25th February Monday Update On True Love


25th February Monday Update On True Love

Tappu blaming veer for her lost child. Veer looks at her and says stop fooling yourself Tapasya. Then tappu again tries to make veer feel guilty by saying that he never saw any goodness in her, and that if he understood her and her love he would not throw her out with her small girl.

Veer says she should be standing in front of rathod and not him. Does she even know why she is marrying : is it love for rathod or to show that she can move on to veer or to satisfy her ego? She says he never saw any goodness in her, and that nobody can clap with one hand. And that whatever she is today is because of him, he is responsible for the state she is in today. Veer looks at her in disbelief, and the look was this girl is mad, and there is no use even wasting 1 sec on her. He simply walks away and drives.

Tappu is left insulted yet again, evident from her teary eyes.

Avinash is at a newspaper office to get the ad printed, and thinks so long as simple people like veer exist he will not have any troubles. He changes the time from 6:30 to 6:00 pm.

Veer is extremely excited back in his office that Tapasya has gone away from his life forever and now he is positive that Ichcha will be back and then no more troubles for them he decides to thank Madura and calls her. He thanks her for instill positivity and that she is very nice and Ichcha will like her too, he just hopes Ichcha will forgive him.

Pandit calls for tapu and rrathod and Divya ask Nani to bring her. As nani is scared Divya taunts that if this time tapu does anything wrong due to her support she will blast her. Everyone is waiting. Rathod flashbacks about the chance he gave to Tappu about disclosing anything to him before marriage as there is no looking back. Nani comes down alone, and is about to tell Divya about tapu. Then tappu shows up at the door.

Divya tappu hug and crying by tappu. She asks about jogi and Divya says we will talk later. She needs to get married first as everyone had been waiting for her. Tappu very disinterestingly with a fake 1 sec smile sits down for the wedding rituals.

The last 5 minutes had the song O re khuda…playing with tappu Rathod wedding, and veer Ichcha in each others thoughts. Veer is back home standing by a window and so is Ichcha in green dress. Both are thinking about each other . In the other hand tappu is also lost perhaps in thinking what all she lost so far in her life and how veer has only insulted her and how she always lost everything to Ichcha. She gets married to Rathod but is not shown happy at all. Rathod is happy so is dai ja nani and Divya, but Rathod is also thinking something.

rats filling tapus maang with sindoor. Tappu remembering veers words about not starting a relationship with lies and that whether she is doing this marriage for reasons other than love for rats.
Pandit concludes the wedding with ashorwad from elders.

They show dai ja and Divya giving blessings. Dai ja then drops tappu to rats room which is his favorite and decorated nicely by her.

Divya comes home and asks a sentimental silent jogi if he wdnt ask her what happened. She said tapu was missing him and everything went well, except kanyadaan coudnt happen. She knows how much he misses and loves tappu, but jogi without saying anything goes away. Divya notices Ichcha tapu children pic in which they are very friendly besides jogis bed which jogi was lost in.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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