20th September Friday Update on Young Love

20th September Friday Update on Young Love

Anandi comes Shiv and says breakfast is ready. Shiv says, he is coming and asks her to come to watch movie. Anandi agrees to come. She says, you are busy these days. Shiv says, I will find a way. They decide to go. Dadisaa and Ganga take Subhadra out. Subhadra says, she likes fresh cow milk. Dadisaa brings her to cow. Subhadra gets shocked to see the cow’s dung. Dadisaa and Ganga hold her tightly. Subhadra refuses to have the cow dung on her body. two ladies apply cow dung on her body.

Police informs Shiv about some girls involved in the racket. And tells that Purabia was with Pramila on that day. Shiv asks are you sure? Inspector says, yes. Shiv asks him not to talk to Pramila as she will get alert. He asks him to follow the girl. Inspector says ok.

Subhadra gets Daddu’s call. Daddu says, you seems to be happy. Subhadra says, I took the cow dung bath. Daddu asks, are you fine now? Subhadra says no. Daddu tells her that her grand son came to India from USA. Subhadra gets excited to know Hardik came back. Gehna comes to Subhadra and asks her to drink Cardamon milk. Subhadra drinks the milk happily. She asks Gehna to sit. Gehna says, she have to make breakfast now for her husband. Subhadra asks, your husband is very elder than you. Gehna praises Basant and says, we have love and respect between us.

Subhadra asks, I didn’t understand why Kalyani Devi got her son married to you. She then asks, why you parents got you married to him. Gehna says, my parents has chosen a good groom for me. Maa saa even got my sister married recently. both of the families are happy with each other. Gehna goes to make breakfast. Subhadra thinks, everyone is expert in giving lectures in this house.
Hardik is shown getting out of the rickshaw. He catches the ball and mingles with the kids. He then pays the rickshaw driver.

Gulli’s grand parents come to haveli and gives sweets to Dadisaa. They tell her that Gulli’s alliance is fixed. Dadisaa asks, did they tell everything. Gulli’s grand parents say they are convinced. Dadisaa says, everything is good.

Hardik comes to Daddu’s house. Daddu asks him to address him Daddu. He introduces him to his family. Hardik takes everyone’s blessings. Hardik compliments Anandi on her beauty. He then says sorry. Meenu says, don’t be. We know she is beautiful. He asks for Subhadra. Daddu says, she went to village for treatment. Hardik asks, what happened to her. Daddu says, some allergy. Hardik says, he wants to meet grandmaa. Anandi says, it will take 4 hours. Daddu insists him to go tomorrow. Ira also insists. Hardik asks for ginger tea. Anandi goes to make tea.

Academy girls comes to Pramila and tells her that Purabia is in lock up. She was arrested with customer. Pramila says, she didn’t tell me. She wants to betray me. She asks the girls to let her be in jail.



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