25th July Thursday Update on This is Love

Adi comes out saying, I’m very late today. He enters kitchen and shouts, anyone home. None comes. He goes to fridge. He senses someone from behind and looks back. Roshini smiles with him. Adi gets surprised. He gets happy. He shouts, Roshini you here. I mean wow. So good to see you. Adi tries to hug her but she disappears. Adi looks around. He advices himself not to think about her. He opens the frigde and take something out. Aliya comes saying, adi what are you doing. I’ll prepare breakfast for you. Adi says, no need Roshini. I don’t have time to eat. Aliya looks at him shocked. He continues to talk without noticing that he called Aliya as Roshini. He drinks juice and hugs Aliya saying, bye Roshini. Aliya looks down sad. Mihika comes and asks what happened. Aliya says, Adi called me Roshini. Mihika asks what. Aliya says, he didn’t notice that I am not Roshini but Aliya. She looks aside sadly.

Ishitha stops the car and takes her purse. She remembers Raman’s letter and takes it out. She reads it and smiles. My loving Ishitha, She imagines Raman sitting next to her and saying, thank you for being with me. I want to take your hand and say thank you. He praises her. Kabi kam na hoge play….. Raman gives a kiss to Ishitha on her cheek. Ishitha’s imagination ends. She doesn’t find Raman there. She gets happy. Guard comes and asks is everything fine mam. Ishitha says, now everything is fine and smiles.

Shravan and his friends are talking. He is wearing the shirt which Ishitha gifted him. Their friends say that it’s an unbranded one. Shravan argues saying it’s branded and brought from London. Param comes there from a car. Shravan shouts saying, he’s my uncle. Param gets down. Shravn goes to him. He talks with him. Param gives his car to Shravan to have a ride with his friends. Shravan thanks him and leaves with friends.

Ishitha is shown sitting on her seat. Someone knocks the door. She says come in. A girl comes in. She says, hello mam, I’m Amritha. I’m your new assistant. Ishitha says, no one informed me that. It’s ok. Did you line up today’s appointments? Amritha says, yes this is patients list and gives a file to Ishitha.

Param and Simmi meet in a restaurant. He says, Simmi first of all we need to know who this Sonakshi is and what relation she has. Simmi asks how can we know. We only know her name. Simmi says Sonakshi’s details are with Romi and Mihika. Param says we have to do something.

Ishitha talks to Shagun from phone. She says, This is so great Shagun. No I can’t come. I have so much work. You go and Enjoy. She sits to have lunch and opens the lunch box saying, what’s there for lunch. She openes it and says, paneer, puri. She opens the last box and sees non veg food. She gets shocked and calls Nilu. She asks what did you pack for my lunch. Nilu says dhaal, rotti and so on. Ishitha asks didn’t you pack anything else. Nilu says no that’s all.

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