1st May Wednesday Update on Young Love

Jagya-Ganga taking blessings from the elders and the elders giving gifts to them. Nandu too then gives his piggybank to Ganga as a gift. Dadisa wants to drink tea made by Ganga. She says Sumi and Gehna still didn’t learn to make tea that she likes. Only Anandi knew and after her, it’s Ganga who knows. Sumi tells Ganga that she won’t be able to escape from the rituals of making lunch/dinner for everyone after marriage just by making tea.. she will have to make many dishes. Ganga smiles and goes to make tea for Dadisa. Dadisa then tells Sumi, you hugged everyone except me. Sumi goes and hugs her.

Everyone is quiet at the dining table at Shekhar’s house. Ira asks for Anandi. Anandi comes down bringing Sanchi with her. Everyone recalls Sanchi’s sweet fake drama with them as she comes there. Anandi makes Sanchi sit with everyone and then serves food to her. Sanchi tells everyone, I am very sorry.. I did very wrong. I shouldn’t have done that. She tells Daddu, I am your princess na, won’t you forgive me? Daddu says, until now I was telling everyone that Sanchi is spoiled because of your love, but now it seems that my love has made you selfish that you don’t care about anyone else’s happiness. I won’t call it childish to whatever you did.. you did everything purposely and ruthlessly to take revenge.

And don’t know whether the distance that is created by you between the two families will go away ever or no. Whether love and respect will come back or we will just do formalities of fulfilling rishtas. I don’t know anything. Sanchi now turns to Ira and says, you understand me, right? At least you forgive me. Ira says, I used to think same that I understand you most… that is why I supported you in everything, but now I am so much hurt that I don’t know when I will come out of it. Sanchi says, please mum.. I am really.. Ira interrupts and says, you lied so much with so much clarity that I can’t say when you’re speaking the truth and when you’re lying. I am ashamed of myself. Mother’s love is really blind that is why I couldn’t see anything beside you. Meenu calms Ira down and says, I know it will be very difficult to forget everything, but we will have forget what happened.. we need to have a new beginning.. and like we say.. all wounds go away with time.. everything gets fine with time. Alok interrupts and says, but signs of wounds still remain in mind and heart. Sanchi now asks Shiv, you won’t forgive me either? Shiv says, if you had done all with fear of breaking your rishta, then we would understand, but as Daddu said, you did everything purposely to take revenge and punish someone. You took advantage of our love. There isn’t forgiveness for everything. Sanchi cries and runs to her room. Anandi tries to stop, but in vain.

Anandi tells everyone, she is also very guilty. Everyone makes mistake and there isn’t any mistake which you can’t correct. She tells Alok, you said the other day that whatever happened with Sanchi is good in a way. This might be her biggest test in her life, and she will surely learn a lesson from it, but right now she needs our support. I accept that we got hurt because of Sanchi, but she also suffered a lot. If we turn away our faces from her, then it will affect her very badly. She might take a wrong step by getting sad and angry. She tells Ira, she needs your support the most right now. She is also apologising to everyone. Can’t we forgive her? You also want this to be her last mistake, right? Ira says, I have been doing this since long time and I saw the result of it today. Mistake is mine that I couldn’t give her proper parvarish. Alok tells her, why are you blaming yourself? It’s not that parents are wrong everytime. We gave same parvarish to both children and you can see there’s so much difference between the two. Meenu tells Anandi to eat. Anandi tells them to start and she will go and give dinner to Sanchi.

Other side, Dadisa praises the food and says she ate such good food after long time. She says person who made should get a prize for it. She calls Ganga to her and says she missed food made by Ganga. Nandu says, but you never said it before. Gehna tells Nandu, you talk like that to Dadisa? Dadisa smiles. Ganga looks at Jagya. Dadisa says, you don’t need his permission to take this. Ganga finally takes it. Everyone finishes eating and all guys leave. Ganga is collecting the dishes. Dadisa gestures Sumi. Sumi tells Ganga, you leave it.. you came here for the first time after your marriage. Sumi tells Gehna to take Ganga with her and make her ready as she is not looking like a bride from any angle. Gehna takes Ganga with her happily. Ganga says if she can see Mannu before that. Dadisa says, he slept in my room.. you go with Gehna.

Gehna brings Ganga to a room and gives her sarees and jewelries. She says, you will have to stay like a bahu of this house. Ganga says, I am fine in what I have wore. Gehna says, when did I say that? but like sumi said you don’t like a new bride.. and if you want to save yourself from Dadisa’s scolding, then you will have to wear this. Gehna then tells Ganga, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you back here. Jagya really needed a wife like you. Tonight will be a very special night for you and you will have to get ready for that. Ganga feels shy.

Jagya comes to Sumi as she called him. She shows him earrings and asks how is it. Jagya says, they are very good but why are you showing to me? Sumi says, they are for Ganga. Jagya says, but you already gifted her. Sumi says, it’s not from me.. it’s from you. It’s your first night as husband-wife.. won’t you give any gift to her on this special occasion? It’s husband’s duty to take care of his wife’s happiness. Jagya says, today is very important day for me. I am again with my family and there can’t be any greater happiness than this. Last few days were very difficult for us. I missed everyone, but I missed you a lot. Sumi says, I couldn’t sleep properly last few days either. My soul knew that my son is sad and facing a difficult time. I missed you a lot as well. I was waiting for you to come back to me and was waiting to take care of you like before. When you were a kid, you used to come to me when you were getting scared. Jagya says, I will always need you love and support no matter how older I get. She keeps his head in Sumi’s lap. Sumi is very happy. Bhairo comes there and sees them. Sumi looks at Bhairo and both smile at each other. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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