23rd April Tuesday Update on This is Love

Nikhil asking Raman what will he do, will he kill him. Raman says Romi, Adi, no one will stop you today. Romi and Adi beat up Nikhil. Mr. Bhalla and Appa stop Romi and Adi. Adi says we will not leave him. Raman asks Nikhil will he still marry. Nikhil nods. Ruhi shouts and comes there. She asks Raman not to touch Nikhil. Raman asks her to go upstairs. She puts knife at her wrist and says I will kill myself, I will marry Nikhil. Raman says this man is not right for you. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla why is she saying so. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Ruhi is becoming rebel because of you and Raman, if Simmi is supporting Ruhi, why do you think its wrong. Simmi says Ishita feels everyone is wrong, you have got her on head, so she is becoming the leader. Amma tells Simmi that Ishita

always helped her. Ishita asks Amma not to say anything. Pihu and Ananya look on.
Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi got away from Parmeet, she is supporting Ruhi, Raman also thinks Simmi is wrong, Simmi is Ruhi’s Bua, you did wrong Ishita. Ishita cries. Raman asks Ruhi to give the knife. Ruhi says you all have no right on me. Raman says I beg you, Nikhil is a fraud. She shouts. She says our marriage will happen, Raman can’t be right always, no one will interfere in my life. Adi asks are you mad to fight with us for him. She says you have to accept Nikhil. Romi stops Raman. Nikhil says marriage will happen tonight and right now. Ruhi asks Raman not to touch Nikhil, do anything, I will not stop. Ishita says my Saas is talking to me today. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, everyone should remember their limit, I always unheard Simmi, I did wrong with her. Ishita says its good you said this, sorry I have no time and patience now, my daughter is going to take a wrong step, don’t know what is Nikhil doing, I can’t put her in this fire, sorry. Simmi stops Ishita. Ishita says Simmi got mad. Pihu says I will call Papa and goes. Ananya asks Pihu to stop.

Nikhil burns a cloth. Parmeet comes. Nikhil says we have no time, I can’t live without Ruhi. Parmeet asks Raman to stop them. Raman says marriage won’t happen. Romi says you will lose Ruhi, stop. Ruhi and Nikhil hold hand and take rounds. They all get shocked. Pihu says let me call Papa, Ishita and Simmi are fighting. Ananya says no, he will scold my mumma.

Pihu moves her. Ananya falls and rolls down the stairs. Her head gets hit. Pihu runs and asks her to open eyes. Ishita pushes Simmi and runs out. She locks the door. Mrs. Bhalla knocks the door. Ishita sees Ananya and asks what happened. Pihu says I have killed her. Ishita says nothing happened, she is alive, go from here, take the keys. Pihu says no, I have to be with Ananya. Ishita sends her. She checks Ananya. Pihu comes home and cries. Ishita lifts Ananya and gets her upstairs. Ruhi shows the knife and stops Raman. She walks around the fire. Ishita gets bleeding Ananya home. They all get shocked. Simmi asks what happened to Ananya. She hugs Ananya and cries.

Raman feels helpless and looks on. Aaliya comes to Raman and says something happened to Ananya. Raman, Parmeet and all men run to home. Nikhil stops Ruhi. Raman turns to see Ruhi. Nikhil says our marriage rounds…. Ruhi says I have to go, and runs with the family. Parmeet asks what happened to Ananya. They all get shocked. Ruhi asks what happened to her. Raman asks Ishita how did this happen. Doctor comes and checks her. Raman asks is she fine. He says she is breathing, wound is deep, we have to take care to hospital immediately. Simmi looks at Ishita. She asks what did you do with her, you got her. Pihu says Simmi Bua…. Ishita stops Pihu and says sorry, I was going in hurry, Ananya got a jerk by mistake. Simmi says you pushed Ananya to take revenge. Raman asks did you go mad. Simmi says whoever did this, I will send her to jail. They all cry. Ishita holds Pihu.


Simmi asking Ishita why did she do this, she will send culprit to jail. Ishita says I have done this intentionally, I wanted to take revenge, I have pushed your daughter. Simmi holds her neck angrily. Romi says ambulance has come, we have to take Ananya to hospital, its not the time to fight. Simmi asks Ishita not to come. Ishita hugs Pihu and says nothing will happen. Pihu says Simmi will punish me. Ishita says nothing will happen, I m with you. Pihu says I was going to call Papa, I have seen Simmi fighting with you, Ananya was not letting me go. Ishita hugs her. She says Ananya is in best hospital, she will get fine and come back, you say sorry to her. Pihu says I want to meet her, please.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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