20th February Wednesday Update On True Love


20th February Wednesday Update On True Love

Veer tries redialing but Damini is already gone by that time. She walks back home, feeling disgruntled with how Veer has moved on with life already. Meanwhile, after talking to Rohini, Pushkar thinks that if he had a child… he could give it away to Taps and then Rathod wud be in his debt forever.

At the Bundelas, all talk abt how Veer’s life has gone downhill. Dadaji suggests getting him remarried but Umed is strictly against it. At Rathod’s house, Taps goes to Rathod and tells him how everything is her fault and then talks to him abt the growing distance in their relationship… which she doesn’t want, and instead wants him to share his thoughts with her.

At the Mukherjee house, all celebrate Kanha’s good grades. Some time passes (looks like a few months atleast since they mention it being cold). Ichcha goes to put a blanket around Dadu, but she realizes he is not moving and has died.

Rathod telling Tappu about how he has published the Ad in every language newspaper about their missing baby but still he dint get any clue and now he is loosing all patience ;Tappu tries to calm him down…

At Bundela house ,Umed sees the missing baby Ad and shows it to Gunwanti too ;Both r shocked to see Tappu’s baby hv gone missing ;Gunwanti tells Umed that this is all Tappu’s past sins which hv come to haunt her because of her evil deeds ;Gunwanti then also says that even though Tappu has done wrong with them but she will wish that the baby is safe and some really kind mother is looking after the baby since once upon a time she gave all the love to this baby as their own pota and so she will never wish anything bad for the baby ;

Hearing this Umed tells Gunwanti that how betrayal and lies r the cause of what Tapasya is going through today on which Gunwanti tells Umed about how Tapasya is shamelessly staying with that Rathod without marriage ;Hearing this Umed tells Gunwanti that who r we to pass the verdict on whether Tapasya is doing right or wrong by staying with Rathod since once she used to stay in this house as well as Veer’s wife even though Veer had refused to accept their fake relationship that time ;So then Gunwanti understands Umed’s point and keeps quiet when Umed further tells Gunwanti that Tapasya’s own destiny will take her towards her destruction after all that she did with them ..

¬†Jogi and Divya too sees the missing baby Ad when Divya requests to Jogi that they should get Tapasya back in this house for some time since after loosing her baby she might b down and might need our care on which Jogi tells Divya that even he is not her daughter’s enemy and wants good for her but when daughters do any mistake ,its parent’s duty to make them aware of their mistakes instead of hiding them but in their case they cant even do that since what Tapasya did was not even a mistake but a big crime of leaving her baby alone and going away which no mother can do even in the worst of circumstances and so before supporting her daughter she needs to think about it as a mother too and see what their daughter has done ;

Hearing this Divya tells Jogi that she understands his point and agrees with it too but by cutting off all ties from her ,they will make her more bitter in life since she will think that her parents hv abandoned her forever ;Just then Pushkar and his wife arrives there and Pushkar tells Divya that his wife Rohini is pregnent and so they hv decided that after Rohini gives birth to their baby ,they will give it to Tappu so that she never feels her own’s baby’s loss ;Hearing this Divya is overwhelmed and hugs Rohini with happiness while Jogi is all confused and walks away from there without saying anything.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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