21st December Friday Update On Young Love

Anandi tells Meenu that everyone deserves to put colors on her. Daddu says we tried a lot, just were scared to forcefully do that. If Anandi didn’t know that you don’t play Holi, then she wouldn’t have done this either. Now as you’re already in colors, why don’t you move forward? You’re an ideal for all the ladies who have lost their husbands. Forget everything and celebrate holi with everyone without any tension.

Anandi gets colors and offer them to Meenu. Meenu puts them in daddu’s feet. Daddu gives her blessings and then she does colors tilak to daddu and wishes him a happy holi. Daddu puts colors on Meenu then. Meenu then puts colors on Anandi and others and wishes them a happy holi. Anandi and everyone is happy. Daddu asks to start playing the drums and they celebrate holi.

Nandu throws water on Jagya and Jagya runs behind him with colors. He throws colors on Nandu and Nandu moves away. Behind him it’s Ganga and all colors go on her. Jagya tells her, I was throwing on nandu. Ganga sees a bucket of colored water there. She throws that water on Jagya and everyone laughs.

Shyam gets bhang and gives it to Jagya saying it’s thandai. Jagya finds something fishy and says there might be bhang in there. Basant comes and drinks it and tells Jagya it’s pure thandai.. it’s very tasty. He gives it to him, but Jagya still cannot believe them. He says I cannot trust anyone in this matter. Another guy comes and he also lies to Jagya. They forcefully make Jagya drink lots of bhang.

Sanchi prepares a drink with mixing bhang in it and says it’s thandai. She says there will be competition between all guys of drinking most thandai. Shiv also takes part and he loses. Sanchi then gives it to Anandi, but someone calls her. Sanchi asks Anandi to drink it first and then go. Anandi drinks it.

Ganga is happy seeing Jagya happy and enjoying himself. Dadisa comes and thanks Ganga and says they have to make sure new life starts for Jagya. Shiv’s parents dance on song Rang Barse and celebrate holi. Shiv and Anandi are happy seeing them happy.

Anandi is sitting alone. Shiv is approaching to her. As she has drunk bhang, she sees 4 Shiv’s. Shiv asks her, won’t you dance with me? Anandi says, I want to, but with which Shiv? There are 4 of them. Shiv says, naughtiness with me huh? Hold my hand. Anandi holds her ears and says, I am sorry collector sahab. After 3 tries, she finally is able to hold his hand.CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW.


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