21st February Thursday Update On Young Love

Sanchi interrupts Ganga’s performance and says, now a surprise from me. She tells Jagya, I am sure no one can give you better surprise than this. Her drive brings the cake and Sanchi says, the most awesome cake for the most awesome person. Everyone goes on the stage. Jagya is ready to cut the cake, and right then, Ganga brings her cake.

Both cakes beside each other and now there’s confusion for Jagya, which one he will cut first. Daddu suggests him to cut both together, one the crowd will handle, and other, Daddu himself will manage. Everyone laughs. Dadisa says, cut one by one. Sanchi candles her cake and gives knife to Jagya. Anandi candles Ganga’s cake. Daddu cannot wait to eat cake and asks Jagya to cut them now. Jagya is in a big dilemma. Jagya blows the candles and cuts Ganga’s cake first. Sanchi is very disappointed. Before he cuts Sanchi’s cake, he receives a call from hospital saying a patient got heart attack. Him and hospital staff rush to the hospital. Sanchi’s eyes are filled with tears as candles die out on her cake.

In the hospital, police call Jagya and inform him that they have found a goon who they believe might have attacked on Jagya with other goons. Inspector says, he’s from nearby village and was in Jaitsar that day. If you can come and identify him. Jagya says, I have an emergency case, I can’t come right now. Inspector says, I am having pressure from others, it seems like he has some big contacts and I can’t keep him in the custody for too long. If you come and identify, then I can arrest him. Lal Singh tells Jagya to go and he will manage everything. Jagya says, I can’t leave my patient like that. He calls Shiv and asks him to go. He also tells him not to tell this to anyone. Shiv lies to his family that he has to go to talk with new collector, but tells truth to Anandi by calling her on a side. He leaves. Patient’s old parents beg Jagya to save their son. Jagya says, it’s my duty to do his treatment. We will try our best, please be patient. Jagya and Lal Singh are doing patient’s treatment.

Mahi and Aashima finish their dinner. Mahi asks Aashima how her trip went. Aashima says, awesome.. I don’t know how 15 days passed.. she praises the village. Aashima is going to wash her hands and again sees Shiv-Anandi’s photo, and gets tensed. Mahi decides to prepare a sweet dish for her to change her mood as he knows she is upset. After preparing the dish, Mahi is proud of himself. Police ask the goon why he attacked on Jagya in front of Shiv. The goon says, I said, I am innocent. I didn’t attack on him. Inspect tells Shiv, he won’t say anything that easily. Shiv says, if you give me permission, then I would like to talk to him. Inspector says, you don’t need any permission. Shiv says, I am no more collector of Jaitsar so I do need permission. Inspector gives him the permission.

Mahi brings the dish to Aashima. Aashima asks what’s that? Even Mahi doesn’t know name of it. He says, it’s just my creativity. Before she eats, Mahi tells her to praise even if it’s not good. Aashima says, I am already impressed by your creativity so let me praise before I eat. It looks Yummy, she says. She is about to eat, but Mahi asks her to blow the candle first, which he put on it. They both go to blow together and their cheeks touch each other. Mahi then counts down the numbers and they blow the candle together. Aashima eats it first and loves it. She asks Mahi to eat as well. Mahi eats and then asks Aashima, why didn’t you tell Shiv bhaiya that you used to him? Aashima gets up and walks away and cries on a side. Mahi comes to her. She says, I wanted to tell him, that is why I went to Jaitsar. But before I express my feelings, she expressed his feelings that he started loving Anandi.

The rest is history. Mahi says, that is why you didn’t come to their wedding. Aashima says, shiv never figured it out, but Anandi figured it out why I didn’t attend the wedding because I used to love Shiv. Mahi says, she is such a sensible person who can find out everything. Aashima also praises Anandi and says, if she wasn’t that nice, then I would never let my love go to someone else that easily. I would have fought for the man whom I love. But Anandi understood my feelings without me telling her, and it was hard for me to face her. It’s been so many months, and still I am trying to forget Shiv. If Anandi had seen me, then she would have got it.. that is why…. She cries and hugs Mahi.

All guests are now gone. Shiv’s family and Jagya’s family sit down to gossip. Ira quietly touches Sanchi’s hand. Sanchi asks Ganga where is Manu. Ganga says, he is in his room. Sanchi asks, can I play with him? Sanchi and Ganga leave. Daddu now tells Dadisa, we want to talk to you about something important. Mahi tells Aashima, so now I understood why you didn’t want to come to Udhaipur. She tells him not to tell this to anyone. Mahi says, I won’t tell your secret to anyone. Aashima says, I feel light now after sharing this. She hugs him saying he’s very sweet. Patient’s parents thank Jagya when they find Jagya came from his birthday party. Jagya tells them they can meet their son now.

