23rd May Thursday Update on Young Love

Anandi telling Shiv that she knows he is hurt with maa and Saanchi’s words. She says they are also shaken with the truth like you. She says Maa and Choti maa need you. Shiv says he knows and wants to meet her. Mahi asks for his bike keys from Meenu. She gives, Mahi hugs her and says you are the best mom. Meenu says she can’t be a good mother and tells him that she was helpless as she couldn’t see Ira didi die and couldn’t see Alok shattered. Mahi says everything will be fine and assures her that she is not at any fault. Meenu says she is scared of Didi as she feels I betrayed her. Meenu says I just did it to save her for pain. She shall accept the truth. Mahi says we have to know her situation, she is shocked. She will understand your sacrifise but it will take time. Mahi says Shiv bhaiyya always give him support and love as an elder brother does. I love him as before. He asks her not to hurt herself. He says you did a big sacrifise and it won’t go waste.

Ganga gives kesar milk to Gehna for Nandu and Jagya and gives haldi milk for Bhairov. She says she will massage Dadisaa’s legs. Sumitra asks her to rest after coming back from the hospital. Gehna asks her to give the kesar milk to Jagya immediately as he didn’t like cold milk. She tells Sumitra that they needs to spend time with each other. Sumitra feels sad, Gehna says she knows what she is thinking and says no one can do anything against God’s wish. Dadisaa tells Sumitra that may be Jagya didn’t have a children in his destiny. She says we can’t stake Ganga’s life for our wish. Sumitra cries and asks God, why Jagya is always given a half happiness. Ganga brings the milk for Jagya. Ganga is surprised to see Mannu sleep afast. Jagya says he may be tired. Jagya speaks of Pasha and says he didn’t remember anything. Ganga asks, did he tell anything? Jagya says he has some connection with Udaipur lake. Ganga says, why his family left him. jagya says they may be searching for him. Jagya says we will search for his family.

Jagya says he is giving him medicines to get his memory back. Ganga asks him not to give strong medicine as he is very weak. Jagya gets angry and asks who is the doctor? Ganga says she was just giving suggestion. Jagya smiles and says he likes her suggestion and call her doctor sahiba. He asks her, whether she is taking her tablets on time. Ganga makes an excuse and leaves.Shiv comes to Ira’s room. Ira asks him to come inside. Shiv proceeds slowly and holds her hand. He asks, how you are you maa? Ira says she is fine. She asks, how are you? Shiv says he wants to apologize as the truth came out because of him. He says you were shattered. Ira says, you are not any fault and says it is good that truth is out. Truth was hidden since years but everyone felt hurt. she says I know you are feeling the same pain which I am going through but we have to accept the truth leaving behind the pain. Everything will be fine with time, as relations have changed but motherly love won’t change with relation. Shiv says Alok and Choti maa did this to save her. It might be difficult for Choti maa too. Ira says, I am wounded on my soul.

She says she was very proud of herself to give birth to a son like him. But the precious thing is snatched from her. She can’t say him a son. Shiv says nothing has changed for him and says everything is same as before. Ira says but truth can’t be changed with words. Ira says, you want to call meenu as maa then I don’t have any problem. Shiv says you will always remain my maa and I will not allow myself or you to take this right. Ira says it is a big truth and we can’t hide. Both mother and son hug and cries.

Daddu asks Anandi to call everyone for dinner. Shiv is recalling Ira’s words and gets tensed. Anandi comes and asks him to have dinner. Shiv says he is not hungry. Anandi tries to convince him but Shiv says he don’t want to eat. Anandi insists, Shiv gets angry and asks her to go.

Dadisaa reminiscing about Anandi and tells Ganga that Anandi was like a fresh breeze of air and she melted her hard heart with her love. Ganga is massaging her legs and suddenly feels vomiting sensation. She goes on the pretext of Mannu and vomits. She thinks she have to hide her pregnancy and she can’t let them know. Anandi comes to Ira and asks her to eat something. Ira tells her that she isn’t hungry. Saachi eyes her badly. Basant sings lori for his little girl Bhairavi. Gehna and Basant have been talking about their love for their daughter. Basant appreciates Jagya and says he can’t believe how Jagya cope up with the situation. Gehna tells him that Jagya accepted the truth but Sumitra jiji couldn’t accept it that jagya can’t have his child. Basant says he wants to help jagya as he also helped them. He says there might a solution for this problem. Gehna says we shall talk to him. Basant says tomorrow we will talk to him.

Daddu asks Anandi about other family members. Anandi signs they didn’t come. Saachi comes and asks Anandi not to worry about her mom. she says she can take care of her mom and asks Anandi to take care of her husband and real mother in law. Daddu scolds her and says this family is one and asks her, how dare she speak like that. Saachi says sorry and asks Anandi not to come infront of Ira. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW




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