20th December Friday Update on True Love

20th December Friday Update on True Love

Akash asks her why…why is she doing all this for him? Meethi replies because she loves him and can do anything for him.
He says but if anything would have happened to her then what will he do?
She sweetly replies that she could only lose her life in all this na. But if it can save his life and prolong it then anything for him.

He asks her not to do anything like this ever again. They both hug and both say I love you to each other.
Akash thinks in mind (evilly) I will give you & your family the same pain that my Maiyya had to face in her life. I won’t let you live happily ever. I wont even let death come in between our revenge.
He asks her to change her clothes and goes to get food for her after kissing her forehead.
Meethi boliyan plays in the background as Meethi recalls how they had met and fell in love & smiles.

Downstairs, Maiyya stops Akash. She applauds his acting skills and says that even she thought for a second that he has actually fallen in love with Meethi. I feel great after seeing Meethi in so much pain today….it was such a relief. It was a great punishment for her. She would have never walked bare feet in the hot sun all her life. But why did you bring her back so soon? I told you to let her lie there till sunset.

Akash is puzzled and says that I dint bring her. You & I had discussed that I will bring her back in the evening only then why would I bring her so soon?
Both wonder who left her outside in the corridor then.
Meethi calls for Vishnu & Maiyya tells him to go. Before going Akash tells her not to fell low as this wasn’t her last punishment. He smirks and goes while Maiyya is left thinking who brought Meethi in.

Akash comes with food and feeds her. Meethi asks him the same question if he brought her back home. Akash nods after hesitating and she says yes, who else would have.
He thinks that how do I tell you that that wasn’t me. But it is good that you don’t know this. Yet I cant understand who that person would be.
He then tells her to forget everything & have food as he has brought her favorite veggie too. She smiles and shares that Anni used to make it for her too. He smiles & then looks evilly at her & feeds her the veggies. She starts coughing because of the spices. He leaves to get water for her & tells her not to go from here. She continues coughing because of the spices.

Meethi shouts after him again that she cant control herself. She gets up & comes downstairs limping in pain.

Maiyya & Mama watch her hiding and asks Akash to let her pant some more. If she asks tell her that he couldn’t see her in pain so had gone to Maiyya to get medicines for her. She sighs in happiness and shares that she is feeling immense happiness on seeing that Iccha’s daughter in so much pain.
Akash looks at her & says that he is seeing her smile after so many years. He had seen her happy in his childhood when every day proved to be a festival for them. He has tears in his eyes. But I had promised you & see today your son Akash has fulfilled that promise. The woman who had stolen your smile, I have brought her daughter here…at your feet. Maiyya smiles. Akash says when I see your pain lessen, I feel happy. Both hug & Maiyya cries on his shoulders.

Scene shifts to Thakur House where they have kept a yagya (puja) for Tappu’s recovery. Tappu is shown in the hospital. Rathore, Mukta, Iccha, Veer & Surabhi are there only. Back home, all pray for Tappu.
In hospital Rathore tells Mukta not to cry as we Rathores never lose. Both hug. Surabhi watches this from a distance….fakes a tear & asks Mukta to come with her for a minute as she wants to speak with her about something. Rathore nods & Mukta goes with Surabhi.

Meethi reaches Nirbhaya & Kajri’s room unknowingly. She sees Nirbhaya shouting at Kajri & ultimately he slaps her (for not washing his clothes properly). Meethi storms in the room & consoles Kajri.
She shouts at Nirbhaya if he isn’t ashamed of raising his hand on his wife. How could he?
Kajri tries to stop Meethi but Meethi says…bhaiya has no right to slap you. You don’t have to be scared of anyone or anything…come with me. He cant do this to do. She takes Kajri along with her while Nirbhaya watches everything silently.

Meethi calls for Maiyya. Kajri tries to stop her from doing so but Meethi doesn’t listen. Maiyya comes downstairs & everyone else too joins (except Nirbhaya & Akash – he is watching from the top of the staircase). Maiyya asks why she is shouting.
Meethi shows everyone what Nirbhaya has done to Kajri. All look shocked while Akash wonders Nirbhaya bhaiya?

Meethi asks them if someone does this to their wife. No one has a right to hurt someone like this.
Gomti (the stern massi) tells Meethi not to interfere between a husband & wife.
She retorts no! she cant see any injustice happening. A husband has no right whatsoever to beat his wife.
Maiyya stops Gomti and asks her to call Nirbhaya here. It’s not a matter of husband & wife but of our house’s respect. When I am here then how can someone abuse my daughter-in-law like this? I wont tolerate it. Gomti leaves from there while Meethi consoles a tearful Kajri.

