1st Epi. Thursday Update on My Desire 9th June 2022


1st Epi. Thursday Update on My Desire 9th June 2022

The Episode starts with Ishita checking the horoscope. Prisha’s parents also check the horoscope and talk. The students come. They sing a song. Prisha’s Appa looks on and asks them to stop. He asks did Vasu teach this to you, you are insulting her by singing such a song. Vasu says I teach Shastriya music. Rashmi says I love pop music, I want to become like Rudraksh, none can sing classical. Prisha comes singing. Prisha says its base of modern music, take the fees back, you will waste your dad’s money and my mum’s time if you sing like this. Appa says you sang so well like Vasudha. Prisha says I was just lip syncing on mum’s song.

He says I was thinking you aren’t even a bathroom singer. Prisha asks them to get ready, there is a big surprise for Ishita and Raman. They come to the function. Prisha introduces her best friend Bubble to Mihika. Raman says you should have come soon. Ruhi says bidaai didn’t happen, there is a surprise. Raman asks them to say it. Raman sees Ishita coming in punjabi bride avatar. Dil kahin rukta nahi….plays… Raman and Ishita get married. Everyone smiles. Ishita holds the kaleerein on Prisha. She says you are lucky. Prisha says what does this mean. Ishita says you will get married.

Prisha asks what, you know its not possible. Ishita says I used to think same, you can go to city hall, there is marriage alliance meet, you can go there. Prisha says its hard to find someone like Raman. Bubbles asks her to take her to the function. Ishita asks Prisha’s parents to take her there. Vasu asks will we get someone who is ready to accept her knowing her truth. Ishita says yes, talk to her. Bubbles convinces Prisha. Vasu says Prisha is going. She prays. Ishita says I read Prisha’s horoscope. Raman says it will come true. Yeh hai chahatein….plays… The fans see Rudraksh’s elder brother Rajeev. The lady tells him about the community function. He says its insane, why did you book this hall. She says we have booked entire hall so that there is no disturbance. Prisha asks Bubbles to stop eating and get ready. Bubbles says Rudraksh is coming here, everyone is mad for him, its easy for you to say it, you already have it.

Prisha gets Saransh’s call and says I will come soon, I love you. She says he is my love and my life, he is my everything, think about him. Prisha says I m going with my friend. The lady asks her to fill the form if he wants to go in. Prisha fills form and goes. Her parents come and say we came to meet our daughter Prisha. Bubbles talks on the mic. Everyone gets disturbed by loud music. Prisha goes to the other hall and shouts. She asks Rudraksh to stop it. She goes to scold him. She sees his cardboard pic. Everyone laughs on her. Rajeev looks on. Prisha goes. She says maybe they got scared of me. Prisha says I can’t get your big day get waste, Bubbles go and complete introduction. Rudraksh comes shouting, who stopped my music. His fans run to him. He asks them to shut up. He gets on stage and shouts. He asks who disturbed my rehearsal. Prisha says I did. He scolds her. He says time is money for me. She argues with him. Her parents look on.

He asks her to give the plug which she removed. She asks what plug, I don’t have it. The lady says my granddaughter had it. She asks the girl to say sorry. The girl says sorry I wanted to meet you, give me a selfie first. He asks who allowed this girl here, what nonsense, give me the plug now. Prisha asks don’t you have manners. She asks the girl to give the plug. She gives it to him. The girl says a selfie please. He takes selfie. He goes. Mahiya….plays…. Vasu says we came here as you came to fix your marriage. Prisha says I came here for Bubbles. A lady likes Prisha and asks her son to find her address.

Vasu says you didn’t give your introduction, we would have got some nice guy. The lady and her son come home. The lady says I liked Prisha the way she supported my granddaughter, we have come to thank, my son and his daughter are awaiting some nice girl, I got the alliance for Prisha, we are Tamil brahman like you, my son has good business. Appa says we will just come. Vasu says a good alliance has come for her. He says we have to tell Prisha’s truth. She says tell them later. Prisha says its so nice of you, its better you know the truth, I love someone a lot, he is my life. Saransh comes and hugs her. He says I called you, you didn’t come soon. She says sorry, mumma was busy. She introduces her son to the guests. She says he is my son, you have to accept him if you want to accept me. The lady asks how could this happen, your son’s daughter isn’t a problem, but my son is a problem for you. She argues. Appa also argues with the lady.

The lady says who would make a widow a bahu. Appa says you mean your son can marry, even if the situation is same, its double standards. The lady says its society customs, your daughter won’t get anyone. Prisha says the times are of equals, I m not weak to need anyone to manage my son, fame and shame will be same, its good if you know this soon, your granddaughter is also a girl. They leave. Vasu asks was this drama needed. Appa says yes. Prisha says its better that I don’t marry. She gets Jyoti’s call. She says I forgot the phone there, I will go and get it. Appa says Prisha’s horoscope had it that someone will propose her for marriage today. Saransh says I will come along with you. She takes him.

Saransh says I m Rudraksh’s big fan, can I meet him once. She says no. She says you love me. She says yes. He says thanks for saying yes. He runs inside the hall and meets Rudraksh. She comes to take Saransh. Rudraksh stops singing. Rudraksh and Prisha argue. Rudraksh continues to sing. Saransh sings along. Prisha says okay, I will marry you. She hugs Saransh.

