21st March Wednesday Update on This is Love


21st March Wednesday Update on This is Love

Raman asking Ishita about Ruhi. Ishita says I tried to make her sleep. Raman says wrong guys come in her life always, you knew everything, you didn’t find it necessary to tell me. She says I was waiting for right time. He says I thought you have better understanding of people, he was with Ruhi. She says we thought he is right, he saved kids in lift, he is Aaliya’s friend, what’s this, you always blame me. He says no, I m feeling helpless, I can’t see anyone, I don’t know what to do. She says our Ruhi is broken down completely, we have to be strong so that we can support her. He says you are right, it will be better when he forgets Nikhil. She says yes, we have to do something so that she diverts her attention. He says yes, its not her age to love and marry,

ask her to complete her MBA. She says you involve her in business. He goes. She says it will be tough for Ruhi to forget Nikhil.
Ruhi cries and says why did you do this, I loved you. Nikhil stops car and gets down. He sits drinking on the road and cries, recalling Ruhi and Riya. He says I m a liar, a fraud, I have hurt everyone. Raman comes to Ruhi and sees her sleeping. He turns to go. Ruhi stops him. Raman says you didn’t sleep till now. She says I m sorry, I have hurt you a lot, don’t get angry. He says I m annoyed with myself, I feel I have given troubles to my children, you only suffered because of me, Shagun then Niddhi, I m sorry. She says no, I just want to see you happy, I m sorry. He hugs her.

Nikhil throws the wine bottle and says Riya is my daughter, I can’t leave her, I will get her. Amma says what’s going on with Bala and Kiran, I don’t feel good. Appa asks what happened, why are you worried. She says I have seen Bala and Kiran in temple, it looked like they are husband and wife. Appa says Kiran came to give this thread, so that I can give this to you, tie this to Shitija’s hand, Kiran went to temple with Bala to ward off bad sight from Shitija, she is a nice girl. Amma says I m confused. She sees Vandu’s pic and cries.

Appa asks her to think about Kiran once, Bala has right to move on, Vandu’s happiness was in her family, we can get our Vandu in Kiran, Bala always regarded us parents, not inlaws, once we think as his mum and dad, everything will get fine. Amma asks Bala will he agree to him. Bala says yes, tell me. Amma says I want you to move on in life, I want you to marry Kiran. Bala says but… Amma says I promise I have no problem, I want her to come here as my daughter, I will explain Shravan and Shitija. Appa says yes. Bala says fine if you all don’t have any problem, I m also ready. They hug Bala.

Its morning, Ishita gives sweets to Amma and says you said yes for Bala’s marriage, thanks. Amma says I will explain Shravan also. Simmi says you gave good news, we have to celebrate, we will help, I will make tasty food. Amma says there are many preparations, Bala is our son in law, everything should be good. Ruhi looks on. Ishita asks Ruhi is she okay. Ruhi says yes, I decided I will not make sad face, I m your daughter, I m like you, I will not be sad when you and Papa are with me, we should be happy. Neelu gives her phone. Riya answers call. Riya’s Nanny asks her to come fast, Riya did not eat any food, she has locked herself in room, madam is not at home. Ruhi says fine, I m coming. Ruhi tells Ishita that she has to go to Riya, she will come and tell everything.


Ruhi goes to Riya and knocks door, asking her to talk once, else she will leave. Riya opens the door. Ruhi finds her upset. She tries talking to her. She asks Riya not to be hungry, she will get unwell. She says I will make noodles for you, I will clean your room. Riya hugs Ruhi and cries.

Ruhi asks what happened, sit. Riya says you hate my dad, I have seen your dad making my dad leave, why did he do this. Ruhi says we will go to our house, marriage functions will happen, it will be fun. Riya says no, my dad is not bad, mumma didn’t wish to get me in world, I have heard everything, dad saved me from bad uncle also, how can he be bad.

Ruhi says you are too young to understand this. Riya says you and Papa are my fav people. Ruhi apologizes. She asks her to promise she won’t do this again. Riya promises and hugs. Bala says I m going for classes. Raman stops him. Kiran comes. They all tease Bala. Bala says whats the need to spend much, I like to do court marriage. Kiran says its okay, we can do. They all decide to do court marriage, but keep some functions. Raman says we will keep bachelors party. Ishita says we will keep hens party as well. Ruhi comes and joins them. Aaliya asks about theme. Ruhi suggests. Aaliya says bollywood theme. Ishita asks how is Riya. Ruhi says she is fine. Ishita holds Ruhi.

Mani and Shagun missing Aaliya. Aaliya calls Mani and asks him to help in Kiran and Bala’s court marriage. Mani says yes, I know the judge, tell Bala its wedding gift from Shagun and me. Bala asks Amma did she talk to Shravan. Amma says no, don’t worry, I know he will agree, I m sure. Bala thinks my parents can’t come here right now, they could have explained Shravan. Raman talks about managing arrangements.

Shagun comes to meet Aaliya. Ishita tells her about Bala and Kiran’s marriage. Shagun says no one told me, you don’t consider me part of family. Raman says we just got to know this, come on help us. Shagun says of course I will help. Pooja comes there and asks where is Ruhi, call her, is Riya here. Ishita says no. Ruhi comes. Pooja says I know

you came home, did you say anything to Riya. Ruhi says I came to invite her, what’s wrong, is she fine. Pooja says Riya is missing, she is not at home, did Nikhil kidnap Riya, he told me he will take her any way, I know…. Raman signs Ishita. Ishita makes her sit. She asks did she talk to Riya’s friends. Ruhi says Riya was upset. Raman says Nikhil would have taken her, he is a fraud, he has fooled you all, just police can take him a lesson. Pihu comes and looks on. She says I know where is Riya.
Shitija gives sweets to Parmeet and says Kiran is going to become my mum. Parmeet says wow, its good news. Shravan comes and throws the sweets. He gets angry. Parmeet worries seeing his reaction. Ishita asks Pihu how does she know. Pihu says Riya is in extra classes, I m also going there now, sorry I didn’t show note to Ishita, but I showed it to Ruhi. Ruhi says yes, Pihu told me. Pooja says I didn’t think this, I don’t check Riya’s diary, sorry. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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