25th January Friday Update On Young Love


25th January Friday Update On Young Love

Sanchi telling to her family you all remember for Shiv bhaiyaa ,a marriage proposal came of Urmi Devi’s daughter . Same Urmi Devi who met you all in Mandir and said a lot against Shiv Bhaiyaa Ira replies yes and then ? Sanchi says then mom the lady who said so much against Shiv bhaiyaa to Urmi Devi was none other than Anandi Bhabhi’s dadi jee . All look at Anandi shocked . Anandi is emotional .Sanchi continues saying she did that so Shiv bhaiyaa ‘s marriage proposal can break and Anandi bhabhi can trap Shiv bhaiyaa in her love This was all game plan of them in which Anandi bhabhi was all involved with her Dadi .All are looking at Anandi shocked while Anandi is helpless

Ira remembers about their meeting with Urmi devi in Mandir ( some flashbacks are shown ) where Urmi devi tells them an old lady from Jaitser told them all about this , whatever she told her about Shiv after that she lost her senses to ask her name etc it was good she told her all otherwise now it would her daughter’s life on verge of being ruined in place of this girl with marrying a worst man like Shiv .Ira asks Anandi what Sanchi is saying is true? Anandi replies yes but I came to know about it all a lot late .Ira asks her when? Before marriage or after marriage? .Anandi says before marriage . Ira says and you thought it is not important to tell us Anandi says no maa actually I thought you all will make a wrong opinion about Dadisaa that’s why I didn’t tell you all Just then Urmi devi enters saying you were saving honor of your Dadisaa or a trapping a guy like Shiv ? All are shocked seeing Urmi devi there. Urmi devi says to Anandi to save your Dadisaa’s honor you put my daughter ‘s honor at stake Urmi devi says to Shekhars whatever I said on that day to you all it was told to me by this girl’s dadi.

Sanchi tells her family Today Urmi devi came to fix marriage of her daughter with Dr Jagdish , there she came to know that Dadijee broke the marriage proposal of her daughter by badmouthing Shiv in front of her and got her own granddaughter married with Shiv . Urmi Devi says to Ira Today if Kalyani Devi and this girl would not have played this game then our children would have got married Due to this Dadi and her granddaughter my such able daughter is yet unmarried and such cheat and fraud people’s daughter who herself is such a big liar you all have made your daughter in law Where ever I go with proposal of my daughter , her marriage breaking news with your collector son reaches there before me and people bring out fault in my daughter because of her proposal broke Today my daughter is paying price for no fault of hers but all due to this clever and cheater girl and her dadi. Just then Shiv enters the home and sees all this He is shocked .

Anandi says to Shekhars trust me her half words are true not all we didn’t play any game , Shiv had won my trust I started to like him then we decided to marry me and my family didn’t cheat Shiv. Ira replies how you didn’t cheat Anandi , today if there has come love and trust in this relation but its beginning is from a lie .When did you give any chance to Shiv to think about any other proposal . You and your family knew it quite well you are a balika vadhu, a divorcee ,for you this kind of marriage proposal to get was impossible therefore you all made Shiv down in Urmi Devi’s eyes so that you can trap Shiv. Anandi is hurt with Ira’s words while Choti maa , Dadu and Alok didn’t like Ira’s blames on Anandi.

Shiv is shocked hearing what his mother is saying Shiv comes there and says to Ira I cannot believe you can think about Anandi like this Ira says you don’t know what Anandi…Shiv cuts her and says I know everything Anandi told me everything before marriage All are shocked at this while Anandi is emotional Shiv continues Anandi also said to me if after knowing this truth I want to break this marriage proposal I can do it she wanted to tell you all but I stopped her saying I will handle all Because I knew Anandi has no fault in this and whatever Dadi jee did I can understand I have no complain to her when Anandi told me all truth her honor raised in my eyes it requires guts to stand for truth even seeing your loss in it and Anandi has these guts Even today you all are blaming Anandi so much did she even for once said I know all No because she don’t want to make you all feel your son was cheating you all the while Even now you will think same about Anandi she is a cheater ?

