21st December Friday Update On True Love

Nani tells Mai abt Damini’s new job and both ridicule the fact and go on talking ill abt Ichcha and Damini.

At work, Satya, Veer and Umed discuss their upcoming project and Umed finds some of Satya’s “intentional” loopholes in it, but Satya assures him that with Umed’s guidance they can never go wrong. Veer too assures Umed to trust that Satya, who watches Veer and silently sneers at his blind faith.

After Damini gets home from work, seeing Divya ordering her around rudely, Jogi sends her away saying that she doesn’t need to do anything and the servants would handle the house work, which leaves Divya angrier than ever.

Tapu and Ichcha discuss abt their plan that failed earlier. Ichcha is overwhelmed seeing Tapu’s sincere efforts and how unlike before she doesn’t mind if Veer took Ichcha to London. Both of them reminisce about their childhood days when they were best friends. Tapu tearfully tells Ichcha that she never wanted to lose their friendship, but the fear of sharing her parents love made her weak which cud happen b/w any siblings as well, but no one understood her plight. Ichcha calms her saying that now they are best friends again.

Ichha searching for proof in Saanchi’s room while Saanchi is kept engaged in that fake phone call ;Saanchi then comes running to Tappu and tells her that she got a call from someone who was taking Satya’s name and she also heard Ambulence sound on phone ;So then Tappu further scares Saanchi by telling her whether something happened to Satya just to make sure she is able to keep Saanchi engaged there while Ichha can take time to search the room properly ;Tappu then asks Saanchi to call Satya and check ;So while Saanchi is trying Satya’s number,Tappu too secretly dials Satya’s number from her phone making sure that Satya’s number constantly comes engaged since both r trying at the same time ;Saanchi is even more scared when Satya’s number constantly comes engaged ;Ichha keeps searching the room and finally finds a receipt from the cupboard according to which Veer has booked a room in a hotel but Ichha wonders if Veer has booked any room in a hotel,then how come the receipt is with Satya and Saanchi …CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW.


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