25th January Friday Update On True Love

25th January Friday Update On True Love

At Jogi’s house,Divya and Damini hv a huge showdown when Divya sees Damini stiching Jogi’s shirt buttons and so Divya questions Damini’s character here by putting serious accusations on her by saying that how she seems to b too much interested in Jogi these days and thats why without anyone’s permission she is putting her authority on all his stuffs ;Divya further accuses Damini of hving a good time with Jogi behind her back when she was in London ;Divya even questions Damini about her and Jogi’s secret meetings in closed rooms and secret telephone calls ;Damini is shocked with all these accusations and asks Divya to stop it and walks out of the room in devastating condition Damini cries her heart out in alone and then decides to leave the house since she has tolerated enough Veer and all r waiting for his test reports to come and it finally comes via courier ;Veer reads it and after lot of suspense he reveals to Gunwanti and all that whatever Ichha said was not true since reports r normal ;Hearing this Umed wonders how can Ichha b wrong while Gunwanti decides that there is no place for Ichha in this house ;Nani too taunts by saying that what kind of wife is Ichha,who accuses her own husband this way ;Chanda decides to bring her downstairs and question her when Veer asks Chanda to stop and he himself goes to meet Ichha upstairs.. Veer enters the room where Ichha is sitting ;Both come face to face.

Nani gives good news to Tappu about Veer’s reports and how Ichha is proved wrong because of which Veer might kick her out of the house and so Nani decides to go to temple for prayers when Tappu too decides to join Nani to the temple .. Veer shows his reports to Ichha on which Ichha is happy to see the reports all normal but Veer questions Ichha that why did she lie to him about it ;So then Ichha tells Veer that she dint lie but she kept giving him medicine secretly by mixing it in milk and so mayb thats why the reports r normal now but Veer does not believe her words and accuses her of lieing to him and questions her about why is she feeling so jealous of this baby all of a sudden ;Ichha is shocked hearing all this Veer further shows Mai’s kangan to Ichha and tells her that she even lied about this kangan to him by telling him that she has no idea about it when she had hidden it in the cupboard ;Ichha is in tears now Veer grabs Ichha’s shoulders and questions her that is this the same Ichha he fell in love with ? ;Veer keeps accusing Ichha of telling one lie after another and becoming so selfish and insecure of his baby’s existence …

Meanwhile Tappu and Nani r coming out of the temple when Tappu starts hving labour pain when Mr.Rathod reaches there and blasts Nani for bringing her to the temple in this condition ;Nani decides to call up Veer but Mr.Rathod says that it will b too late and then he picks up Tappu in his arms and rushes her to the hospital… Veer is still accusing Ichha of lieing to him and in the end he tells Ichha that even after all this he still loves her and wants to stand in her support and so he wants her to come with him downstairs and apologize to everyone in the family; Veer then grabs Ichha’s hand and is about to take her downstairs with him but Ichha stops and is not willing to go with him; Veer is shocked.



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