20th September Friday Update on This is Love

20th September Friday Update on This is Love

Simmi consoling Pihu. She asks what would Ishita tell you in this situation. Pihu says she would ask to get inner courage out and find a way, and chant Hanuman Chalisa. They chant Hanuman Chalisa. Raman and Ishita come there. Ishita says Raman, its Simmi’s slipper. Raman shouts out Simmi, Pihu. Pihu asks how will we go out. Simmi says we have to try, Parmeet tried his best that no one reaches us. Ishita says we can’t go back to camp site. She hears them sounding and says some sound is coming. Pihu says save us Ishimaa, Papa. Ishita says there is nothing, how is the sound coming. They come to the pit and hear them.

Simmi says we are caught here. Pihu says we are here. Ishita says how can sound come from here. Simmi says we got trapped in cave. Raman says we have come, nothing will happen. Ishita says did Parmeet keep this boulder, how did they fall in pit. They try to move off the boulder. He finds some rope and gets it. She says this won’t help, I will go and find a rope. Parmeet is on the way. He gets happy and says Simmi and Pihu will stay trapped, Raman and Ishita will go mad in finding them. He sees bhallas and Iyers going in cars and says they are going towards the camp, this can’t happen, they can’t go there to help Raman and Ishita, else they may find Simmi and Pihu also. Ishita reaches the dark studio again and gets the rope. She comes to Raman.

He says I won’t be able to pull you, tie the rope to my waist, tie the other end to the tree. She says I m ready, wait. Pihu says something is crawling on my foot. She screams seeing a leech. Simmi removes it and hugs Pihu. Raman steps inside the cave. The rope breaks. Raman falls down. He slips inside. Ishita gets shocked and runs to hold the rope. Simmi sees boulders falling and asks Pihu to run. Ishita ties the rope to her waist and tries to pull Raman. Raman says leave the rope, I have to go down, listen to me, Simmi and Pihu are alone there. She pulls him upwards. She asks are you fine. Raman says some boulders fell down. Ishita says maybe they got hurt. Simmi and Pihu climb up to see some way. Pihu says what will we do now, this way is shut. Simi says I will look there and come.

Pihu faints. Ruhi says that is Pihu’s teacher, what happened to her. Inspector sends dead body to hospital. Simmi shouts Pihu. Watchman tells everything to them. Shagun says Parmeet has done this. Watchman says there is no network here, you can call from landline. Ishita says we have to call fire brigade. Ruhi says call isn’t connecting. Raman gets Ruhi’s call. Ruhi asks where are you, are you fine. Raman says I m fine, listen to me carefully, get police to this location. She says we are at camp. He says Simmi and Pihu fell in the cave. She asks what. Bala takes phone to talk. Raman’s phone gets dead. Raman says how to send location now. Ruhi says maybe battery got dead. Watchman says there is mountain area, I heard from kids, its too far. Everyone leaves from camp. Ishita says I will go and get help, don’t do anything wrong. She goes. Raman sits there and says Pihu, Papa is here, we will save you.



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