20th March Wednesday Update on This is Love


20th March Wednesday Update on This is Love

Ishita asking goon to do aarti. The goon does aarti and fails to take modak. Raman and everyone do the aarti. The goon goes out and tells his boss that he couldn’t take the modak. Oneof the goon wears mask and comes there. The chief goon shoots in air and asks everyone to move back. He gets the diamonds from the modak.

Ishita starts scolding him for ruining everything, he has hidden diamonds in idol, he should be afraid of Lord. Inspector knocks the door. Goon asks who called police and takes Riya and Pihu to a room. He asks them to send police. Raman says we have to behave normal, I will talk to police, Ishita talks to kids. Raman asks Ishita to come. Ishita asks kids not to make noise. Raman opens the door and talks to inspector. He says aarti was going
on. Inspector says we got a message and also heard the bullet sound. Raman makes excuses and apologizes. Inspector goes.

Ishita tells goon that police is gone, come out with kids. Raman says leave the kids now. Goon says heard everything, police said they are doing duty downstairs, I won’t go till its safe for me. Raman asks her to take anything, but leave kids. He asks Ishita to be there, he may have to take help from police. Ruhi is on the way and calls. She says I hope Nikhil didn’t do anything wrong. Nkhil says I m with you Riya, I won’t let anything happen to you.

Ishita recalls there are crackers inside the storeroom. She worries and asks Pihu and Riya to carefully listen, they will not cry, they have to be calm. Goon shouts. She says I want to explain them, don’t do anything to them, I will talk to them, they won’t cry. Goon asks her is she mad, stop nonsense. She insists. The goon asks Pihu to silently talk and not cry. Ishita asks Pihu to stay calm, take examples by things around, you have crackers around you, we don’t have to be afraid. She tells Pihu about the snake cracker, which creates smoke. She asks Pihu to understand. Goon attends his boss’ call. Pihu and Riya sign. Riya acts of stomach ache. Nikhil asks Riya not to cry.

Inspector tells senior about the call from Garewal’s house. Ruhi hears this and worries. Pihu burns the smoke crackers. Ishita and Nikhil ask what’s this smoke, did short circuit happen, everything will burn. Nikhil says everyone will die, come out fast. Raman and police come there. Goon comes out. Police arrests him. Ruhi comes there. Nikhil asks Riya is she fine, if anything happened to her, her dad would have died. Riya asks Papa. Nikhil says yes, I m your Papa, you are my daughter. They get shocked.

Ruhi says Nikhil and hugs him. Pooja and Garewal come and look on. Ruhi asks Raman not to get angry, she loves Nikhil. Nikhil says yes, I love Ruhi. Raman scolds Ruhi. He says you know what this man has done, he has left his wife and child, just because child was a girl. Nikhil says its not true, Pooja is lying, she never wanted a child, I was not wrong. Raman shouts on them. Ishita asks Raman to stop it, its not their house, they can’t make a issue of their daughter’s respect, they can talk after Ganesh visarjan. Raman agrees.

Everyone does the aarti and puja. Nikhil prays I got my daughter after much time, everyone should know this. Ruhi prays to get Nikhil. Raman prays he gets some way to keep Ruhi away from Nikhil. Raman takes the idol for visarjan.

Nikhil sees Pooja and Ruhi. They all take the idol and do visarjan. At home, Garewal scolds Nikhil. Pooja says you won’t get Riya. Nikhil says I will also see. Raman says you have run like a coward and now you came to have rights. Nikhil shows court orders and says I can meet Riya. Garewal asks him to shut up. Ruhi cries and asks Garewal to hear Nikhil once, he didn’t do wrong, he is just asking for his rights. Raman asks Ishita to take Ruhi inside. Ruhi refuses. Raman slaps Ruhi and asks Garewal to call police. Nikhil says call police, let the truth come out, you all think I m a fraud, Pooja just lied, I wanted the child, she wanted to abort the child.


Pooja defending and arguing with Nikhil. She says tell me why did I give birth to Riya, why did you not try to contact me. Nikhil says I called your dad, he said you wanted divorce. She says you didn’t care to reach Riya, when your GF is close to Riya, you got scared your truth can come out, so you came here to do this drama. Raman says wait, Ruhi is not his GF, I don’t know why are we valuing his talk, he likes to talk of court, I will file harassment case on him. Nikhil says what, ask Pooja did I harass her, she wanted to live a luxurious life, which just her dad could give her. Ishita asks Pooja to say truth.

Pooja says its not true, I left Nikhil, knowing something which I couldn’t tell anyone. Raman asks Nikhil to let her say. She says I couldn’t
even tell my dad. Nikhil says I m not hiding anything, you have taken dad from here knowing I m getting court orders. She says no, I took him as I didn’t wish him to get hurt, I didn’t wish to push him in bad memories. Ruhi asks Pooja what new story will she make, say it. Ishita says you should say truth, many lives are linked to it. Pooja says yes, I will say truth. Nikhil says I didn’t hide anything, please go ahead. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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