21st May Tuesday Update on Young Love

Alok saying he was helpless and lonely at that time. Nurse comes and informs Alok that Meenu gave birth to a healthy baby and soon she will be shifted to her room. Alok is waiting for Ira’s operation. Alok comes to Meenu and looks at the baby Shiv. Meenu says sorry for shouting for Ira as she was tensed. She says you did right not to call her. Alok thinks about Ira. Just then ward boy comes and tells Alok that Doctor wants to talk to him about his wife Ira’s operation. Meenu asks what happened. Alok tells everything in flashback. Meenu is shocked. Alok says he is very tensed and worried, if anything happens to Ira then he won’t able to take it and if anything happens to the baby then Ira couldn’t take it. Meenu cries and blames herself. She asks him to go to Ira.

Doctor informs Alok that they couldn’t save the baby as she had died in the womb itself. Alok recalls Ira’s words that she will die if anything happens to baby and gets shattered. Sarla tells Alok that she didn’t know this would happen and says sorry to Alok.

Alok says, how I will tell Ira that her fears have proved true. He says I couldn’t face her. Meenu inquires about Ira from nurse. Nurse informs her that the baby couldn’t be save. Meenu cries. Nurse asks her not to cry as it is not good for her health. Meenu blames herself for the mishap. She comes out of the room with difficulty and sees Alok crying. She tells him that Didi’s baby couldn’t be saved. She asks him, what they will tell to Ira after she gets conscious. Alok says he will lose Ira as she couldn’t cope up with the tragedy. Alok says why this has happened with Ira always. Meenu asks him to hold on his emotions for Ira.

Meenu and Alok cries and She tells Alok that she wants to be at Ira’s side. She says she wants to console her. Alok suggests to her to give the baby to Ira and says I doesn’t blame you for the accident but you can save her. Meenu is shocked. Alok begs her to save Ira. Meenu asks, what you are asking? Alok says sorry for saying this. Meenu tells him that she is ready to give the baby to Ira as they can’t afford to lose Ira. She kisses the little baby Shiv and handover the baby to Alok saying to accept him for Ira’s sake. Doctor tells them that Ira can get consciousness at any time but he is surprised to hear Meenu’s decision. He asks, will you able to live without the baby.

Meenu says she is giving the baby to her elder sister. She has fulfilled all the duties and now it is my turn. She already lost 2 babies and this time she couldn’t cope up. She requests the doctor not to tell anything to her. Doctor asks, what you will tell when she will ask for your baby. Meenu answers that she will tell Ira that she gave birth to a dead baby girl. Alok cries with Meenu. Flashback ends. Alok says he didn’t know whether he did right or wrong but if they didn’t do this then Ira couldn’t be saved. Shiv is shattered. Alok says he was feeling as if he got his breath back when Meenu gave the baby to him. Ira gets consciousness and asks for her baby. Alok comes and keeps the baby at her bed. Ira smiles looking at the baby. Alok congrats her. Meenu looks from outside and cries. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW




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