Pavitra too supports Meethi that what she is saying is right. Whoever does a mistake is bound to get punishment. Akash turns to leave but stops hearing his mother’s words.
Maiyya commends Meethi for fighting against the wrong. She herself is in so much pain but right now, she is just worried about Kajri & not herself. She says that it must be because of her mother’s blood that she is standing firm against injustice. Rupam dehi is playing in the background.
Nirbhaya comes & Maiyya turns & looks angrily at him.

Maiyya says how he dare hurt her daughter-in-law. She is like a daughter to her. Does her teachings and values hold no respect in his eyes. It’s a slap at my face….its my defeat. How could you raise your hand on a woman? If nothing else, did he also forgot the vow that he had given to his father?
Nirbhaya recalls the vow…till his sister’s motive is achieved, he wont cause any trouble for them as he is too hot headed. he needs to control his anger till then.

Maiyya continues that she is ashamed of the fact that he is her nephew. Instead of becoming my strength, you proved out to be my weakness. Do you not recall your promise?

Mama enters now & shouts at Nirbhaya….what’s all this?
Nirbhaya tries to say something but Mama slaps him leaving everybody shocked.

Maiyya says that she is ashamed of the fact that he is her nephew. Instead of becoming my strength, you proved out to be my weakness. Do you not recall your promise? He goes quiet.

Mama shouts at Nirbhaya….what’s all this?
Nirbhaya tries to say something but Mama slaps him leaving everybody shocked. How dare you raise your hand on a woman in this house? Apologize to her right nor or else I will destroy you.
Pavitra too supports him saying that he needs to apologize as it wont make him small in anyone’s eyes.
Maiyya signals him to do as told &and he goes to Kajri.

He goes to Kajri and asks for forgiveness. He thanks Meethi for correcting his mistakes. Meethi asks him not to apologize to her as he is her husband’s elder brother. But also requests him not to harm Kajri in any way.
Nirbhaya now holds Kajri’s hand very tightly (which obviously goes unnoticed by Meethi) and she is in very much pain. He promises that he will make up for all the pains that he has given her. Kajri is reluctant to go but Meethi sends her off.

Meethi thanks Maiyya for supporting her and going against their own son to give justice to their daughter-in-law. She felt good to see that Kajri has been treated like their daughter. She feels lucky that she got to stay here and as long as she stays here….
Maiyya interrupts her…what are you saying dear? Are you thinking of leaving us? Is anything wrong….would you stay with us for only a few days? Did we not love you enough?
Meethi clarifies that she meant that till when Vishnu is staying she too will be here.
Maiyya becomes happy & takes her balaiyan. She thinks in mind….Iccha’s daughter nothing wont happen as per your wish. Here, things work according to me. She smirks.

The real Vishnu reaches Paradise Café to meet Mukta. Surabhi comes there with a fake Mukta & tells her that Vishnu had asked to come here only. The girl goes to meet Vishnu, who gets up to greet her, & introduces herself as Mukta. She apologizes that she couldn’t meet him last time as there had been a marriage at home.
Surabhi looks from a distance and says…see, I told you that I will bring Mukta to meet you.

Vishnu asks her the reason as to what important work she had that she wanted to meet him. The girl states that she was doing some college project on the children who grew in jail that was why she had wanted to meet him. but now she isnt working on that project anymore.
Vishnu is disappointed with the answer and says that he thought maybe it was something personal. He clarifies that the warden was worried after speaking to her so he thought must be something important.
He then diverts the topic & orders coffee.

Surabhi thinks…..poor Vishnu, he hasn’t seen the real Mukta till date. And I also believe that you will never realize who real Mukta is.

A flashback is shown where Surabhi makes an excuse to Mukta. She tells her that she wants to join everyone for the maha mrityunjaya jaap that is happening at home for Tapasya ma’s recovery. I will feel good also. Mukta tells her to go and asks her not to worry about here. She can go home and support badi ma & bade papa. Surabhi leaves from there.
Back to present, she says…it was a white lie…but it was said so beautifully. Well done Surabhi!

The fake girl excuses herself to leave for home. Vishnu agrees and she is on her way to exit from the café when Vishnu calls out to her. He asks her for Iccha’s school’s name as he has heard that it is nearby only. She stutters and doesn’t know what to answer.
Surabhi takes hold of the situation and comes forward. Vishnu and Surabhi exchange pleasantries.
She makes up an excuse that Mukta’s father is waiting for her. He too states that he also has some urgent work & all three of them leave separately.
The girl thanks Surabhi for saving her or else the drama would have been over by now. Surabhi hands her some money & asks her to keep quiet. The girl nods and both leave from there. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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