24th January Thursday Update On True Love


24th January Thursday Update On True Love

Ichha and Tappu verbally fight where Tappu is accusing Ichha regarding how she always gave her everything in uttaran and even shared her father’s love with her but still today she is acting so selfish on which Ichha gets really frustated and asks Tappu that does she even know the meaning of Uttaran ;Ichha further tells Tappu that “If u really knew the meaning of uttaran then u will remember how I and my Ammo gave u my suhaag ka joda that day and allowed u to get married to Veer ..so basically I gave u the biggest uttaran of my life and today u r accusing me” ;Hearing all this Tappu tells Ichha that “Do u want me to go and tell the truth to everyone ? then fine I will go right now and tell the truth to all” ;Tappu then opens the room door ..takes her suitcase and walks out of the room ;Ichha follows her …

Everyone sees Tappu leaving and tries to stop her ;Mai-Nani-Daddaji-Umed and Veer asks Tappu whats the matter and why is she leaving all of a sudden ;Nani as usual accuses Ichha for all this when Veer asks Nani to shut her mouth since Ichha is his wife ;Hearing this Tappu sarcastically tells Veer that Ichha is so lucky to get a husband like him who cannot tolerate anyone saying anything against his wife..but what about her ?What if someone today accuses her ?then who will protect her ?where is her security here ?? ;Veer is speechless and has no answer to her queries ;Tappu is about to leave when Mai goes and stops her again and almost begs her not to leave Nani goes towards Tappu and tells her that she too will leave with her since she came to this house for her and so today if she(Tappu) only is leaving then even she(Nani) has no place in this house ;

Veer comes towards Tappu and asks her whats the matter when Tappu tells Mai and Veer that she cannot tell the reason from her own mouth after what Ichha told her ..so its better noone ask her anything Mai and Veer keeps asking Tappu about what Ichha said ;Chanda too sarcastically asks Tappu to spill the beans ;Finally Tappu opens her mouth and tells everyone that Ichha has accused her character by telling her that this baby is not Veer’s ;Hearing this Mai, Nani, Daddaji and Veer are all shocked ;Ichha too is shocked with the way Tappu twisted her words.

Nani accuses Ichha and her Ammo and questioning about their low class mentality and thinking when Ichha tells Nani not to say anything about her Ammo since she very well knows what all her Ammo did for the family ;Ichha then tells everyone that whatever Tappu said is half true and half false since she is not carrying Veer’s child which is a fact Hearing this Mai questions Ichha that how is this possible and why dint she tell all this earlier on which Ichha tells Mai and everyone that she kept quiet for the sake of everyone’s happiness since she dint want to give any shock to anyone but today she is forced to say the truth to expose Tapasya’s lies … So then Tapasya comes towards Ichha and dramatically says Bas to her and asks her if she knew the truth since long time then why was she quiet till now ;¬†CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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