Shiv sits beside the goon and asks him, what did you eat. Shiv asks police to bring food for him. After he finishes eating, Shiv asks him, are you married? He says, yes.. I have a son as well who just started going to a school. Shiv says, what are you planning for him? The goon says, like all parents, I want to admit him in a good school. Shiv says, why are wasting your time? You should start training him to be a robber. He will make good money and will support you in your old age. The goon says, no.. I won’t make him do all the wrong stuff that I did in my childhood. Shiv says, when he grows up and asks his mother, why my dad is the jail.. what she will say? Everyone will call him a son of a goon in the school and make his fun.. how long he will take that? One day, he will take a rock and break someone’s head.

He will also walk on his father’s path. The goon says, I won’t let that happen. Shiv provokes him against Ratan Singh saying you won’t be able to do anything as long as you’re puppet of Ratan Singh. You will be behind the bars and what do you think that he will take care of your family? Your dreams that you saw for your son will never come true. I will give you a tip.. be a witness. Nothing will happen. I promise you that you will get minimum punishment. Once you come out of the jail, I will help you in finding a good job and get a scholarship for your son as well. Your son’s future is in your hand, so think carefully. I will wait outside.

Shiv comes out and Jagya comes. Jagya asks him if good said anything. Shiv says, not yet, but he will say it soon. The goon comes and apologizes Shiv. He says, I don’t want to make my son a goon. He accepts that Ratan Singh promised him to pay big money to attack Jagya. Jagya also identifies him as one of the attackers. Police says, liar.. he didn’t pay you? The goon says, for real he didn’t give. Shiv asks him to call Ratan Singh and put phone on the speaker. The goon tells Ratan, I want my money right now else I will go and tell truth to police. Ratan says, so now you will threaten me? The goon says, you can think whatever you want, but I want my money today only. Ratan asks him to come to a place and he will give him money there. Police with goon, Shiv go to that place. Jagya also wants to go, but Shiv tells him, everyone must be waiting for you at the home and you should go there. Jagya leaves.

At Jagya’s house, Daddu finally begins to tell Dadisa and Jagya’s family about their real reason for coming to Jaitsar. In the room, Sanchi meets Manu and asks, you like playing with me, right? It’s just matter of few days, then we will play everyday. Ganga is confused. Sanchi tells her, yes it’s Jagya’s birthday today and my family came with my marriage proposal for him. Ganga is shell shocked. In the hall, Daddu tells Jagya’s family that Sanchi likes Jagdish and wants to get married to him. And there is a long silence. Daddu continues, so we all wanted to know what you all think about it and whats your opinion.

Sanchi asks Ganga, what happened? Ganga wipes her tears and says, something went in my eyes. She leaves from there. Sanchi remembers manu touching her (slapping her according to her). She says, you remember you slapped me other day, right? Now just wait and watch. I am going to come in this house very soon and then you and your mother will be gone far from here. Ganga is crying in bathroom.

In the hall, Ira says, actually we are discussing this because we think Jagdish will be a good guy for Sanchi and she will stay happy with him. Meenu now says, we understand you all are surprised and you will want to discuss with each other, but we are sure that you understand our position. It’s about our daughter’s happiness and her future. If we can know your opinion..

Ganga sees herself crying in the mirror. She says to herself, why am I crying? I should be happy for him as he’s getting married. He will get a partner and happiness. Why I am not getting happy? And now she finally accepts, how can I see doctor sahab marrying someone else? How can I give my own happiness to someone else?

In the hall, Dadisa says, you’re right.. we are indeed surprised from this proposal. We will have discuss and we will also need to ask Jagya. Daddu says, sure.. we will wait until Jagya comes back. Bhairo says, it will be better if we talk to Jagya separately. Basant agrees and says, he may not be able to express his feelings in front of you all. So we will talk to him, and let you know about his decision. Daddu says, fine.. we have to wait till Shiv returns anyways.. if Jagya returns, then you can talk to him alone and let us know. Dadisa says, I would like to talk to my family. Daddu tells them, we are fine here.. you can go.. and Anandi is here anyways. We will let you know if we need anything. Jagya’s family leaves from the hall. Ganga still cannot stop crying. She washes her face and comes out. Sanchi asks, so did you remove dust from your eyes? Ganga says, I tired… slowly slowly it will be removed.