22nd May Wednesday Update on Young Love

Ira recalling cuddling her little son Shiv while Meenu is watching them. Ira asks Meenu, why she has tears in her eyes. Meenu lies saying something might have went in her eyes. Ira says she can feel her pain. She says we will share this baby and he is your son too. She gives the baby to Meenu. When little Shiv was crying, Meenu take him in her arms and starts feeding. Ira comes and sees this and smiles. Flashback ends. Alok tells Meenu that they should have tell about this to everyone. Meenu says, Didi might have love Shiv like before. And also it would be difficult for me to help in his upbringing. She says Shiv got her for 30 years. Alok prays that Ira shall come out of this and she shall accept this truth. Meenu says it would be painful to her to forget. It will be difficult for her to forgive us and may be she won’t forgive us.

Shiv is sitting in his room, Anandi comes and asks, why he is paining himself. Shiv says until yesterday he didn’t know about his parents. But now he is relieved that he knows about his parents and he is still part of the same family. He got love of two mothers. I call my mother as choti maa and if I tell her maa that Ira maa will feel bad. Shiv says, but everytime I have to think not to hurt other maa when I am speaking with one. Anandi asks him to balance his love with both of the mothers. Shiv says he needs to talk to Ira mom as she is in shocked. Dadisaa calls on Shiv’s number. Anandi picks the call and greets her. Dadisaa says today she called Ira in the day time and senses that she was crying. She asks, is everything alright? Anandi says everything is fine. Dadisaa blesses her and disconnects the call.

Anandi gets tears in her eyes. Some guys comes to the dhaba and enquires about Pasha. He tells the dhaba owner that the man in photo is Pasha and he raped his relative and killed her. He says he is in bad condition and someone took him in his jeep. He asks him to help them if he knows about pasha. Dhaba owner tells that he don’t know anything about the man Pasha or about the jeep in which he is taken away. They enquire with the customers. One of the customer sees the gun and tells the other that they seems to be a bad guys. Ira recalls her words that her son is having two mothers and he will call Meenu as choti maa and not chachi. Ira thinks she was a fool not to see anything. she says she couldn’t see happiness in Alok’s face and she couldn’t understand how Meenu hugged the baby and cries.

She blames Alok for hiding the truth. She says she tried to fulfilled the duty of a wife but he betrayed her. Saachi comes and hugs her. She asks her to stop crying and says she is the one child of hers. She says she cares for her and she can do anything for her.

Alok comes to Ira and asks her to have something and says he is worried about her. Ira stand up and says she can’t live in this room anymore with him. Alok tries to stop her, Ira asks him not to touch her. Alok says your decision will entangle the situations. Alok says he is worried a lot. Ira says she is rounded by the troubles. Alok says I will leave this room and goes. Anandi sees them apart and gets tensed. Ira closes the door. Anandi determines to get back happiness in her family.

The goons coming to their boss bhai ji and informs him that they couldn’t find Pasha. Bhai ji slaps him and bashes them saying they are of no use. Some other goon comes and informs him that he came to know about the whereabouts of Pasha and tells him that he is in the hospital of MD Jagdish Singh. Bhai ji asks them to end Pasha soon. Ira looks at the envelope containing the flight ticket and recalls Shiv gifted them on their anniversary. She tears the tickets in anger. Saachi tells Ira to come on a long drive. Ira says we will go on some other day. Saachi says she will make tea for her. Daddu comes and sees the tear papers of the tickets. In the hospital, pasha is making sketch of pond. Jagya comes and praises his sketch. He says that pond is in Udaipur and asks him whether he is from Udaipur. Jagya asks, how come you are here then and asks so many questions. He asks, why you looks scared. Pasha says, he understands everything but he don’t know anything about himself. He says I don’t remember anything. Jagya says atleast you are speaking with me and concludes that he might had an accident. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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