20th Wednesday February Update On True Love


20th Wednesday February Update On True Love

Veer tries redialing but Damini is already gone by that time. She walks back home, feeling disgruntled with how Veer has moved on with life already. Meanwhile, after talking to Rohini, Pushkar thinks that if he had a child… he could give it away to Taps and then Rathod wud be in his debt forever.

At the Bundelas, all talk abt how Veer’s life has gone downhill. Dadaji suggests getting him remarried but Umed is strictly against it. At Rathod’s house, Taps goes to Rathod and tells him how everything is her fault and then talks to him abt the growing distance in their relationship… which she doesn’t want, and instead wants him to share his thoughts with her.

At the Mukherjee house, Tapu ponders in confusion abt Veer-Sanchi scene earlier, and Chanda comes there telling her that Ichcha is giving some black magic pills to Veer and suggests Tapu do the same. Irritated, Tapu asks her to leave her alone, but wonders if there is any truth to Chanda’s allegations, and decides to find out. Chanda leaves angrily and vents out her frustrations to Kasa kaka, who agrees that the Bundelas trust the wrong ppl.

Jogi is pleased seeing Damini set up a floral welcome for Divya and then leaves for the airport. Pushkar watches and smirks that he will make sure Damini is kicked out by Divya. Tapu searches Ichcha’s room for the pills and finds Rathore’s card. Worried that Rathore and Ichcha are working together against her, she calls him by Ichcha’s phone and arranges a meeting with him, but she’s left confused wondering why Rathore didn’t recognize Ichcha’s number in his caller-id

Divya is still quiet and her face is fuming in anger when Pushkar comes towards Divya and tells her that he was not going to tell her all this but since limits were crossed,so he is forced to tell her everything Divya then turns back towards Pushkar and gives him a tight slap ;Divya then tells Pushkar that “How dare u say all this nonsense about my husband’s character ?I trust my husband more than I trust myself…and coming to Damini,how much u know about that woman who hv sacrificed so much in life for this family….Earlier also u brought Masoom in this house and tried to put accusatinos against my husband..for that I hv forgiven u which was my mistake ….today u r trying to do the same but don’t u dare do all this or else I will b really nasty with u this time” (Woww Divya gives a good bouncer to Pushkar as well as to the viewers );After saying all this ,Divya goes upstairs to her room ;

After Nani leaves,Tappu decides to call up Veer and check with him whether he is going out this evening somewhere to that hotel ;So Tappu calls him up and tells him that today afternoon she had an appointment with doctor and so she wants him to take her there ;Hearing this Veer agrees to take her to the doctor this afternoon and so after putting down the phone Tappu wonders what could b Satya’s plan then if Veer is not going out anywhere ;Just then Veer gets a call from Satya who informs Veer about some meeting in a hotel at 7pm in the evening ;After this Tappu again calls up Veer and tells him that doctor has cancelled the afternoon appointment and kept it in the evening after 6pm on which Veer tells Tappu that he cannot come in the evening after 6 since he had a meeting at 7pm ;