20th December Thursday Update On True Love

So then Veer tells everyone that he will take Ichha to London and will get her the best diamond necklace since he has some idea about diamonds now ;Hearing this Ichha is very happy while Satya-Saanchi r looking a bit restless now ;But then Veer tells all that he won’t go to London now but only after his factory work starts properly ;Hearing this Satya-Saanchi r relaxed again while Ichha-Tappu becomes restless.  Ichha and Tappu are reliving their childhood masti days together in the garden when Jogi-Damini arrives in car and r happy to see them together again…

Ichha-Tappu too was happy to see Jogi and Damini there and take them inside ;Jogi informs Ichha-Tappu about Damini’s job on which both IchhaTappu r very happy ;Ichha takes Damini inside the ktichen to give her dahi-shakkar since its the first day of her job;

Meanwhile Jogi-Tappu talk to each other where Tappu asks Jogi whether he is angry on her after seeing her with Veer in the restaurent on which Jogi tells Tappu that a father can never b angry on his daughter ;Tappu too confesses that slowly she is learning a lot from her past mistakes and making sure she never does anything wrong on which Jogi is happy to hear it Nani sees Ichha giving dahi-Shakkar to Damini in kitchen and tells to herself that Pushkar was right about Damini’s new job ;So Nani goes and asks Ichha rudely about Damini on which Tappu-Jogi all come there and Tappu herself informs Nani about Damini’s new Job in Jogi’s office canteen ;Nani has nothing much to say there since all others r looking happy and content including Tappu Mr.Rathod is shown getting worried about Tappu and wondering why she has not called him till now after leaving the restaurent that other day ;Satya too is present there with Mr.Rathod and informs him that their plan has flopped because of Ichha’s presense there but Satya assures Mr.Rathod that they will definitely succeed in their new upcoming plan ;Hearing this Mr.Rathod tells to himself that only when Veer looses everything,Tappu will come to him because Tappu cannot stay without luxuries and thats the only reason he is supporting Satya here for his own selfish motives .


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