21th October Monday Update on True Love

21th October Monday Update on True Love

Tapasya thinking about Chanda like where could chanda be? how did she suddenly disappear? N that she should find chanda as soon as possible. Amla gives breakfast to taps. Upon asking abt chanda, Amla says that no one knows where chanda is and that she went of suddenly without informing anyone. Amla is making funny faces and saying that chanda was a good friend of her. All she knows is that Tej singh made her sit in an airplane and she has gone to another city. Tapasya listening suspiciously to all this. Tapasya is now wondering if there could be any connection between Tej singh and chanda.

The scene cuts to thakur haveli where Divya is shown cleaning some photos of Tapasya. Jogi arrives there n asks Divya as to what is going on? N for what is she cleaning the room and who is coming to stay here. Divya is emotional n remembering abt Taps n says that they should go to meet Taps and that she’s missing Tapasya a lot. Jogi declares that Tapasya is dead for them and that they do not have any relation with her and no one from this family should meet Tapasya etc etc.

Mukta is standing outside and sying and wishing that she could tell the truth to her bade papa(jogi) and then this misunderstanding would never happen.

Veer is shown lying on the hospital bed. Doctor Mai n Umed r also present.
Veer is remembering Iccha. Veer starts callling Iccha’s name. Veer has a flashback with Iccha and this time the iccha in the flashback is much much clearer (looks like veer’s memory is improving). Veer asking Mai if Iccha had come to meet him in hospital.
Evil Mai thinks for a while n then lies to veer saying that Iccha had not come to meet him and Iccha is out of their lives forever and has no relation to them.
Veer is hurt on listening to Mai’s stinging words and closes his eyes again.
The doctor is examining veer. Umed asks the doctor if Veer’s memory is returning. The doctor replies saying that nothing can be said as of now and only time will tell whether he’s able to remember or not. Mai worried.

Tapasya is in a jasoosi mode(spy). She wants to know everything abt chanda n tej-chanda connection. Taps calls thakurs. First divya picks up the phone. Divya saying hello who’s this? Taps on hearing Divya’s voice is very emotional n happy but doesn’t utter a word. Nani arrives there. Divya saying hello hello y isn’t anyone talking etc. Nani realises that its Taps but remains silent. After a while Divya puts the phone down. Taps calls again n now Nani picks up the phone and immediately recognises that taps has called her.

Taps asks Nani whether she knows anything abt chanda’s whereabouts and whether there’s any connection between Tej and chanda? Nani remembers how she had met Chanda in the hotel and how Tej had hidden himself behind the tree on seeing chanda and tells the same to taps.
Taps tells Nani that there’s something wrong and chanda has gone missing suddenly and that they should find chanda as early as possible. Nani agrees to it.

Tej Singh is at the place where he has kidnapped and tied chanda. Tej threatening Chanda to tell him as to where has she hidden the proof(video casette) of him murdering daddaji. Chanda initially denies but Tej takes out a knife and begins to cut chanda’s throat. Chanda screaming. Chanda’s throat begins to bleed. She tells Tej as to where she has hidden the proof(some place in a cupboard in her room).
Tej lets off her throat. Chanda asks him whether he ll pardon her and not kill her? Tej replies saying that let him first find the proof and destroy it then he ll decide her fate n leaves.

Iccha in her room remembering Taps. She has found a doll Tapasya had given her in their childhood. Iccha having flashbacks of their childhood and crying remembering those events n how taps gave her that doll. Damini arrives there and both r crying remembering taps.

Iccha tells Damini that Taps always used to complain that no one here loves her. Iccha saying that she wishes now that Tappu is back she should get all the happiness of the world and she wishes tappu to stay happy. Damini agrees to it n wishes babiji(taps) stays happy.

kasa kaka bringing a glass of water to mai and tells her ve brought water for u. Mai is about to take it when Tapasya arrives there and takes that water glass and drinks it. Mai feeling insulted lol Kasa Kaks tells Mai that he ll bring another glass but Mai shouts saying she doesnt need water. Taps starts off asking Mai as to how is veer’s health? Mai gets angry and says to Tapasya dont u dare remove his name from ur dirty mouth.
Tapasya tells Mai that earlier I was the daughter-in-law of the house but now Im NOT. Im now ur devrani and tells her that now her position is equal to Mai in the house as she’s now the 50% owner of bundela property. Mai gets angry and asks y did u marry tej?? for money? If you needed money we could thrown it on ur face.
Taps says she s here on a mission but she wont reveal to mai ryt now. She ll reveal it at an appropriate time and leaves.

Meanwhile Tej singh goes into chanda’s room and is trying hard to find the video tape. Taps observing all this intently from behind the door. lol Tej finally finds the video tape in chanda’s cupboard and hides it in his pocket. Taps has seen this n gets more suspicious. Tej has a feeling that someone is observing him and goes outside to check. Taps immediately hides behind the wall so tej doesn’t see her. Tej then goes to his room and destroys the tape.



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