24th September Tuesday Update on True Love


24th September Tuesday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Meethi and her friends in a party. Her friends ask her to come on the dance floor but she refuses. Her friends go away.
Meethi’s drinking at the bar when they show this guy coming in the party (only show his feet and clothes etc. not clearly).
Meethi’s remembering her mother in jail.
She keeps drinking more and more and feels dizzy. The guy comes and sits next to her. Meethi finally goes on the dance floor with her friends.
The guy goes up to a staff member and asks them to shut the party down as it’s midnight… the staff member tells him not to bother … At that moment, the circuits in the DJ’s equipment spark up and the fire starts.

Rohini brings some sweets for Jogi/Divya… Surbhi turns the TV on and sees the news of a fire breaking out in the building… Kanha asks Surbhi to change the channel… but Mukta asks Surbhi to put it back again… Reporter is reporting about the fire.
Mukta says it’s the same club where Meethi has gone today… everyone gets up and gets concerned.
Icha asks Mukta again and she says she told me the same name this morning.
Jogi asks Kanha to call Meethi. Kanha says bell is ringing, she’s not picking up. They show a couple of Meethi’s friends on TV worried about her.
Icha goes hysterical and wants to go with Kanha to help Meethi out… but Kanha says I will go and bring her back.
Reporter says one girl is trapped in the building and her name is Meethi Bharti. Let’s see if she gets saved today.

Meethi is trapped in the flames and crying and yelling for help.

The same guy jumps over police barriers to go inside the building to save Meethi. He fights with fire, jumps over flames etc. looking for Meethi.

Icha/Damini watching the news about the fire and Icha’s worried whether Meethi’s okay or not? Damini asks her to calm down and be strong. Kanha has gone to get her, he will be calling us soon.

They show the guy fighting with fire again and Meethi is amongst the flames…

Mukta is praying for Meethi to be saved. Jogi/Divya come and get worried after seeing the news.

Reporter reports that there’s a rumour there are two people in the fire and looks like there’s someone trying to save Meethi.

Damini says, it must be an angel that’s saving Meethi and Jogi agrees. The guy picks up Meethi and they show his face clearly for the first time (sorry I don’t know the guy).
Meethi is unconscious in his arms… then wakes up and sees him. He tries to look for an escape from the fire… and then comes to the balcony with Meethi in his arms. Public cheers him and puts a net for him to jump. He jumps with Meethi in his arms just before a huge burst of flames come out the back.
Public cheers for him… Jogi family happy to see Meethi saved on TV.

Kanha comes and hugs Meethi. Someone tells him a stranger saved her life or she wouldn’t be alive today. Kanha asks who was he? He’s told he was right here, don’t knwo where he went? (They show the guy moving out of the crowd.
Jogi’s family see him walking away on TV but they cannot see his face. They’re all wondering who saved her life. A flashback is shown of the same guy saving Meethi from those goons in front of the garage.

Kanha bringing Meethi back home. Everyone at home is happy to see her safe and sound. Icha wants to go to her, but doesn’t.
Damini hugs her and says thank God you’re safe. Jogi asks Mukta to take Meethi to her room. Mukta comes to Meethi, but Meethi doesn’t let her touch. She gives weird looks to Icha and starts leaving. Icha says, why do you do these things when you’re angry? If something happened to you today…
Meethi says, don’t worry about me. I’ve told you thousands of times that there’s no relation between you and me. Remember this.
Jogi gets upset at her. Divya tries to stop him from saying something but he doesn’t stop. He says, you cannot talk to Icha like this. We were all worried about you. You went to a club without telling anyone, what kind of carelessness is this? He asks Mukta to take Meethi to the room again.
Meethi bursts out, everyone worries about ‘this woman’. No one worries about me anymore. If this woman is so good, so great, why doesn’t her husband live with her? Everyone’s shocked to hear that.
She yells, if anyone has the answer to that?
Meethi yells at Icha that just because of you everyone scolds me… she’s about to say more but Jogi yells Meethi and she goes away. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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