22nd March Friday Update on Young Love


22nd March Friday Update on Young Love

Sachi asks Nathu where the family was to which Nathu informs her that everyone is at home except Shiv and Mahi. Sachi is disappointed at hearing this since it was Raksha Bandhan. Sachi complaints that her brothers did not care about her on this day and wonders what she should do now. Just then Shiv and Mahi surprise Sachi and ask her to tie the rakhi for them. Sachi turns back to realize that the whole family including Nathu was involved in this prank. Shiv (S) and Mahi tell her that they wanted to make this Raksha Bandhan (RB) special since Sachi would not be with them the following year. Mahi and Ira express how they will miss Sachi once she gets married and leaves them. Daddu intervenes and reminds them that it is RB and not Sachi bidaii. They then proceed with the rituals. Sachi first ties the rakhi for S and Anandi (A) and they wish her happiness. S then gives Sachi a gift when she complaints that one gift will not be sufficient and that she needs to see money. S then hands some money to her when she exclaims that she expects double this money next year.

Sachi then starts the rituals for Mahi. She warns him that he will have to give her a very good gift or else she will not tie rakhi for him. Mahi complains to S that Sachi is looting them on this day. After some mutual teasing, Mahi gifts Sachi a saree. Seeing the saree Sachi gets angry and asks Mahi why he bought a silly saree for her. She asks him how he expected her to wear that saree. Mahi and the rest of the family are shocked at this reaction. Mahi apologizes and tells her that he thought she wanted to wear saree after her marriage. But seeing her disappointed he assures her that he will buy her another gift. Sachi then covers up saying that saree is a good gift but she was only concerned if that color will suit her or not. The family doesn’t look convinced at Sachi’s explanation. Sachi apologizes for breaking Mahi’s heart on this day. Mahi tells her not to be sorry. A still doesn’t look convinced.

Alok then notices Daddu in deep thought and asks him what the matter was. Daddu tells him that he was thinking of the wonderful relationship between a brother and sister where no matter how angry they are with each other but they bond on this special day. He wishes that this love and innocence remains forever between them. Meenu then ties rakhi for Aalok and Alok gifts her a saree telling her that if she doesn’t like the color and design she can join Sachi and exchange it. Sachi tries to be sweet saying that she will wear the saree that Mahi gifted and then looks at A’s reaction who smiles at her comment. Daddu as usual pounces on the sweets and is quickly warned by Ira. Daddu makes an excuse and take a bite of the sweet. Seeing the rakhis on the men’s hands A feels sad. She excuses herself and leaves the room.

In A’s room she is talking with Madan Singh when Madan Singh informs her that they received her rakhi and as soon as Shyam gets back home from his trip, they will get it tied by Shagun. A expresses how sad she is for being unable to tie the rakhi personally for Shyam but Madan Singh tells her that since Varun’s admission was an important thing, Shyam had to miss RB. A then ends the call when S comes to console her. A tells him how she always longed for a brother and Shyam fulfilled that wish of hers. She tells him that she is sad since she could not tie rakhi for him this year. She informs S that Shyam has gone to admit Varun in the military school at Ajmer. S tells her that if Shyam was not in Ajmer he would have taken her to meet him. He suggests that A talk to Shyam to which she says that she will talk to him later as he might be busy with Varun’s interview.


Next morning Jagya (J) wakes up in his room when Makhan kaka brings tea for him. he informs J that the family is busy attending to Bhairavi and that’s the reason he brought the tea for him. Makhan informs J how the house is become so full of life with the kid around. He continues to tell J that it was Mannu first who kept the family active and after he left Bhairavi has taken over. He takes J’s leave and J is left in thought.

In the next scene Ganga (G) is shown packing her books in her bag to leave. She receives J’s call when she informs him that she is leaving for her first day of her course. J tells her that the first day is also important as that would be an orientation to the course for her. He asks her if she is nervous since he remembers about her being worried about starting the course in a new place and among strangers. J asks about Mannu. G tells him that she had to warn Mannu in the name of J so that he drank his milk. J asks her what Mannu was doing. G tells him that after being tied a rakhi he is now having his breakfast. J asks her who tied Rakhi for him to which she explains how she got the rakhi from Jaitser by touching it to Bhairavi’s hands. J tells her that if they were in Jaitser Bhairavi could have tied it for Mannu which would make him happier. But G tells him that getting a rakhi from his sister in itself is a big thing for Mannu. J asks her about the house she is living in. G tells him that they have settled down well, just that she will take some time to learn to local language. G takes J’s leave as she has to leave. To this J asks her not to worry about anything and that everything will be fine. After cutting the call, J thinks about something and makes a phone call. The scene is cut there. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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