22nd February Friday Update On True Love

Tappu sitting in front of the mirror getting ready. She is looking gorgeous with open hair and a big mang-tikka. Rathod arrives in white chikan kurta looking dashing as usual, and the dresser girls leave. Tappu reminds him what nani said earlier but he says he does not believe in rituals. He can’t believe finally tappu is marrying him, and mentions in sometime they will be husband wife, her name will join his, and whatever he has will be hers. She will share his happiness and sorrows and other aspects of being a wife. He is emotional and trying to make sure tappu is with him and they both understand each other well before taking this step. He holds her hand and asks for the nth time if she truly wants to marry him and is ready or not. He considers her as his family.

Tappu replies she has taken the decision after careful thought and not any pressure. Rats says that whatever she said she only knows if it was from her head or heart! This marriage is just a formality for him and all he wants is to understand her. He requests her to open up and bring forward if anything is bothering her. Will she be able to forget her past love and love rats like that? Tappu turns away and is quiet. Rats asks if she will be able to maintain the sanctity of a pure husband wife relation? She is quiet. Rats reminds about the last time he took the baraat and he returned empty without his child and her. He says there is no looking back after today and he will not ask this question or give a chance to her to discuss this again. So she has now to say anything she wants.

Tapu says she loved veer, but the day he threw her out and she lost her child she has taken him out of her heart. She came to rats and clarified her doubts that stormy night and says she knows rats has understood her better than her own family and that she has noticed the concern over the last few months. She answers she wants to marry him and hopes he will never ask this question again in the future. Rathod leaves saying that he will wait for the worlds most beautiful bride and kisses on her forehead. Tapu is left in thoughts angry and sad from her face expressions.

In the bundela house, Umed and Mai are sitting when Chanda comes and informs about tappu rattu wedding. Mai badmouths tappu about marrying within a year of losing daughter. First she destroyed veers life and now who knows what’s in store for Rathod. She pitied jogi for having a daughter like tappu. Umed says they should not talk about her and learn to forgive her and that wherever she stays. is happy, he chids Mai that she was unhappy with rattu tappu live in relationship and now marriage too. Mai says what she said is correct, and Umed says our family only encouraged tappu. Mai gets angry and leaves, while Umed gives some wisdom to Chanda about maintaining peace in house.

Ichcha is sitting on a bed with muku sleeping and kanha playing. Kanha wants to play with muku but Ichcha stops him. Ichcha is looking lovely in the salwars and chunni. Kanha says she is partial as muku came out of her stomach and not him. He says Ma and maiyya are different. Ichcha says he is so small yet talks so big. She remembers how she picked up the abandoned baby from the cold and rain, and says Ma and maiyya are same. Kanha says the new baby will also come from her stomach only. She does not get clothes for him. Ichcha says with this months salary she will get new clothes and toys for both muku and kanha.

Tappu is ready now and flashbacks the times – her begging veer to marry her, her cutting wrist, damini giving ichchas uttaran to tappu, her getting married to veer in ghunghat, veer exposing her in thakur house about blackmailing Ichcha, her forcing veer to put sindoor and mangalsutra for vansh’s sake, then tappu lying over an unconscious drunk and grieving veer and she forcefully kissing him, then how veer held her arm at the ultrasound, how she forced veer to put color on her belly, and in turn hoe she put color on a disinterested veers cheek, and finally the get out of the stormy night. She gets up with anger and tears. She is not looking as pretty as the first scene, however she still looks good.

Nani comes and compliments her for her beauty and that rats would be amazed to see her. Tappu then says she needs to go, nani insists not to and tappu might land in trouble. Previously nani has heard a lot because of tappus craziness, but tappu says she is not mad or stubborn and that this time nothing will happen. She will come before time. She picks up her cell and car keys and leaves a scared Nani behind. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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