23th Oct Wednesday Update On True Love

23th Oct Episode

Veer and Satya’s interaction ..both congratulating each other for the deal ;Satya also talks about his concerns for his sister Saanchi on which Veer suggests Satya to sent Saanchi to their house in the evening so that Ichha-Saanchi can go for shopping together..

Ichha is wondering whether or not to tell Veer about Tappu leaving house when Veer calls her up and gives her the good news of getting a big deal for which their company was trying for so long;Veer then tells Ichha that he will give her rest of the news after coming home ;So then Ichha too decides to tell him about Tappu once he comes back home… Pushkar is shown conning some shopkeeper from whom Damini regularly takes ration by telling the shopkeeper that he gives duplicate stuffs to Damini and fools her ;So the shopekeeper in panic state ends up giving money to Pushkar I guess..

At Bundela house,Ichha suddenly discovers that her mangalsutra is not there and so she searches for it everywhere and even asks Chanda about it when Tappu comes out of her room and tells Ichha that mayb she is indirectly trying to say that I hv taken your mangalsutra ;Tappu also accuses Ichha of being very weak in her relationship and so she is doing all this ;Hearing this Ichha replies that she never accused her of anything and also she doesn’t need to feel insecure or weak in her relationship because she is Veer’s wife (Finally Ichha speaks up );So then Tappu sarcastically asks Ichha that she must b really hving too much pride of her wife tag on which Ichha tells Tappu that she doesn’t hv any such pride but she considers herself blessed to get a husband like Veer in her life ..

While Tappu and Ichha were engaged in this war of words,Veer comes from behind and listens to their cat fight ;’Tappu sees Veer standing behind but Ichha is unable to see him since she was standing with her back against him ;So immediately Tappu changes her tone and tells Ichha that “If u think I hv stolen your mangalsutra..then u can search my room…its true that I feel hurt to see u and Veer together ..but then I hv now accepted this fact and only one reason why I m staying in this house is because of my baby since I wanted my baby to take birth among its own family members especially in the presence of his/her father..but now that I m getting only humiliation and accusations in this house,so its better I leave this house forever..mayb my baby is suffering today because of my sins” ;Veer overhears everything and feels confused now ;Ichha as usual tries to stop her from leaving and also asks Veer to stop her once she turns back and sees that Veer is standing there ;

Tappu takes her suitcase and marches out of the room towards the hall area ;Nani tries to stop her when she looks at Veer and tells Nani that till now she has only seen doubts in Veer’s eyes regarding her and their baby and so she cannot stay in that house anymore ;Hearing this Veer looks even more confused now while Ichha tries to stop her but Tappu goes downstairs and was about to leave when Mai and Daddaji too requests her to stay but Tappu doesn’t agree and decides to leave ..

While leaving Tappu keeps looking upstairs where Veer is standing and watching her from their first floor balcony ;Just when Tappu was about to go out of the house,Veer asks Tappu to wait ;Hearing Veer’s voice,Mai-Daddaji and Ichha all look at Veer in a shocked manner ;Tappu is double shocked when Veer says “Ruk jao”

Veer stops Taps from going, saying that its better for her health to stay here. Taps is overjoyed and later in her room tells Nani how she was testing Veer and realizes that he does love her. There, Chanda instigates Ichcha against Taps and tells her to be wary. Nani and Gunwanti sit in the front room when the driver from the Thakurs hands them one box of kajus/badams. Nani is ashamed at how less was sent and blames Damini for this tacky behavior. Ichcha hears this, on her way out for dinner with Veer. At the Thakur house, Pushkar convinces Damini to call the Bundelas to see if they got the gifts. When she does, Gunwanti reprimands her for embarrassing them