23 October Wednesday Update on This is Love


23 October Wednesday Update on This is Love

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Romi defending Ishita. Raman asks him to get lost. Romi says fine, I won’t say anything. Raman says just do as I say, don’t tell this to family, we have to liquidate our assets, I have to book same car for Aaliya today. Romi asks are you serious. Raman says just do what I say, take the Fds. He calls Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to make good dinner for celebrations. Romi goes. Sudha says we have 25% shares of Bhalla group, I want 51% shares, only then Bhalla group will be mine. She sees Rajat’s pic and says they had humiliated you in front of everyone, I did the same with them today. Everyone comes to building compound. Aaliya says Raman called us here. Raman drives a car and gets down. He says this is your pre wedding gift, I was talking about this surprise, you likeit? Aaliya says its expensive gift, it wasn’t need.

Raman says your happiness matters, its worth it, someone thinks I can’t keep my family happy, aren’t you all excited. Simmi asks Aaliya to take them in her new car. Ruhi says she will take Rohan first. Pihu says we will go right now. Ishita sees Raman. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma do car’s puja. Raman says it would be great if everyone understands. Ishita goes. Amma says I have seen how Raman was talking, he was angry. Ishita says there is no problem, let me just go, I will have to prepare everything. Amma says what are you hiding from me. Ishita says I can’t hide anything from you, there is a problem, I can’t share, I will solve this matter. Appa comes and says I can see our daughter is capable to solve all her problems, don’t pressurize her. Amma says I m her mum and can’t stop worrying. Ishita says you can care for me, but trust me, I will set things right, else I will come to you, promise, I just want to solve this on my own. Amma says fine, take care. Ishita goes.

Romi comes home. Ishita asks why were you not answering my calls. He says sorry, I was with Raman, where is he. She says he has gone to drive the new car, what’s happening. He says come, I will tell you. Simmi says the car is really beautiful, Raman loves Aaliya much, she is so happy, he will do a lot in marriage. Ishita says there is still 6 months. Raman says we have time to manage it well, I want to plan Aaliya’s marriage well. Ishita gets a call. She gets shocked. Raman and everyone come to meet Kaushalya. Doctor asks them to stay outside. Ruhi says Karan don’t worry, aunty will be fine. Doctor says she is critical, why aren’t you taking care of her.

Rohan says we are taking care of her. Doctor says she is at third stage of cancer. Rohan asks what, how can this happen. Doctor asks don’t you know she is having blood doctor. Karan says no. Doctor says she is getting treatment, didn’t she tell you. Rohan asks what’s her situation. Doctor says she just has few weeks left. Rohan says you will have to cure her. Doctor says we are trying out best, chemo cycle is going on, but its not affecting, keep her happy. Nurse says Kaushalya is calling both of you. Rohan and Karan cry. Rohan says come. Karan says no, I m not coming. Rohan says she needs us. Rohan says I can’t go alone. Aaliya says I will come along, Karan you also come. Ruhi says I know its difficult for you, you have to go and see her, she needs you, don’t do this Karan, she has hid this as you both would break down, she needs to be happy, don’t cry and go in. Ishita says she is right, your mum needs you. Raman gets some call and leaves.

Someone sees Ishita and her family pics. He gets angry. Kaushalya says I had hid this from my sons, I have a request, can you get Rohan and Aaliya married next week, consider this as my last wish. Rohan asks her not to say such, she will be fine. Raman says we will get them married next week, don’t worry. Kaushalya thanks them. She says I want to see my kids happy, this marriage will bring happiness in my family. Raman says this will be one of the memorable weddings, you take rest, its my responsibility. Romi says how can we manage it so soon. Raman says I m talking, its my responsibility, I promise.

At home, Ishita and Romi ask Raman how will they arrange grand wedding, how will they arrange money. Raman says I have already made arrangements. Ishita asks how. Raman says I know my responsibility towards family, when there is no understanding left between husband and wife, why shall I say anything, I found a solution. Romi asks what is it, at least tell me. Raman says mind your own business, go and concentrate on wedding arrangement. Ishita and Romi leave. Romi says what’s Raman saying, what solution did he find so soon. Ishita says he is very impulsive, he may do something wrong. He says he is very confident. She says he received someone’s call at Rohan’s house and left, I don’t know about the call. Ruhi wakes up by Karan’s call. He says I m outside your building, I m not getting sleep, mum is fine, I was passing by and came to meet, its fine if you can come, else I will leave. She says I m coming. She meets him. He hugs her.

Ruhi asking Karan to relax, why doesn’t he think that his mum is with him. She says make her happy, make these days the best days of her life, you will never forget these moments, if you want, I will help you. He looks at her. She asks what happened. He says I was sure that if I meet you and talk to you, I will feel better, you are so calm and sorted like Ishita. She says I learnt this from Ishimaa, you are getting late, leave now, else Rohan will be tensed. Karan hugs her. He says I m sorry, I got emotional in front of you. She says we should never say sorry for showing our emotions, its late, good night. He holds her hand. He says I know its very late, but can we sit here for a little longer. She says sure, but you have to tell me stories about you and your mom.He says I will. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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