20th March Wednesday Update on Young Love


20th March Wednesday Update on Young Love

At KB, shekhars were worried that they were getting late coz shiv was late. Mahi went down n said that he cant attend the engagement coz one of the player is injured . menu got angry but dadu managed to convince her. Mahi said sorry to her n left. Shiv called them n asked them to come to office so that they can leave from there. All left.

AT haveli, Naamkaran puja was going on. Pandit suggested the name shud be from “bha” n shud be given by her bua. Sumi said baby doesn’t ahev her bua so can ds give her name. padit agreed but ds gave this responsibility to anandi. Saanchi was unhappy. Anandi took the baby n placed her on the swing but requested all to give the chance to gehena to name the baby. Saanchi felt happy thinking now anandi will be in trouble. But all agreed to anandi. Gehena named her baby “bhairavi”. Gehena thanked anandi n said she always wanted to name her daughter bhairavi as per “raag bharavi”.
Bhiron n basant left for some work at godam. Ds asked them to return soon for saagai. Makhan came with jagiya’s new sherwani n went up to give it to J.

At the bus stand, ghanshyam came there to go with ganga n asked abt doctor sa that he came or not. Ganga nodded negativity. Ghanashyam asked to hurry up so that they can catch the bus.
At haveli, makhan told sumi that he searched everywhere but chote hukum was nowhere. Sumi panicked thinking jagiya might went with ganga. Sumi called bhairon n informed abt it. she told bhairon abt her fear too. Bhairon asked her not to tell anyone. He tried to call j but he didn’t pick the call. Bhairon asked sumi to inform maasa n anandi only n he is returning haveli soon.
At the bus stand. A person informed ganga n ghanshyam that today is bus strike n no bus will come. Ganga worried. J was on the way.

At haveli, anandi was making saanchi get ready for sagaai. Anandi show her “kamarbandh” n asked her to wear as it’s the ritual of the family too. Saanchi told she didn’t like it n if its so imp then they shud kept it in locker. But when anandi said jagiya liked kamarbandh then only saanchi wore it. Nandu came there n compliments saanchi. He informed anandi that ds is calling her at the hall.

Ghanshyam was trying for a lift but cudnt succeed. Ganga worried thinking if she cant reach mangalore at right time then she may not get admission. But at that time they got a lift. They are abt to leave but jagiya reached there. Ganga was emotional seeing him. Jagiya gave mannu’s teddy bear as he loved that. Ganga took it with teary eyes.

Ganga is surprised and happy to see Jagya. Ganga asks him, why did you come? Jagya gives a teddy bear saying, Mannu’s toy.. Mannu loves it a lot so I thought to give it to him. Mannu takes it and smiles. Ganga and Jagya have a small eyelock.


Anandi asks Dadisa and Sumi why they look tensed. Sumitra tells her, Jagya went somewhere. We called him so many times, but he didn’t pick up. Anandi remembers Jagya telling her that Ganga will leave for Mangalore very soon. Anandi now tries calling, but Jagya has forgot his phone at the home. Anandi says, no one is picking. She then says in her mind, how can Jagya leave like this on his engagement day? Dadisa asks what we will say to Sanchi’s family. Anandi calls Shiv to find out how much time they have to find Jagya. Shiv says, you called on right time.. look at the door. Anandi turns and whole Sanchi’s family is coming in. Anandi, Dadisa, Sumi put a fake smile on their faces. Dadisa welcomes Sanchi’s family. Anandi asks about Mahi. Alok says, he got ready, but then got call from his coach so he went to play cricket. Daddu gives roses to Dadisa after saying a beautiful poem.. I would have brought stars and moon, but what would you do with it? So that is why I brought these lovely flowers. Daddu then asks about Jagya. Dadisa says, he must be coming. Daddu jokes asking if she hid him, when you usually hide girls. Daddu says, is it new tradition to hide guys? Everyone laughs. Anandi tells Daddu to meet Jagya later.. meet Gehna’s daughter first. They ask what name they kept. Anandi says, Bhairavi. Everyone loves the name. Ira is excited to see Sanchi as well. Bhairo and Basant return without Jagya. Dadisa wonders where Jagya went putting them in this situation.

Ganga tells Jagya, why did you come? i was going peacefully. There are already so many misunderstandings and today on your engagement day.. you again made me a reason for bringing troubles in that family. She asks Jagya why he doesn’t understand.. what everyone will think. Mannu cutely wipes Ganga’s tears. Jagya smiles and tells Ganga, Mannu is more understanding than you.. he knows when someone comes when you are going, then you don’t cry. You should be happy. You should talk good, so your journey goes fine.. and others whom you leave behind, don’t feel that much pain either. Song starts in the background.. Kaisi Hai Ye Udaasi. Ganga smiles. Both have eyelock again. Ghanshyam kaka disturbs them and says that Ganga is getting late. Jagya tells Ganga to call him once she reaches Mangalore. Jagya takes Mannu in his hand. He hands over him to Ganga once she sits in the truck. Both Jagya and Ganga keep looking at each other. As the truck slowly slowly goes away from Jagya, tears start pouring down from his eyes. He asks himself why these tears? He looks up again and can’t see the truck at all and seems sad.


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