20th December Friday Update on True Love

20th December Friday Update on True Love

Meethi is holding the plate of food and turns to go to the kitchen. Pavitra reprimands her for eating before the elders of the home or even her husband. It is against their traditions.
Meethi tells her that she couldn’t eat it as it was very spicy.
Pavitra doesn’t pay heed to her and again chides her…new generations keep making new traditions. She leaves telling that jiji is waiting for her at the dinner table. Meethi is a little disturbed.

Gomti goes to the same room and unlocks it. She asks not to make any more noise as there are guests in the house. You are of no use but…here take this. She hands in a plate of food. A girl with purple bangles quietly takes it inside. Gomti tells her to eat it quietly and is again back to locking the room.
Meethi realizes where she has come…near that same room where she had accidently come in the past. She recalls Maiyya’s words about a wind roaming here in this part of their house. She is about to go in the other direction when she again heard the noise. She stops and moves ahead in the direction of that room.
Gomti was locking the room. She turns and comes face to face with Meethi. Gomti is shocked.

Meethi asks her what she is doing here as Maiyya has told not to come here. Did you too hear something? Gomti repeats that jiji asked you not to come and yet you are here.
Meethi replies that she dint came willingly but Pavitra massi had called her for dinner. She was going there only but heard the noise so came to see.
Gometi goes closer to her and says that she is used to it all. But she is new here. She too gives her the logic of “the wind”. Don’t come here…lets go.
Gomti leaves and Meethi too was about to she hears the noise again and turns in shock…all scared. She sees a shadow moving inside the room. She stammers….WIND….retreats her steps and runs away.

She reaches her room and on finding Vishnu (aka Akash) there reprimands him for leaving her alone especially when she needs him the most. You know I am coming from the same room. She is fearful now.
Vishnu talks about her standing in support of Kajri bhabhi. He cant believe that his brother could stoop so low. Its very wrong. I saw it all but no one let me come forward and support you (ya, you are a kiddo!) he makes her sit and shows the medicine that he has brought for her. He asks her to believe him…he is there to take care of all her worries. He is with her only.
Meethi says no you are not. She again says about the room and how scary is this all.

She continues….there is someone in that room. Everyone keeps saying it’s the wind…I am scared now. I am very scared to even get out of my room only. I want to speak to ma, anni, papa & everyone back home. I am not feeling good. she is very hysterical now.
Akash asks her to relax. He cups her face and assures her that he is with her. Now I wont leave you alone and go anywhere. You don’t need to be scared anymore.
Meethi is crying. I am missing everyone…I want to talk to them.
He wipes her tears and says they will go to that new booth bhaiya had told about, first thing in the morning. Meethi says…he only talks big.
Akash holds his ears and assures her that he wont go anywhere from now. She asks for a promise. He kisses her hands and promises her. She hugs her and both say I love you to each other.
Akash thinks….Meethi, I cant even think of going away from you. Whatever pain you have given m mother in this birth, you will certainly have to pay for it.

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