22th August Thursday Update on Young Love

22th August Thursday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with everyone waiting for Dadisaa at home. Dadisaa comes home. All the villagers applaud for her. Jagya, Anandi and Shiv come with her. All the villagers take her blessings. Mannu gets happy seeing Dadisaa. Sumitra and Gehna take her blessings. Nandu tells her that he knew she will be back. Mannu calls her Dadisaa. She gets emotional and says Devimaa sent me back home for my grand kids. Villagers says, we have organised for the Shakti Puja. Everyone do the puja. Panchayat member asks her to say some words. Dadisaa thanks them for their support. They applaud for Jagya as MLA. She says, my grand son will work for your betterment. You have to support him in every way and asks them to be united for Jaitsar.

Rakhi comes to Saachi’s house. Saachi opens the door and is surprised to see her. Saachi says, she was waiting for Vivek for breakfast. Rakhi says, mom prepared Vivek’s favourite khichdi, so she brought it. She asks Saachi to feed him. Saachi asks her to have breakfast with them. Rakhi hugs her happily.

Dadisaa hugs Anandi. Anandi asks her to take care of her health. Dadisaa says, don’t worry. Shiv takes her blessings. Sumitra asks them to come with Amol. They leave for Udaipur. Subhadra scares Amol with her eyes and asks him where are you going? He says to Dadi’s room. Subhadra asks him to go to sleep silently. Amol says, I want to meet mamma and papa. Subhadra threatens him.

Vivek tells Saachi that he got happy to meet Rakhi. Saachi pulls his leg. She gets hurt by mistake. Vivek says her sorry. He goes to bring first aid box. He does the bandage. Saachi looks at him. Vivek asks her, are you okay. Saachi nods and says thanks and I love you. Vivek says, just I love you. Saachi says, what you are hoping? Vivek signs her at her lips. Saachi gets shy. Vivek says, you have to pay me fees for bandaging your finger. Vivek kisses her. A song plays…….Teri Aankhon Me…….

Amol is sad in his room. He awaits for his parents to come. He finds it hard to sleep on the bed. Daddu gives pan to Subhadra. Meenu and Ira eat the pan given by their respective husbands. Anandi and Shiv come home. Daddu gives them pan. Anandi thanks him. Anoop says, it is good to hear news about Jaitsar, jagya’s victory and Dadisaa’s independence. Alok says, they might be happy now. Subhadra says, Gulli wake up and give the testimony else Kalyani Devi would have gotten death sentences. Anandi is shocked. She tells her that when God is with the truth, no one can get punished.

She asks about Amol. Ira says, he is in my room. Subhadra says, he is sleeping in his room. I made him understand to sleep rather than watching TV. Daddu says, he can’t sleep before meeting them. Subhadra tells them that she locked Amol in his room. Everyone get shocked. Anandi and Shiv rush to their room. Daddu looks at Subhadra angrily. Subhadra asks, did I kill anyone? Anandi opens the room and calls him. Amol hugs her. She asks, did you get scared? Amol says no. I am papa’s brave boy. He says, I was not feeling good alone. Anandi says, sorry. She hugs him.

Dadisaa recalling Ajay’s murder in sleep. She sees her hands and tries to wipe it off. Ganga comes and asks what happened? Dadisaa washes her hands. Ganga tells Dadisaa that there is nothing on your hands. She asks her to sleep. Dadisaa asks her to go. Dadisaa prays to devimaa so that she can get out of the trauma. Shiv’s employee Suresh get dressed up for Rasika. Everyone is happy and waiting for Rasika. Rasika comes and tells them good morning. She tells them to get back to work. She asks the peon to get lemon tea for her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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