Ira and Sanchi are giving a sarcastic smile to Anandi while Choti maa. Alok and Dadu seem convinced with Shiv’s words Urmi speaks up but Shiv beta this all …Shiv folds his hands in front of Urmi and says whatever happened I apologize from you for it whatever happened it was written in destiny no can change it it will remain like this forever now, Anandi is like your daughter so it will be better if you remove all bitterness against her in you and let her live her life peacefully .Urmi devi says angrily to Shiv now you cannot see anything blinded in Anandi’s magic some day when her magic will be down from your head then you will see and regret That day you won’t be able to stand even in your eyes that one girl cheated you this badly ,keep my these words in your mind Saying this Urmi leaves from there

Shiv then asks his family tell me one thing even once we were ashamed for anything because of Anandi and her family in fact from the day Anandi came in this house only brought happiness for everyone Shiv then says to Sanchi learn to bind relations, how to handle them it is very easy to produce misunderstandings between relations and break them but very difficult to bind them if you will learn all these then it will be better for everyone learn something from Anandi Sanchi is embarrassed .Shiv then says to everyone Anandi’s respect and honor is my respect and honor now , I hope from now on wards you all won’t narrow and put your thinking down for Anandi Shiv then says I apologize from you all for your hurt feelings because of Anandi and her family .He folds his hands and apologizes from all and says I apologize from you all with this trust whatever Anandi’s family did there was no wrong intention behind it They didn’t cheat us

Dadu says it seems to me it will take us some time to understand all this till then I will say to all of you not proceed this thing, what happened , how , when , in whatever way but most important for us is our child is happy with his life and life partner and as far as Anandi is concerned we have seen her , tested her , we know her so well and I don’t think she can ever do any wrong with Shiv , hurt him in anyway intentionally Anandi is emotional at this while others are convinced with Dadu , leaving Sanchi and Ira . Dadu continues I know I am old but my old eyes can see the world and a person in clear way and I can see Anandi’s truthfulness . Ira is shocked at these words of Dadu says whatever Kalyani jee did we cannot blame Anandi for it .Ira says but papajee …Dadu stops her saying Ira I told naa don’t proceed further with this .

Ira gives an angry look to Anandi and leaves from there while others are shocked seeing her this behavior Sanchi too leaves .Anandi starts crying and runs to her room . Dadu signals Shiv to go with Anandi Shiv goes after Anandi. Choti maa thinks to herself Didi( Ira ) is having doubts about Anandi , hoping she won’t bring poison in heart for Anandi like Sanchi if it happened then this house’s peace will be ruined Anandi and Kalyani jee did a mistake but I can understand why Kalyani jee must have done that .

Night time Sanchi consoling Ira and saying I can understand how bad you must be feeling Shiv bhaiyaa and Dadu cannot see truth standing in front of them which is quite clearly visible .Bhabi did so much wrong with us and I don’t think her dadijee alone can do so much Bhabhi must have given this idea to dadijee and she said all to Urmi devi Bhabhi is much smart that ..Just then Sanchi notices Alok standing at door looking angrily to her .Sanchi stops fueling Ira Alok comes to Ira and says I know whatever happened you must have felt very bad about it but ira we are adults we should act wisely whatever papajee said don’t mind it papajaa actually… Ira says I never mind anything ever what papajee says or does but what is hurting me even after Anandi cheated us , Shiv is still supporting her Can’t he understand nothing can be more painful for a mother that people talk crap about her child what is shocking to me Shiv thinks I am saying wrong to Anandi , don’t know Urmi devi have said to how people what is being told to her if today people are talking against Shiv behind our backs then Anandi and her family is responsible for this . People can fall so low just for marriage of their daughter I cannot even imagine that.

Alok says its not like only Urmi Devi IS talking wrong about our son Shiv is a government officer and its common among people they have any reason or not they will see all government officers with same view point that they are wrong , dishonest so with how many people we will fight ?you never thoughT like this right? So what is problem now let people say whatever we trust our son completely it doesn’t affect us .Ira says it does affect me , it affects me because this misunderstanding is not created on its own but was created intentionally and if it was done by some other person would Shiv has let it go No , today he just only want to support his wife going against his mother so should it not be painful to me .Alok is shocked , just then they notice Dadu standing at door listening to their conversation .Screen freezes on ira

Daddu comes and tells Shiv’s parents to forget everything. Instead think that Shiv is so good that Dadisa wanted Anandi to get married to him. Shiv’s mother says, but by lying like this? Daddu asks them to understand to Dadisa.. she did everything for Anandi’s happiness and when you think about children’s happiness.. you make mistakes. He says, we have also made mistakes.. he shows disappointment with Shiv mother telling anandi about Balika Vadhu.

