20th December Thursday Update On Young Love

Kesar Bagh:-
Anandi is praying in her room .Someone knocks at door .She opens and finds its Nathu who in his usual tone tells her she has a call from Badi Haveli .Anandi excitedly takes phone from him .Its Dadisaa ‘s

Kesar Bagh and Badi Haveli Phone connection:-
Dadisaa wishes Anandi happy holi and gives her blessings to her .Anandi too wishes Dadisaa happy holi Anandi asks Dadisaa about Holika dehen last night they all must have celebrated it in full spirit and must have done great preparations for holi like every year . Dadisaa replies yes , Ganga has done all preparations really well she worked really hard for it but still not up to her match , she never needed to be told anything she would do everything so well without being instructed .

Anandi says she is happy for the fact Ganga was around to help in preparations otherwise she was worried since she is not there who will do all preparations ( why ?Singhs are a bunch of babies who cannot do anything without you they taught you everything don’t forget that ) Anandi asks Dadisaa all must be playing holi in the house in full mode, Once a year this festival of colors come. Dadisaa in a sad tone replies yes here holi is being celebrated in a grand way, she looked outside window so many colors are in the air but in the house everyone is missing her so much No one’ s heart is willing to celebrate any festival like they always use to since she is not around .Anandi becomes sad hearing this .Dadisaa then tries to divert what she said by asking Anandi about holi preparations at her place Anandi replies they are done in a great way but are some of sort different from there Choti maa and Maa helped her a lot in all preparations .Dadisaa is relieved hearing this .

Just then Jagaya comes downstairs ready to go outside asking Dadisaa which medicine of her’s has been finished he will get it for her . Dadisaa signals him to wait. Anandi hears Jagaya ‘s voice over phone . Anandi asks Dadisaa to let her talk with Jagaya , she wants to wish him happy holi too ( not just wish but one lecture once again feel for Jagaya kahan phas gaya).Dadisaa says ok and forwards phone towards Jagaya saying Anandi wants to talk to you .Jagaya is hesitant taking phone ( poor guy he must be thinking here she will deliver me one more lecture no please I don’t want to talk to her , save me his expressions were like that i don;t blame him i can understand i would have run away in his place i cannot tolerate one more repetitive lecture )Jagaya takes some minutes hesitantly taking phone from Dadisaa while Dadisaa after handing phone to him leaves from there saying she will bring the medicine to him .Dadisaa leaves . Jagaya hesitantly put phone on his ear and wishes Anandi happy holi .Anandi replies happy holi to him .She asks from him what he is doing at home she thought he must be playing holi outside with Nandu . Jagaya tells her he is not playing holi he has to go to hospital .

Anandi doesn’t buy this excuse from him and tells him today is holi he should be at home with everyone, to take care of hospital there is hospital staff and if there will be any emergency, the staff will inform him so he doesn’t need to go there he can stay and celebrate holi with his family .( he is incharge of hospitalthe hospital staff wish to celebrate Holi too with their families to make them happy so i didn’t get Anandi’s explanation for stopping him from going to hospital )Jagaya sadly replies his heart doesn’t feel now to celebrate any festival . Anandi tells him he should not think like this he has to do this for his family to make them happy She asks him to take care of everyone and himself . Just then Sanchi arrives at door and listens Jagaya’s name from Anandi’s mouth and Anandi talking to him .Sanchi thinks to herself Anandi still talks with Jagaya , is there something between them even now ( don’t worry Anandi is not haddi in your day dreaming kabab). Sanchi leaves from there .

After talking to Jagaya( delivering her one more lecture to him )Anandi is sad about Singhs not celebrating holi without her . Shiv comes there and seeing Anandi sad asks her what happened . Anandi tries to hide by saying nothing .Shiv doesn’t buy this excuse from her and asks her to tell what happened that is worrying her Is everything alright in Jaitser .( where else )Anandi tells him no one in Singhs is celebrating holi without her . Shiv asks not to worry Jagdish is there with his family he will make them do so . Anandi seems relieved after hearing this

Sanchi is talking on phone with someone ( probably Mahi ) about their plan for holi

Badi Haveli:-
Ganga with Mannu , telling him no one is coming to play holi with them but don’t worry she will convince them all .She comes to Sumitra ‘s room. Sumitra lying on bed( looking like sick for centuries due her mourning for Anandi) Ganga asks her to come and play holi outside .Sumitra makes lame excuse suddenly her foot is in very much pain she won’t be able to do so . Ganga asks her not to do anything but she can sit outside and watch .Sumitra says she cannot her foot is in very much pain she needs rest . Sumitra asks Ganga to go and play holi with Mannu , Mannu will feel better . A disappointed Ganga leaves from there but doesn’t lose hope and says she will convince all .

