24th December Monday Update On Young Love

Ganga said she might got angry if jagiya only wud have hugged her. But she wont forgive what he did to anandi. She was in front of him but he saw anandi. Anandi is a married girl. The hug was never appropriate no matter whatever feeling he has for anandi. The image he had for anandi is not a good thing. He shud have stayed away from alcohol. What wud have collector saab thought if he will get to know. He shud fulfill his promise what he gave to anandi. All surprised. She went away.

At KB, both Ansh were still in bhang effect. Anandi was arranging bed in talli state. Shiv tried to fold the blanket. Anandi came for his help. Both struggled to fold it. Anandi fed up n said it was not done. She is very sleepy n wanted to sleep. Shiv too agreed n said he will put the light switch off. She went to sleep. Shiv put the light on instead of putting it off. Anandi slept. Shic collapsed on bed n tapped anandi’s forehead n fell asleep.

At haveli, jagiya is getting all the FBs, talk with anandi, the holi event. Ganga in her room feeling guilty that she behaved badly but that was much needed. Jagiya knocked the door. Ganga opened the door. Both looked guilty. Jagiya said what she said was right. Its right that its not a good thing to have such feelings for someone else’s wife. Its not good for anandi’s honor. But everyone has flaws. It is very difficult for him to remove all feelings for anandi. If she will put herself in his place then she will understand. The heart never listens to mind.he always heard of his mind but today his mind ditched him n his heart overpowered him. But today is a big lesson. He wont promise that he wont have any feelings for anandi, but he will control himself. His heart has no rights on anandi. Even if he will get anandi;s feelings, he will bury it inside.he will never insult anandi’s memories.

At KB, Next morning, alok is packing for going to a seminar. ira asked alok holi masti was out of control. Alok said it was bhang which made all to do masti. it’s okay, all were doing masti. Ira unhappily said one was their DIL too among them. Alok said anandi is not at fault, she was in bhang effect. Ira said that’s what she wants to know who did this. Alok said saanchi did all arrangements, so may be its her mischief.

At Ds’s room, ganga came to ds , held her feet n asked for forgiveness. She said she knew doc sa had no bad feelings for her , even he was not intended to insult anandi. He is trying n soon he will overcome. But she is sorry for all the harsh words she said. Ds asked to sit her on bed. Ds said there is no need to say sorry as she is not at fault. Ganag reminded her someone who was like that, never scared to say right things, never feared for result. Gangas asked who. Ds replied herself. She was like that too but she was not that kind and intelligent like ganga. Ds asked her not to change.

At KB:In their room Shiv tries to wake Anandi. She gets up having a headache / hangover. Shiv tells her these are effects of bhang and hands over a glass full of lemon water to reduce her hangover. Anandi is all panicky because she does not remember much about the holi event. She continuously asks Shiv, if she hasn’t misbehaved with anyone or hasn’t said something that she should not. Shiv comforts her saying that all was good and she was perfectly alright. Anandi still doubts herself. Shiv teases her further saying that he added bhang in lemon water. Anandi hits him with a pillow and they continue to tease each other.CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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