Appa saying everyone was laughing on me, call me grandpa. Prisha asks Vasu why is she angry. Vasu says you refused to the alliance for Saransh, you are doing bad to yourself. Prisha says Saransh is my son. Vasu says no, he isn’t your son, but your elder sister’s son, how long will you lie. Prisha says Saransh is my son, I didn’t give him birth, if Akka was alive, I would have been called his Maasi, you didn’t support her, as she got pregnant out of wedlock, you asked her to abort the baby, she came to me. FB shows Akka asking Prisha to support her, she can’t abort the baby.

Prisha asks who is the father of the baby. She takes care of Akka. She says Akka didn’t tell me the name, I didn’t ask her again, she was breaking down mentally. The baby is born. Doctor says there is no heartbeat. Prisha holds the baby. The baby cries. Prisha says Akka gave him birth and I have given him a heartbeat. Akka says you will become his mum. Prisha says we will manage him together. Akka gets sick. She says you promise me, you will never leave him. Prisha promises to take care of the baby. She says don’t leave me. Akka dies. Prisha says you are my Akka’s ansh, my Saransh. FB ends.

Vasu says I didn’t do right with her, she ended herself, you are ending your life by telling the world that Saransh is your son, tell them that he is Mahima’s son. Prisha asks what will we say about his dad, we don’t know, he will be called an illegitimate child, I won’t let this happen. Vasu asks who will accept you with Saransh, who will ask you, will you marry me. A guy rings the bell. He says I came to ask, will you marry me. Rudraksh tries the costumes. He says why do you make me try this, people just see six packs, people buy tickets to hear song and see me, where is Kaveri. He calls Kaveri. She says I m late, my periods are late, I m pregnant. He asks what, pregnant. She asks what will we do now. He asks what do you mean. She says you are the father of this child. He asks what nonsense, I don’t remember anything, why didn’t you tell me. She says you went on US trip next day, I didn’t know I will get pregnant. She throws the phone.

The guy says she is in shock, I proposed her for marriage. Vasu smiles. The guy says yes, that means it will work, I was just practising, I love a girl, I was trying it. Vasu and Prisha cry. Vasu goes. The guy says you know about love, just help me. Prisha asks what shall I say. He asks will she agree. She says yes, she will think she is lucky. He says thanks, you are my best friend. Vasu thinks Mahima’s heart broke and today Prisha’s heart also broke. Prisha cries and recalls her friend Yuvraj. She says you were my love, I think this love ended here.

Rudraksh is called by his dad. He thinks don’t know why am I still scared of him. He goes and sees his dad playing the drums. He recalls his childhood. FB shows his dad beating him and asking him to become a singer. Rudraksh refuses. His dad asks him to become a singer. Rudraksh says sorry, I will become a singer. FB ends. His dad scolds him for forgetting the lessons of childhood. Rudraksh says I didn’t forget it.

His dad shouts. Rajeev comes and says I booked the stadium for Rudra. His dad says at least you did this. He recalls his childhood. FB shows their dad scolding both of them. He says Rudra has talent, which you don’t have, you are a loser. FB ends. His dad gets a call and scolds Rudraksh. He says he made Kaveri pregnant. Rudraksh says she is lying. His dad says don’t argue, end this matter, there shouldn’t be a stain on your name and my hardwork, else none will be worse than me. He goes. Rudraksh says don’t know why is Kaveri saying this, I didn’t do anything. Rajeev says I trust you, you will never hide anything from me. Prisha says I told Yuvraj that the girl will be lucky to get him. Bubbles says Yuvraj is an idiot, he doesn’t know you love him, don’t let him sacrifice, you become a lioness, tell him you love him.

Prisha says Yuvraj loves someone else. Bubbles says he got his love here. Yuvraj comes and says she is Kaveri, check these reports. Prisha says she is pregnant. Bubbles calls Yuvraj a fraud. Rudraksh comes there. He scolds Kaveri for calling his dad. He says you know I m not responsible for this. Prisha stops him and argues. She says this is my clinic. He says don’t anger me more. Yuvraj stops Rudraksh. He says I m Kaveri’s lawyer. Prisha thinks Kaveri isn’t his GF. Yuvraj says I have called your dad, Kaveri won’t go to media if you compensate her. Rudraksh says you are threatening me. Rajeev says calm down, let me handle this. He asks Yuvraj to send the legal notice. Yuvraj says I will not let injustice happen with Kaveri. Rudraksh asks what’s his status. Yuvraj says Rudraksh made this girl pregnant and left her, Kaveri calm down, I will make sure Rudraksh accepts you. Prisha says I will prescribe the medicines. Bubbles asks Prisha to tell her feelings to Yuvraj. Prisha says Yuvraj, I m proud of you. He says I have become a lawyer to help people, will you come today, I m going to propose my GF, I trust you a lot. She nods. He tells the restaurant details. He goes.

Yuvraj and Prisha come to the restaurant. She asks him to go. He goes and proposes with a ring. Prisha cries. She thinks I can’t see more of this. She turns to see. Yuvraj asks will you become my son. Prisha stops and sees Saransh. Yuvraj says I know you both are incomplete without each other, I m incomplete without you both, will you become my son. Saransh says yes. Yuvraj asks will you become my life partner, will you marry me. Vasu and Appa come. They ask Prisha not to waste time and say yes. Saransh says say yes fast, please. Prisha says yes, of course, yes. Saransh says thanks mumma and dances. Yeh hai chahatein….plays… Yuvraj makes Prisha wear the ring. He hugs Saransh and Prisha.

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