She comes to Dadisaa who is sitting downstairs having her tea .Dadisaa sees Ganga and says to her she needs help in setting her cupboard which is in worst condition now . Ganga tells her no , today is holi and she ( dadisaa ) should come and celebrate holi outside .Dadisaa is confused . Ganga tells her see today is holi and no one in the house is ready to celebrate it , She tried to convince all but everyone is up to something not willing to celebrate holi .She went to Kaki saa ( Sumitra ) she refused saying her foot is in pain , she went to Taisaa and Taujee( Gehna and Basant ) they refused telling their own problems and doctor saa he didn’t even allow her to come inside room and from inside told her he has to go to hospital . Today is holi and he is going to hospital what important work he has which is even important than this this important day ? Once in year this festival comes even today her school is off so he can too take leave from his work ..Ganga asks Dadisaa she has to go with her to drag everyone outside to play holi they are not listening to her but will definitely listen to her

.Dadisaa refuses saying she will not do so why she will do so ?if everyone is saying they cannot ,let them be If Jagaya wants to go to hospital let him its his job ,she won’t go to drag anyone for holi .Ganga says this is not done and she won’t lose hope , they will have to celebrate holi .Ganga asks Dadisaa to come and celebrate holi otherwise she will put color on he feet right here and take her blessings ( way to go Ganga ).Ganga picks up color from in front of dadisaa. Dadisaa nervous . Ganga asks her to come when Dadisaa doesn’t respond she moves forward with color but suddenly trips and all color falls on Dadisaa’s lap .

Dadisaa gets shocked .Ganga too shocked . Dadisaa gets angry and yell at her you have poured all color on me , have you gone mad .Ganga gets nervous .Hearing Dadisaa yelling Basant , Gehna , Sumitra one by one come downstairs .Dadisaa bursting out at Ganga if you want to play holi then go outside and do so , take your son with you but why troubling her she didn’t even let her have her tea peacefully but eaten her head up by asking her to force everyone to play holi with her . All looking at Ganga , Ganga having tears in her eyes . Ganga goes towards Mannu and picks him up Mannu longingly forwads his hand towards Singhs . Ganga says to Mannu sorry I tried but could not convince all . Ganga starts saying she didn’t mean to trouble anyone but she only wanted them to be happy . She says to Dadisaa medicine is good cure for disease but over dose of a medicine becomes injurious to health same with memories She says she knows why everyone is behaving like this they are missing Anandi jee, they all the time look at her childhood clothes, her childhood toys , Anandi jee’s marks are everywhere here in this haveli . Missing someone is ok but to this extent that stopping every one’s happiness in sorrows by remembering her all the time they are not doing any good of either .Remembering good memories to make themseleves happy is good but by being sad over that they are ending up giving pain not only to themselves but to that person too who doesn’t want them to be sad at any cost . All are listening to Ganga in an understanding way .

Ganga continues they want Doctor saa to forget past and move on in his life , bring every happiness back in his life , they are asking him to do so but no one among them is ready to do this for themselves Have they ever for once thought how much pain they are giving to him by being this sad for Anandi , what he will think while seeing their these sad faces for Anandi jee . How he will forget everything and move on with them like this in front of him . All seem to be realizing through Ganga’s words . Ganga says to Dadisaa she knows she has no right to say so but whatever she said considering it for their betterment Do think on her words for once . ( wow thanks Ganga to be our voice Very well done i am so proud of you , She is perfect for Singhs )Then picking up Mannu Ganga tries to leave but before leaving she says she is very sorry for her behavior but she only did that because she promised to Anandi jee she will keep them happy and won’t let them ever be sad on anything , she was only doing her duty .

Saying this Ganga leaves with Mannu who is longingly looking towards all .Listening to this Ganga has made promise with Anandi that’s why she was doing so Anandi told her to keep them happy Dadisaa goes in realization mode of what she has done . She said so much to poor Ganga . Sumitra says even she failed to understand Ganga and made a lame excuse that she is having pain in her feet .Just them comes Jagaya’s voice saying now they all must have understood how much they misunderstood Ganga . All look above see Jagaya in stairs dressed in white He comes to everyone and tells they misunderstood Ganga she only wanted to make them happy so they should listen to her and play holi with her .Seeing Jagaya happy ready to play holi all seem convinced they should play holi( finally some moving on )CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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