25th July Thursday Update on Young Love

Anandi bringing Suhasani to the old age home. Old age warden tells her that the bed is alloted to her. Suhasani says, I have a family. I won’t stay here. I can spend a night by sitting on the chair but I don’t need your bed. Anandi signs the warden. Suhasani asks Anandi to take her to the airport. Anandi says ok and leaves. Suhasani is hurt and cries. Saachi tells Vivek that they can’t find a home. Vivek says, people are broad minded. Saachi says, our society always blames a girl. Once girl comes to Saachi and praises her for fighting against injustice. She says, I have become your fan and says can I click my photo with you. Vivek says sure. She thanks her and leaves. Vivek says, society is changing and this is an example. Saachi smiles.

Ganga does the puja. Jagya comes and asks about Puja. Ganga says, it is done. She says, Doctor did the treatment and now everything is on God’s hands. Jagya says, God will listen to your prayers. Anandi tells her family about Suhasani’s story. She says, I want to tell her that her son has betrayed her. Daddu says, she has to face the situation. Anoop says, how can any son do this to his own mother. Shiv says, it is unbelievable. Anoop says, every youngster should join armed forces to get disciplined and values about relationship. Shiv says, Suhasani’s son is not right. Anandi says, I will talk to Suhasani.

Suhasani is sitting on the dining table and recalling the recent happenings. Old age women and men start the poetry and singing to enlighten her mood. Suhasani forgets her pain and mingles with them. Anandi asks Amol to write an essay. Shiv comes. Anandi asks Amol to study. She asks Shiv to sit with Amol as she will go to apply balm on Choti Maa’s feet. Amol asks Shiv about condensation. Shov says, I will explain. Anandi comes back and doesn’t see them. She thinks Shiv took Amol to the lawn. Anandi comes to the kitchen and sees Amol dancing on the music. She scolds Shiv. Shiv explains to Amol about the vaporisation and condensation. Amol thanks Shiv. Anandi says sorry to Shiv.

Doctor tells Ganga and Jagya that Mannu’s condition is better and he can discharged him today as the transplant is successful. He asks them to take care of Mannu. Jagya thanks the doctor. Gehna comes there and asks about him. Ganga says, Doctor said Mannu’s condition is fine. Gehna says, you have to take care of yourself too. Jagya says we were hungry. Ganga says, we will share the tiffin. Ganga and Jagya make each other eat the food.

Nandu is cleaning the wound. Basant comes and asks about his wound. Nandu says, I was playing cricket. He says, I wasn’t playing cricket since many days. Basant says, he is going to some other place. Nandu cries. Gehna asks him to say the truth. Nandu says, I want to give bat and ball to Mannu. Basant asks, did you steal money from my pocket? Nandu says no. I took money from my piggy bank. I used to pluck mangoes and sell at the shop. Today I got the injury. Gehna and Basant are touched and feels bad. Basant gives him 200 Rs. Nandu thanks him.

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