Daddu then tells Sanchi, you’re new generation girl and I believe in explaining instead scolding. Sanchi says, I said what’s truth.. I didn’t make up anything. Daddu says, correct.. but that’s past.. today Shiv and Anandi are happy together and when Shiv doesn’t have any problem, then why should we stretch the issues? Sanchi gets angry and says, so Anandi bhabhi and her family can do anything? And we can’t say anything. Great. Thank you very much. She leaves.

Anandi is crying in their room. Shiv says, you told me but for me that was end of that conversation. I didn’t feel like telling anyone else. I never knew everything would come out like this. I realize now I should have told everyone. He apologizes to her. Anandi puts her hand on his hand and says, if I manage to fight with any situation then it’s only because I know that I am not alone.. you’re with me.. to support me. But I worry about maa a lot. It’s not just about our relationship. It’s about relationship of two families.. a good relationship was developed, but after what happened today I am not sure if they will get along again.

Ganga is going to get milk for Manu. Jagya comes there. He tells her that he will take care of Manu. Ganga leaves. Jagya looks at Ganga’s poem and Ganga comes there and take her diary away. She asks him not to read. Jagya says, you write poems too? Ganga says, no while studying.. I wrote anything that came in my mind. Jagya says, I read few lines and they were very good. He asks her to read out the poem. Ganga says, I feel shy.. Jagya says, what is there to shy? When you can write, then why can’t you express it? She reads it in end.. quite an emotional and encouraging poem about how she fought alone and never gave up. Jagya gets emotional and tears are about to come out from his eyes. He claps for her.

Here’s part of that poem: (from yesterday’s precap update)
Don’t remember anything much about my childhood
Neither I remember any voice
But do remember some one’s saying in childhood
You won’t lose until you won’t accept to lose
Never raised my hand , but never bent down my eyes too
Tears have flown a lot but never I cried
Breathe was stopping , but my victory no one could stop
See my victory here not my wounds
Now payals won’t bind my feet
Neither bangles will clutch my hands
Now I will win from everyone everyday
And everyday someone will lose from me

Jagya says, I have no words.. I don’t know how to praise you. Today I am seeing new Ganga in front of me. I never knew this side of Ganga. You said such a huge thing in such simple words. With your struggle, this poem also expresses your strength, your dream. It’s Very beautiful, strong, and motivative poem. I can tell with guarantee that your sensitivity, thinking, passion of doing something big.. will take you very far in your life. You will succeed in all the tests that you will have to face in your life. And I am not saying all this, you saying by yourself.. every single word written by you is saying that. He gifts her a pen and says, I will be very happy if you write your poems with this pen. Ganga takes it and is happy.

Sumitra brings milk for Dadisa. She says, have milk and you will be able to sleep. Dadisa is very worried for Anandi and says, today I won’t be able to sleep. She blames herself and asks why she did all this. She worries what Sanchi would have told everyone. Sumitra says, don’t worry.. she must have calmed down by time she reached Udhaipur. Dadisa says, why her? if it was choti maa or anyone else, then we could still handle the situation. Did you see her anger? And what she said to Anandi before leaving? She asks Sumitra to call Anandi, but Sumitra says, it’s not time to call.. we will call her tomorrow. Dadisa prays for Anandi.

In the morning, Sanchi brings coffee for her mother. She tells her, I know you’re very tensed.. but why are you hurting yourself? Forget everything. If you remember, I used to say from before, there was something fishy about this relationship.. otherwise Shiv bhaiya can’t be trapped with such family. No one trusted me, but now you know right how selfish and mean people they are. In fact, I am feeling bad for Jagdish too. Without any fault, he suffered. But I don’t think Jagya’s family cares about it.

Shiv’s mother says, when our own people are against us, what we can tell to others. Our Shiv is very happy with Anandi.. and that is why whatever she says, does.. Shiv will support his wife. He said this clearly. Instead of saying from his mother’s side, he supported Anandi. And I am very hurt. I wish Shiv could understand how would I feel after hearing all that from my son. She seems very upset and crying. She continues, Shiv took everything on himself.. this means even if Anandi does anything wrong, i don’t have any rights to scold her. Sanchi asks her to forget about everything. Her mother says, I will be fine in some time.. you go and do your work. Sanchi says, okay but promise me that you won’t cry and if you need anything, then call me. Sanchi leaves. The screen freezes on Shiv’s mother’s crying face.