20 November Tuesday Update on Young Love

Tuesday Update on Young Love

Jaitsar haveli
Dadisa is pacing in her room, worried and tensed thinking about how gauri had insulted them when she had come to jaitsar haveli alone and how sumitra had challegned her and gauri had accepted it, her interaction with badi masi and worsening her condition. She thinks that gauri must be waiting when he would return back, and jagiya too went in the end and that she would get him into her trap again, and he would forget everything and be back with her again. Dadisa calls him but jagiya’s phone is switched off and she is very tensed wondering why did anandi not stop jagiya when he was going.

ganga looks at the bangle and is again sad for her son. She keeps it under the bed and composes herself, thinking that she should bathe and then help in the kitchen. she get up to find a letter on the bedpost, from jagiya, that says that the clothes kept aside have been given to her by his family and that they would be happy if she wears them. she takes those clothes and goes into the bathroom.

On the road
Anandi thinks that she always wanted happiness for her family and asks shiv if he too thinks that she has done wrong. He says that she has done nothing wrong, but just like he had always felt insecured, when they were in the initial stages of their relationship, since insecurity always arises when there’s too much love. He says that dadisa too is thinking that jagiya might fall into the trap of gauri again, this tension is stopping them to differentiate between the right and the wrong. She asks if he too thinks that jagiya might fail. Shiv says that he doesnt think so since he has seen the change in jagiya and that this man would never break anandi’s faith in her now.

In mumbai
Jagiya takes a cab for SNG hospital. He dials gauri’s no but not finding it responding, he thinks that gauri must be in surgery hence not picking up the phone. He tries the reception and is told that gauri doesnt work there anymore. He asks where is she working now. But she refuses to divulge that info. He asks the cab driver to pull the cab aside and asks the nurse aftre identifying her and himself too in front of her. The nurse aftre knwing that its jagat, her former boss, tells him that gauri is now working in Somani Hoapital. Thanking the nurse, jagiya asks the cab driver to take him to Somani Hospital

Jaitsar haveli
Sumitra receives jagiya’a call and tells him that he doesnt need to go there, but jagiya says that he is already in mumbai and hasnt met her yet, and is on the way to meet her. He asks her to pacify dadisa too. sumitra says that dadisa is very angry. jagiya says that dadisa can give him any punishment that she wants, but that he had to go to gauri asking for forgiveness for what he did to her

Dadisa reprimands sumitra that she doesnt need to be happy at receiving jagiya’s call. Sumitra tells dadisa that jagiya has postponed his coming back for some time. dadisa says that this must have happened after he met gauri. Sumitra says that he hasnt met her yet. Dadisa says that even without meeting, he’s coming home late, god knows what would happen when he meets him. She says that gauri would again mould him into her jagat, as she had doen before. She is terrified that this is where the real test of his endurance and guilt begins for jagiya, and they shall see how much has he actually changed.

Ganga stands on the door not wanting to interrupt. But sumitra and basant insistently call her inside and decide to have breakfast. Sumitra urges dadisa to have food, to which she reluctantly agrees.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Seeing anandi tensed, meenu asks her whats the matter. Ananadi tells them of the singh family’s anger. While shiv says that its not to worry, sanchi says that they arent entirely wrong as if anyone interferes in their family matters they wouldnt feel nice. Anandi goes from there. shiv asks sanchi not to be so blunt as she and her family share a very different situation. Sanchi says that she can apologize if she has to, but she doesnt think that she has done anything wrong after knowing anandi’s relation with her family. Meenu asks shiv about his opinion. He too supprots anandi’s descision saying that he too has faith in jagiya, and moreover he didnt come looking for permission, rather he had come to tell them, and it wasnt in anandi’s capacity to stop jagiya. If jagiya falters, even then that wont be anandi’s fault. He excuses himself to go to anandi. meenu thinks to herself that she’s very happy to see shiv having so much faith in anandi, and that this faith, she hopes would definitely get them very close to each other and go a long way in solidifying their relationship.

Sanchi asks when would they leave to go to udaipur. Meenu says that they cant leave anandi alone in this time. Sanchi says that she has packed her bags, and she wont change her schedules according to the jaitsar haveli. Meenu tries to explain that the singh family didnt tell them to stay but its their good will that they should be in their support in such a hard time. sanchi agrees to stay for a couple more days, but shows her anger that whats happening isnt fair.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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