1st April Monday Update on Young Love

1st April Monday Update on Young Love

The Singh family is shown discussing with Jagya (J) that he is doing a very good job at the hospital and also that the hospital and he is getting the required fame hence they don’t see the reason for J to study further. J tries to explain to them that he was only semester short of completing his MS degree for which he is very disappointed. He says that after finishing his MS he will also be able to do surgeries which will be beneficial to the Jaitserians. Bahirav (B) asks him how would they manage the hospital in his absence? Although Lal Singh has experience running the hospital in the past, with things changed and increased workload it will be a burden on Lal Singh. J explains that it is only a matter of 6 months during which he will keep in touch with everyone for troubleshooting. J explains that the gains from this course is big for the hospitals future. Sumitra (S) interrupts saying that although her opinion doesn’t count, she doesn’t want J to go to Mumbai as the city was never good to him in the past. She feels that him going to Mumbai is like asking for trouble. Sumitra tells him that she is not against his progress but she doesn’t want him to go to Mumbai. She asks him to finish his studies from any other city. J explains to S that the troubles of the past were due to his faults and immaturity and not because of the city. He says that he wants to go back to the same place to finish his studies since he is familiar with the surroundings and the people. He would not get admission so easily in another college. Infact the Dean of this college is helping him out in the admission. With regard to his past, his old life and self have been long left far behind him. He is no longer weak and he promises to not break their trust in him this time.

He says that this is his last chance since after he gets married he will not be able to do it. He requests S to trust him this one final time. B hugs J telling him that he is with him in everything he wants to do and trusts him completely. Seeing the rest of the family convinced S also agrees. Dadi Sa (DS) takes J to temple at home and gives him an idol of Lord Ganesh, telling him that he will get success in all that he does with his blessings.

J is then shown on his way to Mumbai when he thinks of calling Ganga (G) to inform her about his decision of doing MS. He dials her number when he recollects what A told him regarding his responsibility towards Sachi and him maintaining a distance from G. Before G could answer the call J cuts it and tells himself that he needs to keep away from G and try to build his relationship with Sachi. J then calls Sachi to inform her about his course.G is shown trying to call J but finding an engaged message. Hearing about J’s plans Sachi complaints about her having to stay apart from J during this period of time. J explains the benefits that this course will bring to him. G on the other hand decides to not call J again but wait for his call instead. She decides to concentrate on her studies for the next 6months without getting distracted. J finally convinces Sachi after which she tells him that he hopes after he completes his MS he can change his attire to suits from simple shirt and pant. This irritates J while Sachi claims to just be joking. She exclaims that both their courses will finish within 6months after which they will get married and spend their life together. She wishes him luck and asks him to call her after reaching. After disconnecting the call, J notices G’s missed calls but tells himself that he will try to forget G in these 6months of his course.

J is shown doing his course in Mumbai while S fondly remembers him. In the next scene, J informs Anandi (A) about his decision of MS which makes her very happy. J tells her that he wants to complete his studies before he gets married. A wishes him luck.


Ghansyam kaka and Mannu come to the ‘pan’ stall where Bala introduces himself to them as their neighbor and tells Ghashyam kaka to ask him for any help he would need.


J is shown concentrating on his studies. They show Sachi doing something on the internet (It was not clear what she was looking at). In the next scene J is video chatting with the Singhs and showing them his room. He convinces them that he is very comfortable there but missed them a lot.

There after J calls G to find out about her and Mannu. G asks him about his studies; J answers her but keeps the conversation very short.

G is also shown completing her studies and doing well in it. On the other hand J is training in the hospital where he addresses a nurse as ‘Ganga’ who quickly corrects him.

A is training Sachi in cooking. Sachi is more interested in utilizing this session to show J that she is trying to learn stuff that he likes. She sends him a picture of her cooking.

J is troubleshooting some hospital’s requirements with Lal Singh on the phone after which Lal Singh appreciates J’s ability of handling his studies and the Jaitser hospital very well. After disconnecting the call with Lal Singh, J receives Sachi’s photo text which annoys him. He sends a short reply.

Mannu is then shown talking to J on the phone after which G tells J that Mannu feels really happy talking to him. J cuts the call short. G tells Mannu that she feels J is very snappy in his interactions and also very rarely calls them. She convinces herself saying that he might be busy with his studies. She tells him that once her course is completed, they will g back to Jaitser.


Mere Saiyaan Re song plays. Jagya is remembering the moments that he spent with Ganga. He says in his mind, I will try to forget you in next 6 months, Ganga.

Ganga is in the kitchen. Mannu is playing there. She tells him to go outside and play. She then remembers an incident with Mannu in Badi Haveli and Dadisa saved him.

Anandi teaches the village women how to deposit money in a bank account.

Ghanshyam kaka is trying to stop an auto for Ganga and Mannu, but no one stops. Ganga wonders why no one is stopping. Another auto comes, and this time Bal stops it for them. He says, don’t you see there is a woman with a child? Can’t you stop? Ganga sits in the auto and thanks him. Bal has a smile on his face as auto leaves.

Sanchi is talking with Jagya on the phone. She says she is missing him a lot and all that. Jagya is working on the laptop. Sanchi doesn’t stop talking. In end Jagya puts phone on the speaker. Sanchi asks him if he’s listening to her. Jagya says, I have exams coming up.. I need to study. Can we talk later? Sanchi says, okay and hangs.

In Mangalore, Ganga also comes to the school for her exam. Jagya is writing a paper too.

Sanchi comes out after giving exam and tells her friend that now she can concentrate on marriage preparations.

Ganga also comes out with her classmate. Her classmate says, you will definitely pass and you have job already, but I will have to search job. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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