22nd April Monday Update on Young Love

The Inspector asks them if Sachi was physically abused by Jagya (J) or if the engagement was broken due to dowry issues but the Shekhars deny it saying that the Singhs would not do such things. This leaves the inspector wondering why the engagement was broken when the Singhs were really good people. Iravati tells the inspector that they also don’t know what the reason for this is. The inspector then throws a very uncomfortable questions to the Shekhars asking them if Sachi is pregnant. This agitates the Shekhars but the inspector tries to cool them down saying that he is only doing his duty. Shiv (S) informs the inspector that Sachi is not pregnant after which the nurse interrupts the conversation asking the Shekhars to meet Sachi if they would like. Shiv tells the Inspector that he will ask the doctor if Sachi is in a position to give a statement to the police.

As soon as the Shekhars enter the room, Sachi asks them if they informed J about her condition. Ira tells Sachi that Anandi (A) had spoken to them but she probably forgot to mention about Sachi’s condition. A tells Ira that she did inform the Singh’s about Sachi to which Ira looks angrily at her. A explains that she did not mean to disrespect Iras words but she could not stop herself from answering Sumitra’s call and informing her of the happenings. Sachi is inquisitive as to what A told Sumitra and what was Sumitra’s and J’s reactions. She wants to know when the Singhs are coming to see her. A tells Sachi that Sum was sad and shocked to hear this, but she could not talk any further to Sumitra. Sachi complains that the Singhs and J don’t care for her as they did not bother to call back to find out details. She faints asking the Shekhars to call J. The nurse is called to attend to Sachi while the Shekhars leave the room. Outside the room, Ira blames A and the Singhs for Sachi’s condition and complains that the Singhs did not even care to come and visit Sachi at the hospital. Daddu tries to cool Ira down. Ira is worried that Sachi is still hoping that J will come back to her. After all this, she is angry that the Singhs dont care to call or visit Sachi. A tries to explain but Ira asks Meenu to tell A to keep quite as she cannot hear any justifications for the Singhs from her..


J is still worried, when Ganga (G) tries to console him, she tells him to keep faith and that nothing bad will happen to him since he did not do any wrong. She tells him that Dadi Sa (DS) and Bhairav will let them know about the happening shortly. J says that once he knows that Sachi is out of danger he will be at peace.


In the hospital, A gets milk for Sachi but Ira angrily take it from her and instead herself offers it to Sachi. Daddu arranges for breakfast and convinces Sachi to eat it. A then offers tea to Ira but she rudely refuses saying that she will take it herself. Daddu convinces Sachi to eat a little when DS and Bhairav arrive. Seeing them, Ira taunts them saying that they afterall convinced themselves to pay a visit. She is about to continue when Sachi stops her and welcomes DS and Bhairav, saying that she was waiting for them. DS asks Sachi how she is to which Ira rudely tells her that she can see Sachi’s state and that she is thankful that her daughter is alive. Sachi then asks them if J is also with them, But Bhairav tells her that only the two of them have come. Sachi says that J is still angry with her. She complains that he is giving her such a big punishment for a small folly of hers inspite of her saying sorry so many times and now even cutting her wrist. She says that she is willing to accept any other punishment he wants to give her as long as he forgives her. She says that she is not anything without him. She asks DS to make J understand and give her a chance. Seeing Sachi getting upset, Alok asks everyone to leave her alone to rest. Sachi says that she wants to talk to them but Alok asks her to rest first. The Singhs and Shekhars leave the room.

Badi Haveli

Sumitra and Gehena are worried and waiting to hear about Sachi. Sumi says that she is worried that the Shekhars may remove their anger on DS and Bhairav and insult them. Sumi decides to call them but Gehena asks her to not do so since they might be still talking to the Shekhars. Sumi is left very worried.



Outside the hospital room, Ira informs everyone that Sachi is a sleep. DS prays that Sachi gets well soon, she says that when they heard the news they could not stop themselves. Ds says that in time of need near and dear ones should be together and that relationships cannot just break in an instant. Ira says that DS is right and that’s the reason Sachi is still hopeful that J will come back to meet her. She asks them if they informed J about Sachi’s condition. She feels, J will be very happy putting Sachi in such a condition or she wonders if he is indifferent. Just then A gets water for DS and Bhairav. Ira angrily shouts at A asking her to wait as she is talking to them. DS thinks to herself that what she feared came true, J’s actions have caused problems for A and this is only the beginning with time the situation will only become worse. DS says that they cannot change what has happened but they are willing to do anything to give Sachi some peace of mind. Ira tells DS that if they really care they can change it. She says that J and G’s marriage is not really complete, so DS should convince J to get married to Sachi instead. That’s when Ira will agree that the Singhs actually care. The episode ends with everyone’s shocked expressions.

Ira proposes Dadisa to get Jagya and Sanchi married again. Jagya just filled Ganga’s maang. Ira says, then I will know that you all really care for Sanchi and this is not just a showoff. Dadisa says, if it was in my control, then I wouldn’t wait even for a second.. but it’s too late now. Jagya married Ganga. All Shekhars are shocked. Shiv says, this was going to happen.. we can’t expect anything else from Jagya. But I am surprised that you’re telling this to us now. Bhairo says, no one knew all this would happen like this, but for whatever happened.. I apologise to you all on my family’s behalf. Ira says, you could apologise on phone as well.. you didn’t have to come this far. Oh I understand.. you came here to give us “good news”.. you should have brought sweets too then. Dadisa says, we were worried for Sanchi and that is why we came here. Ira says, your dear Anandi would have told you if Sanchi is alive or no on phone as well.. despite me saying no.. she is keeping relationship with you. Ira tells Dadisa to just pray that she doesn’t get so weak that.. in revenge.. she hurts their daughter, Anandi. Anandi has tears in her eyes. Bhairo asks Dadisa to leave from there. They leave. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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