dadisaa says, I will see how you build the factory. You have to answer for our questions. I will fight with your govt also.Dadisaa asks the girls to give their bangles to the collector. All the girls give their bangles to the collector thereby insulting him. Collector is shocked.

Saachi comes to meet Saurabh. She says sorry for Anandi’s warning to him. Saurabh says, I can face anything for you. I love you very much. I won’t stop loving you, we are together and will bear everything today. Saachi says, bhabhi said that you will not marry me and asks for his answer. Saurabh is shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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